There they are again, our swedish Darlings. Well, they ain't that new, are they?! Royal Republic are out with their debut album 'We Are The Royals' for more than one year now. And they've been here before, though only in the small Backstage Club and played in front of about 100 fans. But thanks to the right promotion, most of all, what's up to our beloved Rockantenne Radiostation, it's this time the Backstage Werk with about 900 guests. And that's much  better. Outside in front of the main door it even feels better. But that again is due to the fact, that next door a band named Weto is playing. And thos are none others then the members of famous german group Schandmaul with their side project. So it is absolutely crowded outside and we do hard to fight ourselves through the people to get in place. 

But we make it by time to 1) for my little meet and greet pre show (see bottom of this page) and 2) to follow the photocall for the first 3 songs in the pit just as always. (only the lightman seems to have the desire to torture us tonight with this nonstop no light conditions) - and before I forget the supportband played without me unfortunately. So I can't tell you much about them)

And once again I really get motherly feelings when I look at this huge kindergarden in here. I mean the average age of the band is only about 30. But their fans count mostly even 10 years less. Well never mind as long as the place is full, and that's what it is,
though not quite sold out. But maybe next time it will be. 
However, Royal Republic are one of those young bands who have this certain substance to survive for a long time. Those Swedes deliver straight modern Rock for a great sing along including 100% earworm quality as we say so.

In addition there is this impressing stage presence most of all of frontam Adam Grahn and over all this huge energy, who only can be put out by young people with a few exeptions. I mean, not everybody is named Iggy Pop, if you know, what I mean.

It's a fact, that Royal Republic are full of enthusiasm, and that one jumps between them and the audiance across, electrifying everybody again and again. The tracklist below includes all the smash songs of the band... so nothing can go wrong...

Most of all it's those 3 songs 'Underwear' beeing performed pretty early at no. 5. Towards the end we get 'Tommy Gun' and the last encore -  ‚Full Steam Space Machine’.-  that song, which just can't be missed in a Royal Republic show. 

Inbetween we also get 3 yet unreleased tracks, which can be found on the band's next album, scheduled for next year. Only point to criticize is the rather short showtime with only about 80 minutes. Whereby I'm not sure, whether this is due to the fact, that all those kids have to be home rather early for bed time or the physical waste is so much, that there is no longer going on possible. 
Singer Adam is also showing his german skills in form of some silly tunes such as:  „mein Hund, der hat drei Ecken, drei Ecken.. usw usw... der Hannes ist ein geiler Spasti, (it means my dog has 3 corners and Hannes is a horny spasty... etc etc.
Bassist Jonas is having a try to sing Motörheads ‚Ace Of Spades’ (see Clip further up) -  abut only in a short version of about  2 minutes. The rest is rather left to Adam.
What else to say. Royal Republic are pulling all advantages at their faithful fans. The band wastes themselves 'till shortly to exodus. And the last good byes lasts more than 5 minutes. 
Personally I luv those young band very much. They are uncomplicated and do rock like hell, have all the pleasure and fun to play and much more. They just have to watch out not to loose the string of time. But when they manage, Royal Republic surely take care, that Rock'n'Roll will never die... I say when....

Pre show Drummer Per Andreasson talks a little from the inside....
(click pic below for streaming Audiofile via WMP)
starting with a short  Music-Intro)