Lateley I'm doing more and more Live Review in Blues Rock here on Musicmirror. And this has got several reasons. First of all, this kinda music still gets neclected a lot, second, I do like this music personally a lot, and third - every time I see such great musicians live on stage, playing often only in front of a handful people, thanks to the ignorance of the average people, -  I truly could cry. Believe me, I got the best 
comparison to many events drawing 5.000 or even more visitors, who go mad at absolute crap. But well, the average musical understanding ain't very developed in this Country anyway unfortunately! - But thanks god, exeptions state the rules, as we say so. And although those exceptions is most times only a small crowd, - it doesn't lower the quality standard. And that's why I luv these visits as small club locations for such a concert, - well as much as my other obligations allow me to do so, to enjoy such a musical desert. At all those mega events, I'm doing normally, I usually get often mad about all these rediculous press- and photo rules. So inbetween all this fastfood, it is really nice to get a goody as well. And instead of Double Hamburgers in oily chips, - tonight we get a delicious Mon Cherie.. you know the one's with the Piemont cherry.... And those don't even make you fat. 
Okay, our Mon Cheries are not from Piemont, but rather from the United States and are named - The Todd Wolfe Band... And they share  as many of their musical collegues, the opinion, that the last hope of the Blues(Rock) lies in Europe. Well, I don't share this really, maybe exept what's up to the Netherlands. But probably for all these artists from over see, it's already heaven, to be able to play all the many smaller locations, and they are welcomed by a good but small listenership, who appreciate their skills. For us friends of advanced musical standard lebel this is okay. And we can be sure, that musicians, such as Todd Wolfe will always return again to Europe - at least once a year, when not even more often. 

Past April I've checked out the former Sheryl Crow guitarist for the first time at Munich's Titanic City Club. And now he's back again, though it's not Munich, but nearby in Habach at the Village. To repeat myself, this very comfi club in only about 30 miles away from Munich. And from the southern outskirts or our city it is indeed only a 25 minutes drive to get there. So nobody can tell me, the distance is to far. 
Today, once again, it's the usual house guests and some more have gathered to check out this band. And for a liveshow of this guys you should rather bring a lot of time and patience, as a Todd Wolfe concert often lasts more than 3 hours. This time he has announced, that's he' cat a bit down in showtime, which means - two hours with a small break inbetween. The set is as usual a mixture of own compositions and covers, - well shaked and stirred. And Drummer Roger Voss and bassist Suavek Zaniesienko get their chance to show their potential as well and let their input flow out.

Everybody is carrying a hat tonight to underline the musical style - very smart and sophisticated. And you can even buy one of those at
the merch. 

Here at the Village Mississippi Blues meets Rock and even some funk put into songs, often lasting more than 8 minutes, if not longer.  But thanks to the many breaks and edges within the music and a certain complex structure it doesn't get boring at all. 

Our 2 hours here are running away within seconds - that what it seems, and in the end we almost feel a bit sorry - what's up to: shame finished already....?!

Let's put it that way.... the generell impression is okay what's up to this show here - It's well played and done. But due to the rather quiet mood inside the venue, the sparkle is a bit handycaped to jump across. If you know what I mean. Though don't worry, this threesome still shows more talents than many other acts. In each case, it's been a nice and entertaining evening for all of us insiders. And personally I hope, that this one will repeated soon over here in Europe - in not only one respect :-))))

Offstage Snapshots at the Diary