Okay, let's put the cards on the table... This band consists of four brilliant musicians, who have reached a certain quality level on their own in the past, who play very well together, or should I rather say - play again very well together, and who principally still live on one hit single. But that doesn't seem to interest them very much right now, as the main focus is set on the fun of playing with each other.
The first tour after their reunion in 2009 went, - how shall I describe it...? brilliant with sold out venues worldwide.  Yes of course, the old fans from back then had been curious whether this group still owns this aura and skills after such a long time of seperation. 
Mr.Big are still Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Eric Martin and Pat Torpey. Wherey I should maybe mention that within the first life of the band there had been a change of guitarists at some point. And Paul Gilbert was replaced by Ritchie Kotzen. Meanwhile Mr. Kotzen goes for a solo carriere only and our - To Be With You - Heroes are back again in the original line up for about 3 years now. 

And also this time, they have landed in Munich here. But tonight it's not a sold out Tonhalle like last time, but an only half filled Theaterfabrik, which means 2.000 people less then at the reuinon show. The end result are aprox. 400 here, half of them females.
I believe, they still didn't dig, that Mr.Big ain't just good looking guys, who melt the hearts of all rocker brides with some soft melodic rock. As we say so: a ballad doesn't make a single summer - which leads us again to - 'To Be With You'. But as soon as the band goes on stage, it's pretty clear, that this a filigran rockband with a clever strategy put into their musical corsett. And real music lovers know this very well. The rest is just waiting for songs such as: ‚Addicted To That Rush’, ‚Green Tinted Sixties Mind’, ‚Just Take My Heart’ ‚Daddy, Brother, Lover, Daddy, Little Boy’ and the already several times mentioned - 'To Be With You'
By the way, support comes from Andy Brings with a pure acoustic set. But I can't tell you much about that, thanks to Erics entertaining anecdotes about how to break me bones on a dancefloor in Budapest....- in front of the backstage door. About 10 minutes pre showtime of the headliner set, our boy gets himself onto his place to fullfill his job as frontbird of Mr.Big , including his plaster arm. 

Well, there is one thing getting very soon noticable and proves once more: no matter how brilliant an artist acts up there on stage. But if the generell sound conditions are crap, you can also put the rest into the dustbin. Sad but true. Although musically almost perfect, all this virtuosity and perfection ends up in an indefinate soundmix. And also my desperate search for a better position within the club doesn't help. What a pity... because if you listen very carefuly, you can at least guess the brilliance of a Billy Sheehan, as he belongs surely to the best bassists of his kind, and he's so much better than just an ordinary Rock'n'Roll musician. Same for Paul Gilbert, who still wears his headphones on stage - half deaf, and seems almost like an alien.- Hmmm.... hope he doesn't end up like Beethoven.. but mind me - that genius composed his best music actually when he was completely deaf. So there's still hope, ain't it....?!

But the 400 fans of soapy Melodic Rock Ballads here do hail the band and their hitsingles, most of all.... yes of course - 'To Be With You'.

Let's put it that way... if the sound condition would have been great, then this here would have been a solid good Rock event with a lot nostalgic moments, including several brilliant solos. But in fact this here leaves a rather mixed feeling. And the sound engineer is definately ready for a death penalty. He just has to be found. In the end the fans still luv 'em. And though nobody bothered about him pre show in front of the doors, now afterwards Mr.Martin can't help himself and is drowning within all the signing and photo requests. 
Well, it seems, there are still some faithful fans left. And I assume Mr.Big will be back again sooner or later. Time will tell....

Off Stage Snapshot at the  Diary