.... and here they are again, after not even one year, when they were on tour with Circle II Circle here in Europe. But there is actually a huge difference between then and now. First of all this time they are doing their own headliner tour and are not supporting anybody else, and second they got a new gold nugget in their luggage , which is nicely named 'Razorback Killers'. What a great record, it's all I can say. And believe me, it's not just me, giving the piece more than 10 points, what's up to quality and high standard level. Yep, we are on the best way up again. And there ain't many rockbands around, who have deserved this as much as Vicious Rumors do. This band, who you could almost call an institution and not only a normal rockband, led by Geoff Thorpe for the past 32 years. - To repeat myself from former reviews, this very long trip throughout the international musical landscape hasn't always been covered with velvet, as it was in the late Eighties and early Nineties. Exspecially from 1994 onwards, when singer Carl Albert gave away his spoon thanks to his car racing passion. After that, all following singers have changed frequently until about two years ago. And this is certainly not good  for tightening the band's status despite all those releases inbetween. But Geoff is one of those - stand-up guys going for the principal: a Geoff Thorpe never gives in - never! And though he had suffered quite a few dry years, now it finally seems, this time is finished. Personally I truly grant him that, as he is one of my dearest musician friends since 1989. But don't worry, this fact will not keep me away to review this just happened show here in Munich in a very objectiv-neutral way. One thing is for sure, this second spring does not happen only because of Geoff's patience and strong will, and not only because of their new album, but also to his new pearl on vocals, who is named  Brian Allen. I think, this man is the best thing  since Carl Albert  without any overdoing it.

Anyway, currently Vicious Rumors are here on a rather extensive Headliner Clubtour throughout Europe and receive more echo as ever before I believe. Most of all from the already played Keep It True Festival, where some critics say, they did the best show of the whole festival. - So what? It just can't go wrong on this tour.... 
There is another phenomenen tonight at Munich's Garage Rockclub, where they only sold about 40 tickets in pre sale. But right on the spot that evening another 80 something fans find their way to here, and the living room is well filled in the end. Geoff Thorpe is - as we call it in german: the girl for everything: the band boss, the guitarist, the merch sales person, the tourmanager, doing Press, bus driver and kindergarden Uncle for the rest of the lot. He's a real selfmade man no doubt about that. (He is also the only remaining original band member next to drummer Larry Howe). 

anno 1989

In Munich we got two local support acts, whom I've personally never have heard of before. But that's no reason to ignore them---

The first apostle is named Red To Grey and are from Munich and surrounding, existing since 1998 in the local scene.

Apart from that their back catalogue shows about 3 albums. Red To Grey are: Andy Pankraz (Voc), Tino Bergamo (Git), Frank Pané (Git), Stefan Hendel (Bass) and Elmar Nüßlein (Drums). The band stands for solid traditional Heavy Metal, I'd call it..... and they don't even sound that bad. I personally do a little hard to fetch out any extraordinaries at first glimpse, exept maybe Andy's really funny face expressions. I assume, I should see this lot  once again, to make my final mind up, because I also did miss half of the show thanks to my tete'a'tete with Geoff. 

So apart from today's Setlist and these Statements, find more Infos at http://www.redtogrey.de/index2.htm

One thing I have to take ahead at the second band... Couldn'd you have chosen a more simple name? I still have to look up every second time for reminder.  

Senses May Wither’  is their name, but let's face it, these boys don't seem so bad yet, but rather still very young and innocent. Though they are playing much harder stuff then the first band. Their information says, that they were founded in 2006 and are situated in Tutzing in Bavaria on beautiful Starnberger Lake, just round the corner from Munich. According to their My Space page, the new album 'Polaris Breach' is not even born, but never mind, as they wouldn't miss the chance here for the supportslot for Vicious Rumors. And Daddy takes care about the merch, so this is what you could almost call a family company - yeah well - almost.

Unfortunately no setlist provided, which I could show you here. But however, also in this case the first impression ain't no bad one. And the most important aspect is the fact: the crowd do seem to like them....

Okay, here they are, the stars of tonight, and this in such a way, that here in the Garage the foam on the beer has  everporated. 

Halleluja, Vicious Rumors have truly receive a kiss from Herkules eye apple - in the truest sense of the word... Because their output is stronger then the current erruption of the Ätna in Sizily. And I'm still not sure, whether this comes from a musical fresh cell injection or more or less Brian Allan's try to win the worldchampionship in jumping over 3 ovtaves and maybe above all that, winning the Ironman on Hawaii. Jesus, if this guy is as good in other things as on stage  - well that's another chapter. (just kiddin'). But seriously, compared to the show last year in Ingolstadt this here is a different world. But that again is more or less due to the - back then circumstances, or better to this fresh new energy.... (mind me, I'm not saying all that, because I'm good friends with Geoff)

Vicous Rumors are throwing out 22 songs including 6 tracks from the new long player (see setlist). But not before drummer Larry Howe beats the hell out of the snare and provokes a 5 minutes interruption for fixing it again.

This again is resolved with a lot of humor and then they carry on, just like - how to I get a supernova exploding...This is nice indeed...
And I'm very pleased for this band, who seem to make their way up again to the top. Next to Geoff, Brian and Larry, there is also Stephen Godwin on Bass and Kiyoshi Morgan on second guitar - not to forget them. Both are in the band for a little while now. But despite all these advantages and positive other things, I think, the ace in the game is our Brad Pitt of Heavy Metal - Brian Allen, who takes care for the final orgasm with his voice  and some sort of sex appeal, putting the icing on the cake... 

But also the rest of the Gang ain't to ignore - no question about that... (whoever wants to buy Geoff's guitar - it's up for sale - 5.000 Euros:-)
Apart from that: no Vicious Rumors concert without 'Don't Wait For Me'... This song, which is included on the selftitled 1990 album has become some sort of brand over the years, and it probably stays it.

'Don't Wait For Me'

And with yet another encore the murderball comes to an end here and leaves highly enthusiastic fans. And that means something here in Munich, believe me. !!!!!
Well, last but not least, while Geoff is doing is usual duties after show, the party is still ongoing... heading for: Satisfaction guaranteed... yeah well almost :-))))

Last word: please boys - come back soon for another magic carpet ride and maybe.... no comment anymore...

At the Diary you find some Offstage snapshots and a little small talk with Geoff Thorpe