Live Review 630

Okidok, once again one of those evenings, where the best thing would be to be teared apart, if it was possible. To photocalls are requested. And thanks god, both events in the same building, and just different venues. This makes things easier, and also the fact, that at both shows are no particular photo restrictions. The dutch symphonic Metalband Delain including 2 supportacts are playing the Backstage Halle, and the Rockabilly Punks Al & The Black Cats appearing just opposite at the smaller Club, fortunately not exactly the same time. And so there is no stress or whatsoever and - just take it easy....

Al & The Black Cats

Showtime: ?

Within the very well filled Halle (aprox. 500 fans)  first band Lost of Thought are entering the stage ...

To describe it more definate, these progressive metalheads are from beautiful Wales (so never call 'em english, as this is a deadly sin)
And just about one month ago, the fivesome has released their debutalbum 'Opus Arise'. Reason enough, to present this joker to a wider audiance. Although I can't nessessarely say, that anything sticks out here too much. Let's put it that way: they are young and truly motivated and full of energy to introduce themselves over here on the continent. Whatever the future brings, nobody can tell so far. But time will tell I presume. And however... the name of those guys will stick certainly in some headbanger's heads. Further infos to 
Lost In Thought are available on their official website:

Second Round is opened by Serenity from Tyrol, Austria. 

And these guys are already known within the metal circles - without doubt. Serenity have been born in 2001 and show a back catalogue of about 5 releases including Demos and 2 albums. And they also go for this kinda powermetal. The are taking the best out of their repertoir for this show. Currently Sernity are: Singer Georg Neuhauser, guitarist Thomas Buchberger, Keyboarder Mario Hirzinger, Schlagzeuger Andreas Schipflinger and italien bassist Fabio D’Amore (what a name!!!!-)
You can obviously see and feel their professionality and they are not doing their job only since yesterday. For this tour they recruited pretty ex-Xandra singer Lisa Middlehauve for some beautiful duets. And that goes very well down on the crowd, exspecially when one beauty becomes two at some point. 

(unfortunately no setlists were available) but beautiful Lisa is surely the icing on the cake  here. 

The result is neat hardrock symphony going for the slogan: 'Death & Legacy' (was released last Feb.) and most of the audiance is freaking out already, same as later during the headliner show. 
Well, I guess, it doesn't take much longer, until Serenity will play their own headliner clubtour throughout Europe. They'd truly deserve it.
(and mind me, - I don't say all that, because they are Austrians like myself :-)))

I can't watch Serenity's entire show, as the club next door is calling for Al & The Black Cats, starting off at 9.30 p.m. in almost complete darkness. 

To geht it straight, thank to this fact and the very fast movements of the US threesome within this darkness, there is no photographing without flash possible. But so what?!
The Black Cats were founded already in 1981, when it's current members weren't even born. Yep, you got it right! Exept Al himself, who is heading towards his 60s, and is responsible for this band. Today Al himself ain't performing live on stage anymore, but he and his spirit is still there. Beeing the boss of the Fabulous Rockabillies back then he was one of the first going for the revival of Rockabilly in the Eighties, when also bands like the Straycats were born. 
For a long time there was silene around Al and his black cats. And then about 5 years ago, these American from Michigan started to celebrate a third spring. And now up there on stage there are
Tony (Voc/Git), Hugh (Kontrabass/Voc) and  Arno on drums. And that last mentioned one, doesn't sound very english, does it?:-))  

Well, to be honest, there could have been a few more guests tonight here at the Club. But those 50 something who have gathered here, make such a noise, as if there were 200 or so. And these 3 guys take the stage apart, as if the very last day has shown up with lots of 
highly percent spirit and some nythroglycerine. Holy shit!! Right here the punk is spreading faster then the speed of light. And if you did mover over to the other show in the other venue, for a few seconds it would feel like comeing from the eye of a hurricane into a soft summer breeze. To take pictures front stage is truly dangerous, and I gotta be careful not to be knocked down. Yep, this is Rockabilly Punk from it's best side. And good boy Tony probably wastes a 10.000 calories within such a stage excess including his acrobatic jumps.

I've got aproc. 45 minutes to enjoy this bonfire and get my pictures, before I've got to change over again back into the halle, where headliner Delain just have started their set. But to be very honest: personally if I could have chosen; I'd stayed here at the Black Cats explosion thanks to my luv for punk music.

But, I've gotta do a job, and fortunately I'm very open minded what's up to different styles of music - so back to the action, where beautiful Charlotte is currently pushing up even more the kids in her crowd. According to an info, yesterday she celebrated her birthday, so reason enough to continue this party. 

Well for everybody who still ain't familiar with Delain and immidiately start drawing a comparison to Within Temptation, I can tell you - that's fetched from not too far away. So Delain's keyboardist Martijn Westerholt is the brother of Robert Westerholt, who draws responsible for Within Temptation. In fact, Martijn was part of WT until 2001 as well, but then had quit of health reasons. These problems seem to be resolved . Also Charlotte has been part of Delain since the very start. And she is just as talented as her collegue Sharon Den Adel is. 

Delain have put out 2 albums so far. And currently they are working on number 3. That one is scheduled for later this year. On the current tour about 3 songs get introduced as a test, whether they get on well down on the fans. And they obviously do well.Therefore the prove is given, that nowadays a new release ain't necessarely needed to go on a tour. Newbe guitarist Timo fits in pretty good as well.
Next to the 3 new songs such as 'Manson', we get to hear also well known tunes -  'Stay Forever', Invidia', and 'April Rain', just to name a few. (again - no setlist available - sorry 'bout that). 

In any case it's mainly Charlotte herself, who is the focus of this evening here, exspecially for our male visitors what's up to her beauty.
But why not, if it helps...Fazit of this evening is a  decent positive one... and every lover of this metal style definately got, what he or she was hoping for. . Well let's see, whether Delain is gonna jump out of the shadow of Wtihin Temptation, as they surey deserve this...

For a little chat between women pre show just click on Charlotte's pic below..
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