Last time I've seen these both gentlemen named Wilson and Geffen together on one stage, ain't too long ago, more definate it's been 2 years ago. But back the the event didn't happen under the name Blackfield, but as the Aviv Geffen Band. - This time it's the english-israel outfit Blackfield, who are promoting their new and third album 'Welcome To My DNA' on this current tour. To be honest, I do a little hard to make a real difference between the music of Geffen-solo and Blackfield, whereby those are the same musicians. Though you won't find any Geffen or Wilson solotrack on tonight's setlist but Blackfield songs only.
Our Ampere club is completely sold out. It must be about 500 people or so. And we photographers do pretty hard to find at least a small space for free sight of our lenses. 
Support comes from 25 year old new talent Mati Gavriel from Israel, who probably is introduced to Europe by Aviv Geffen himself.

Unfortunately I do miss out of that because of time schedulung problems. And I can't tell you much about this artist. But I've been told, that his band somehow got lost in Poland, and now he has to do solo stints - only him and a tape for the music. How that has been, I don't know. But whoever is interested in this young man can go to  

Well, I still found a little difference between  Blackfield  and Aviv Geffen solo.

So, last time Aviv was the centerpoint . This time it's both him and Porcupine Tree Mastermind Steven Wilson, who share the most attention up there, whereby Geffen is surely visually the focus. But most of the audiance here, are also big fans of 
Purcupine Tree, and the actuall star of tonight is indeed Steven Wilson, who beeing 42 now, still looks like a young boy.
(PS: and don't ask again, why he's appearing barefoot. That's one question he just can't hear anymore) He feels well with it and somehow free, it's as simple as that. 

Blackfields 3rd album ‚Welcome To My DNA’  continues to stick with this slightly melancholic style like the two albums before. ON this record, which came out one month ago, almost all songs have been written by Aviv Geffen, because Steven was too busy with his own soloalbum at this time. Only one track named 'Waving' he contributed to this CD.

Oh, and not to forget the rest of this band here who is: Eran Mitelman  (Piano/Keyboards) , Seffy Efrat  (Bass) and Tomer Z  (Drums). But though these guys are great musicians themselves, they somehow disappear into Nirvana up there because of the two frontguys. 

Anyway, we get introduced to nine tracks of the new longplayer. The rest are songs from the other 2 records. 

Over all this here is one whole piece of art made of emotional pop-rock which gets lost into itselves in sentimentallity. This is music for freaks, ProgRock Fans, lovers, dreamers, students and book worms or simply for friends of volumenous melodies, but not made for a hardrock party. Blackfield animate us to a relaxed lay back. And all that is last but not least a patent recepie, which is created so nicely, that it truly satisfies everybody here. Within the encore my personal fave is included - 'End Of The World'. Well, let's hope, this won't be the case for a long time, and that Blackfield or Aviv Geffen - solo will return soon...
Lehitra'ot  - which is hebrew and means as much as good bye