The finnish are nuts - in the truest sense of the word, - at least what's up to the Leningrad Cowboys. But I presume, those amongst you, who know them already, I'm not telling any news. Jes.... it's hilirous looking at those derverted Elvis imitations.Whereby the comparison to this legend is a little far stretched, checking those overdimensionla hair do's thanks to super glue. No simple hairspray can do that, unless you buy a whole drugstore off. Also including a smart Prêt-à-porter  Uniform, one of those, Dolce and Gabbana would be fond of. The second brand behind the hair is the average shoe size of 73, whereby I ask myself, how can anybody walk with those. But they obviously can do that for even 2 hours, like tonight here at the Backstage Werk. And how they do for the past 22 years. That's the number of years this finnish band does exist.

Originally they were a fictive band, created by finnish movie director Aki Kaurismäki for his film Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989). The group back then contained mainly members of the, since 1975 existing band Sleepy Sleepers, who went for Punkrock. Things then changed and since back then bandmembers have changed occassionally. Musically this mad cowbells deliver a mixture of crazy cover versions of famous hitsingles such as 'Delilah' by Tom Jones or suitable to their monster shows - 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' orginally recorded by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Inbetween the throw in russion folksongs and self composed tracks. Whereby the take on every russion clichee of the Soviet Union times. Well that one nowadays is a little out of fashion and only left for a nostalgic memory. By the way up there on stage are not only 10 male paradise birds, but also two female singers, named the „Baikonur Girls“

After quite a break the band is back again and will release their new album ‚Buena Vodka Social Club’ in October. However, we do get a teaser out of this anyway. Though I can't tell you, why they head out on a tour before the album is out. Never mind, it ain't important, because the Leningrad Cowboys mainly live of their comedian show with whatsoever songs.... 

And they got a lot of those... such as a real weird version of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman', - then L.A. Woman from the Doors or 'Kids In America' by Kim Wilde. Whereby that one is performed in first place by the two girls. Of course they pay tribut to their mentor Elvis and to Johnny Cash with a heart dropping 'Ring Of Fire' - what else?!

Within these four walls here with those 800 guests, there is a great party mood, - the vodka flows, the Rubel rolls... Yeah well, here in Munich it is rather the bavarian beer and the Euro jumping across the bar counter. And as I mentioned before, we do enjoy those 2 hours musically comedy, who doesn't need any support act by the way. The Leningrad Buffalo Bills and Billy The Kids do heat themselves the oven up and waste so much energy, that this one again would be enough for a whole sibirian winter. 

AC/DCs ‚Let There Be Rock’ rings the bell for the encore followed by 'Born To Be Wild', which fits perfectly on the Leningrad Cowboys. And they finish with the well known russion tune 'kassaka' and release us from the laughing pain. 

Let's put it that way, you can't really describe a show of this finnish cabarett a 100 percent. - You just have to experience this by yourself to catch the humor. But I can asure you, you will never regret the visit of a Leningrad Cowboys madhouse Rock'n'Roll Party....

Backstage Snapshots