.... dun' know 'em.. many of you might say now. On the other hand, this will only be those, who have never been interested in Fusion and Jazz music. And though you fans of this website, are no lovers of the just mentioned musical styles, - this musician - each of you should see once in your life playing on stage. Because he certainly belongs to those brilliant artists, who do invent themselves always again and again in another way. Probably that's the reason, why Jazz greats such as Michael Brecker or John McLaughlin have recruited him back in the Eigthies. And he himself - Jonas Hellborg had been already an institution himself at this time, as he did learn how to play the bass in his childhood, when he was only 8 or 9 years old. Nowadays the meanwhile 53 year old Swedish musician is a big name in Jazz and Insider circles. 

So when Hellborg untertakes one of his concert trips, he tends to exchange his co-musicians. And this time there is one, who hasn't only got a name in fusion circles but also in Classic Rock. His name: Ginger Baker, formerly drummer of legendary Cream and Blind Faith. Well, and there we are at this point, where this tour is heated by, entitled: Jonas Hellborg Group, feat. Ginger Baker. And yes it works out. At least what's up to tonight's performance at the Rockhouse in Salzburg, where the place is absolutely crowded. Of course most people know what to expect, but I presume there are still a few hoping to get to hear some typical Baker - cream rhythm. 
However, this is the first time for more than 15 years, that both Hellborg and Baker are sharing a stage together. The idea for this concert trip together came already about 2 years ago, when Ginger Bake,who currently lives in South Africa, did a book signing in his old home town London and met Hellborg at this opportunity. 

beeing 71 years of age Ginger Baker nowadays looks healthier than ever before.

Baker Drum Solo

None of both musicians has a new album out. The latest release fo Hellborg was entitled 'Art Metal' and came out in 2007. It's truly a bombastic epos showing all the talents of Jonas. Next to all those Jazz Beats, he still does some rocky or even bluesy tunes. He's also familiar to punk. Just remember his contribution on the Public Image Ltd. Album 'Virgin'.
The exeptional bassist still lives in Sweden, but also in Germany and the US. But he is hardly ever home, he calls himself a globetrotter. He's putting out this typical scandinavian quietness, but also owns a certain potential of arrogance. On stage he puts down all those things and transfers himselfbarfooted in sort of a trance, which challenges him to this excellent bass playing. 
And so the show in Salzburg starts off at 8.45 p.m. (without supportact)  with an aprox. 20 minutes solo of Jonas Hellborg. Some musicians are ending up in sort of a certain monotony, not him though, and everybody is listening carefully without getting bored. Half of the audiance (aprox. 6 - 800 guests) seem to be musicians or other insiders. 
To round up the description of this band, I want to mention guitarist Regi Wooten, brother of the also legendary bassist Victor Wooten. And if somebody deserves the name - Speedy Gonzales of the six strings, it's surely Regi, who is proving this several times during this show. He also does some leadvocals inbetween. 

And last but not least there is Percussionist Dodoo Abass, who can easily put up with Mr. Baker what's up to the rhythm beat drive. 

It's a fact, that Hellborg gives his band mates a lot of freedom , that those have got the chance to, - just to repeat himself - can invent themselves all over again. It's a band of the superlative. And musically this here is a multi continental cocktail well shaken and stirred. Jazz mixes up with Rock and south african worldmusic rhythm. Hellborgs  John McLaughlin`s Mahavishnu Orchestra past says hello  and connects with the rhythm of Ghana's Dodoo Abass. Only Cream Fans, who have found their way to here, could be a bit disappointed, because nothing reminds on the former rock legend exept Mr.Baker himself. And he even describes Cream not even as a rockband or even rock legend. He said: "those were only 3 musicians, who happened to stand on one stage together and play music - that's it. Yeah well, you can take this for granted or not. But it is a fact indeed, that you must bring along a certain love for this difficult fusion cross over sound, that you can enjoy this. Otherwise there is a huge risk, that your musical understanding can't follow the trek.
I for my part think this has been absolutey grat, and I presume, most of the audiance do think the same....

Pre show I had a little Smalltalk with Mr. Ginger Baker  &  Jonas Hellborg
But it's been a bit odd..:-))))
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