Our everybody's beloved cuddly vampire Tito  is back again on his annual round trip throughout Europe, of course accompanied by his Tarantulas. And that's what he does for almost 20 years, shooting to fame, when Robert Rodriguez came out with his B-movie 'From Dusk 'Till Dawn' feat. George Clooney and Quentin Tarantina and.... Tito & Tarantula. But funnily Tito succseeded more over here in Europe,his second home country musicwise.  Although it's rather a sad fact, that all those fans out there remember very well the movie and the included songs, but are not really aware, that Tito since then has released another four albums. Unfortunatley those 4 longplayers never reached the status of 'Tarantism'. Why? - is up in the stars. But whenever our american-mexican werwolfe sails across the big pond, the clubs in Germany are filled very well. Good so, because Tito definately belongs to those musicians who definately deservemore than just the underground scenes. Okay, or what so ever you think about that....

The lastest album 'Back Into The Darkness' is already out for 3 years now, and there's no new one in sight. But 'Tarantism' gets re-released soon with some yet unreleased tracks. Never mind, as Tito mainly promotes himself as one whole piece of art. And such a thing doesn't need any yearly figures. 
Well, there are some slight changes since the last tour. So there are new bandmembers exept bassist Caroline "Lucy LaLoca" Rippy, who is with Tito since 2007.  The other two newbe's could probably easily be Tito's sons. 

Never mind, as those Tarantulas vanish behind the big alterego of Tito himself in the middle of the stage darkness. And you've gotta give him that much, that he does indeed seem pretty dark and mystery up there. His partly in spanish performed songs underline this image within this dark atmosphere. Okay, I have to say, this time it's not that dark, so we photographer's ain't that desperate about lacking light.
Anyway, our Munich Titti Twister Club sparkles up in red and blue at about 8.30 p.m. when the Tarantulas  hit the stage for their latinamerican Punkrock Orgy. 

By the way, just if some of you are asking, why Tito & Tarantula is now named Tito Larriva & Tarantula, then this is answered by some legal rights what's up to the name. Thanks god, it doesn't matter. In each case you can hear, that Tito has re arranged his songs to make them sound a little different.  

Apart from that, everything stays pretty much the same in the performance. And the highlight is once again of course 'After Dark'

The punky Coverversion of La Bamba closes the official set......

...... and with the encore the second highlight shows up - 'Angry Cockroaches'. Both songs - 'Into The Dark' and this one come  from the cult movie. And it is these two tracks enjoying the most reflection from the fans. Though Tito's got quite a few other great tunes, such as 
'Monster's and 'Murder' from the latest release  ‚Back Into The Darkness’.- 

Well there is not much more to say. 2 hours Tarantism go very well down on the 500 fans here in Munich. And I almost bet, that next time there will be as many people as tonight. And so that's the assurance that Tito will always return. And we do keep the faith, don't worry..
Vampires don't die, do they?!


No really, - he's a good boy
Our Smalltalk (for the 10th time or so...)
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