Yes that's a word..... All these boys here around the heavy metal vibe - you know that one, which has always been here since the Eighties, want to check out, whether it's still up to date. And they want to prove, that this musical style ain't dead yet. No we are not here talking about New Metal, though some of these guys here could easily be the grandchildren of all those big legends and icons. Also we don't have here any alternative or even Grunge, Hardcore.... or whatsoever ... hardrockin' style, but only real ordinary Heavy Metal. 
And for that style, it's Sabaton, Grave Digger, Powerwolf and the canadian youngsters of Skullfist still holding the flag up. By the way, it's Skullfist I meant by those grandchildren - above. -
Therefore our Grave Digger hold the scale up with.... what was it Chris?.... the magic figure, ain't it?! Yeah well, there are still a few months to go 'till then, but then it's gonna get a little tougher and you've got to check your blood pressure and cholesterine a little more often - just to make sure - of course.
And Swedish Sabaton are still a bit younger then Grave Digger, but not as innocent as the Opener Skullfist. Same for Powerwolf. So we got here 3 participants who have worked out themselves quite a reputation so far. 
What else to say? The place is truly crowded with about 1.000 metal disciples, proving once again, that the traditional Heavy Metal's still got a right to be here and is still pretty popular in some circles. 
Over all, our beloved tyrolean Metal King Brother Klee (just call him Cletschi) takes care about image and nostalgica and with sparkling eyes truly believing, he has spotted already Santa Claus in here somewhere. (Jes - good boy, what would the tyrolean Metal Scene do without you?!) 
There is much press around tonight as well to report about the event for everybody who's missed out on it and get them to believe, that this scene is more alive then ever before. 
So be aware and set your watches to be here early at the spot not to miss a single minute of these fireworks.

Our Young Generation of this Old School Hardrock starts off ringing the bell with tons of enthusiasm today, oh pardon - night, so that no eagle eye stays dry within the crowd....

These 4 boys (where is the girl?) have one EP named 'Heavier Than Metal'. And that's their slogan live on stage with all the energy
teenager have got inside them - or not?! The band with the pathetic name got 30 minutes to establish themselves a little. 

And though they are not superstars yet on the heavy metal sky (how could they anyway, as they didn't have time to develop yet because of their youth) These boys do actually leave a pretty decent impression and take care, that the average party mood is increasing...

Okidok, and to heat up you butts even more. we now do get a real sort of midnight ghost service in the truest sense of the word. 

And that one again, comes from the harvest church baptists of Powerwolf, who's boss Attila, no not the famous king of the huns, but a busy member of the Weightwatcher's Society, does such an energetic speech, that every upside down cross makes automatically a 3 times salto mortale. 
‚Blood Of The Saints’ is the name of the magic drink, which is spilt by the romanian - german-international pseudo werwolf association. And as Romania is the home of the most famous vampire at all - count Dracul', - you can't deny a certain similarity to this guy up there. Yeah well, maybe there is even a slight relationship familywise, you never know. The impressing aura of our transylvanian tankengine is 3 times red underlined by the flattering of his house bat named Falk Maria Schlegel, (who's name puts us down to the ground again) and gives the spiritual cathedral seagulls the right timbre within their metallic choir corals. 
True - Powerwolf's musical ego trip has got something to it, which keeps you more concentrated. No clue though, whether this is caused by those chorals, sticking in your middle ear or the more extroverted output. 

The result speaks for itselves, and also Powerwolf stand the driving licence test tonight without beeing too holy. Hey, you only have to tell me your make up artist.

eonardo Da Vinci has invented and built a lot, but as far as I know, he didn't create any gavesites. And he didn't have to anything in common with scotish highlands, as much as Grave Digger don't have anything to do with the Petshop Boys. 

Yeah well Chris, no full show tonight, but on the other hand, that's not too bad for your brickly bones. I mean we all want to dance a Zombie tango also in 150 years or more at the Hilton beyond including backpipes and heavy metal. Well, maybe not a Hilton, because that's too simple, but rather a Hiatt crypt or a Mariott gaveyard. We don't take less, do we?! And Chris - you don't have to, because whoever delivers good quality, deserves all the goodies after as well, though we do find the requested Jägermeister only with a huge lense within the ant house - so what Stefan?! In any case, right now at this very moment we get to know, that Excalibur is still handled witht the sparkling power of young Siegfried, who was away for miles from Hagen's murder attempt back at those ancient times. Sandman is reading good night stories (remember Chris you named yourself once a sandman) - and this with such an energy, that there is not the slightest chance within the furthest highlands for a peacefull nap in morpheus arms 

Rebellion is the slogan, and that one get's trained through out again. Stick to your balls and age is just a figure - you know what I mean - we are as young as we feel like. And right at this very minute, we are all 21 again and soon climbing up Germany's highest mountain, that's what bassist Jens is intending to do so soon. And guitarist Axel is protesting against the killing of kitchen flies and becomes an active animal protector. (hey next christmas you might take part at the big annual TV gala with all those soapy pop and schlager stars). Drummerboy Stefan has last but not least found his Jägermeister even on the rocks, giving him imaginary wings to practice the candle shape of Uli Küsch on drums. Well, and Chris, what are we doing with you? Okay, stay as you are and as I said before, fifty is only a figure to repeat myself for the third time. But rather too often repeated then once too less - just to make sure for lacking memory. But no way what's up to Mastro Boltendahl, who doesn't need any Viagra and aging pills for his youthful aura... (same for the other boys of course) 

Call it natural inheritage or obvious talents.... ehm.... I mean of course the artistic one's and not any other's which I don't know of - of course. And so my friends, this brillant recepie is cooked and served neatly - and this is it, what Grave Digger is all about - heading for the slogan: we still play every 25 year young twen onto the wall. And I promise, that's what they really do - without showing mercy - no question about that.... 

For us elderly semester such an event containing 4 bands can be pretty exhausting, most of all what's up to the length and the local temperature which is situated somewhere between Kongo and Sudan...

But as we all know, if something is really good, then you don't look onto your watch and you don't feel your big toe by standing on one or two spots for the whole time. Main important is, that your longing for some refreshment such as beer or other liquids is satisfied. And don't worry, Munich's nice policemen are already on the spot outside the main entrance, and hope for some extra pocket money by collecting one or the other driving licence now and then. Thanks god, most locals know from where the wind is blowing, and that's why we are carefull with all that and do only encourage Sabaton's frontpapagallo for "one more beer" - "one more beer"... etc. etc. And he again has got at least that much german skills to catch that satisfying the audiance's request for once. Not a second time though, because of keeping the good condition, and not maybe ending  up squeaking a false Nutcracker suite. (hope next time we can do an interview in german then:-)

However... over here in Germany we think Scandinavians are on top of the list what's up to body sizes here in Europe, but not in Sabaton's case, who are better described as - small but aloha. Although these Swedes put a huge stage presence on stage,  most of all thanks to singer Joakim Brodén. And he proves, that a) it doens't need long hair for the image care in Heavy Metal, and B) he's got such a huge aura, that Al Capone would probably become jealous as hell because of those mirrored sunglasses, if he was still alive. 

Well, my request pre show, to take these mystery glasses off for a sec,within the first 3 songs - while taking pics, is fullfilled, and I owe our Don Johnson of Carl Gustav's country a little thank you... 

For the prove...

Johnny Depp couldn't have done better. And our Backstage Werk is praised by the lord, when the bear put's an energetic twist onto the stage, so our ship is almost sinking because of all that sweat.. No panic though, as Sabaton drive the boat very selfconfident throughout the aquarium and take care for 100.000 imaginary bubbles thanks to all those delicious ingedients within the special hard rockin' Pina Colada (check gourmet menue card below) - However, we are all happy and satisfied due to this musical enjoyment of traditional Heavy Metal. No wishes left open.... (yeah well maybe one or two, but that's got nothing to do with the show:-)))

And the nicest thing is - no real fat on to the cheak belly button. And that again seems pretty sexy, most of all, when after show before and after taking a shower, we do get an additional small Calvin Klein underwear fashion show. Too bad that the female clientel is still so small within this musical genre. But as we say so - exeptions state the rules. And that again becomes impressingly  true outside in the audiance flying across onto the stage.... see below... 

And our chart storming heroes do not have problems with that, do they?! Because the point is the famous sparkle, which fires off a big bonfire within our Venue and makes this event to an unforgettable evening for a long time. 
Sabaton have managed a great final with their lucky go happy old School hardrock. And it's no big deal, that their topics don't really fit in. But who cares anyway. Those ain't important at this very second where we all only wanna rock and roll and get crazy.  
Mind me,  the question is never:  about - what, - but always "how" something is done and presented. I mean, what am I gonna do with a Brad Pitt with no sex appeal???, if you know what I mean by that... What's up to Sabaton, the music and the show have won this match tonight as well as the ribbon on the present, which is challenging me  to start veeeeerrrrrry slowly to untie this....
yeah well......I better stop this now  - otherwise I'm only talking nonsense anymore :-))))

Backstage Snapshots can be found at the Diary

PS: I really don't want to have this clean up job here now...
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