More than 20 years of Axxis.... one on side almost unbelievable, that this german hardrockin' dancing combo is that long around already. On the other hand, I've rather got the feeling, that this lot were even here before and much longer than 2 decades. Why?
Can't tell you really, but surely not, because Prince Bernie is heading towards his fifties and still seems like a lost blossom in a teenage gap, if you know what I mean by that. 
Apart from that, the current times are not neccessarely the pinky- pinkest one's  for this kind of music. Although they still exist, those never dying stand up figures, who always return on the Rock'n'Roll horizon, even there are longer breaks inbetween, longing for the slogan: hey we are not dead yet, but still very lively. Axxis often appear on this borderline and have underlined their existence now with the DVD "20 Years of Axxis". This one includes the anniversary concert from Sept-. 13  2009 at The Zeche in Bochum, Germany. 
There's another funny aspect around Axxis, and that's the fact, that the average rockfan either likes this band or he doesn'. It seems, there is no inbetween. Apart from that the band still goes for old school rock - Hardrock of the Eighties, maybe with a slight more modern touch. And the mere of the audiance consists of fans, who have experienced already the early times of this band. And those again have taken their kids with them to give them a bit of a taste of this music. According to Bernie, meanwhile there are also many more females in the audiance. And that's what musicians generelly like anway, as they are pushing up their egos and 'man' takes a hell of an effort to make a deep impression up there on stage.  - Just kiddin' - as I presume, Axxis want everybody to like them, whether it's grandad dancing with his grand-grandson, or mother in Law with auntie 2nd degree, - who came here tonight to check the band out.

First of all it's Dawn Of Destiny from up north in Bochum, who have already got a name themselves in certain circles.
Founded in 2005 this band has put out 3 albums so far. And they belong to this more and more popular female fronted groups. 
Of course, whatever looks good and has got a voice like an ambitioned nitingale, gets the double amound of attention, mainly from the male audiance of course. Unfortunately some of the band is vanishing in the dawn, or better gehind the other's as the stage is too small. At such circumstances it's mostly the keyboards and drums suffering the visual lack. But singer Jeanette is making good for that and also the great guitar playing of Veith Offenbächer, while bassist Jens Faber shows us the art of growling.

However, Dawn of Destiny do leave some impression here under the given circumstances of course and are happy themselves, that they actually do have the chance to support Axxis on this tour. Well, let's wait and see, how often we get the band to see live on stage in the future, most of all - down south in Germany. 

Axxis take over the battlefield with the elegance of Al Capone, dressed in pseudo designer shirts, Cavallo pants and silk ties. They present themselves very sophisticated and go for a visual understatement. Not a bad move.... as oppositions are often drawn to each other. 

Only the hair do's have stayed faithful to Rock'n'Roll. Which means: curtain meets electrified wishmob and a tight and slick ponytail. Well, forget those Udo Waltz nightmares, as those rockers still provide a good boy meets bad Rock'n'Roller image. 
But over all its the musical performance what counts, and this one includes the first 3 albums of the band - only. And these are: 
1989: ‚Kingdom of the Night’, dann 1990: ‚Axxis II’ and 1993: ‚The Big Thrill’. The reason for that is, to give those song material, which usually never finds it's way on setlists, a chance to be played live. And Bernie, who'd be ready for the Guiness Book of Records because of his rent-a-mouth talent on every hard rock roundtable, is curious himself, whether his own oldies would stand the test of time. 

At least here in Munich, those half forgotten pearls shoot straight into the eye of the hurricane. And that again is not due to the chilly in the engine, but also the exploding stage life up there. Let's put it that way, the boss here, is the born entertainer and talks up there as much as off stage. Enrico Caruso seems like a coughin' old crow compared to Bernie's singing... yeah well almost.

In each case our rockin' Giacomo Casanova takes yet another chance to get one of these beauties up there on stage to show her the right rhythm feeling. - Well I mean musically only. This time he's chosen one chick A) who could easily be his daughter, B) who didn't know the band 'till tonight and C) who has never been on hardrock concerts so far. Whatever has driven this girl in here is up in the stars. But she's trying hard to stay in tune within the unavoidable 'Touch The Rainbow'. - Well this can't be wrong, what's up to winning a new generation fan base. (Boys, I guess, you've got a new fan now, but be carefull, she's still underaged - so keep your hands to yourself :-)))

Apart from that below you find the rest of the 20 prayers of tonight's performance

Not to forget the rest of the gang, there is band oldtimes Harry Oellers on Keyb.Git), Rob Schomake on four strings, Guitar Wunderkind Marco Wriedt, who still semms somehow 18+) and drummer Dirk Brand. 

No you can say what you want about Axxis, and also whether you like the music or you don't. But if anybody takes care about funny entertainment, then it is front bird Bernie, who is leading the trek throughout the whole time. And he ain't doing it bad at all.
The prove is two hours, running much to fast through our conciousness. But they leave traces for memory, that's for sure. And so the aprox. 100 spectators are satisfied leaving the place with a promise to be back next time. 
So good night and sleep well...and see you soon.

Off Stage Snapshots can be found athe Diary