Almost unbelievable, that 1) I haven't seen this band playing live on stage yet, although they are going as long as I do in the musicbiz, and this is since 1983. And 2) that this band has never played Munich so far. So we celebrate a double debut tonight.
This group around Lizzy Borden, who keeps his real name such a secret as the US Pentagon does with it's X files, has been away for a long time, literatually almost the whole Nineties. He then released the album 'Deal With The Devil' in 2000, just to disband again for another 7 years. But, as asures me pre show, the band has never officially quit. It had been more or less a very long break partly caused by a more and more  leaking musicbusiness.
Somehow Lizzy Borden got around that, despite lack of success and the death of 2 members and the risk to carry their music into the present. Someone must have told Lizzy, that the future and the luck lies in Europe, and so he now puts his focus on the old continent, preferable onto open air festivals. No bad move, because with this strategy they reached the reputation again, they were looking for. The band put out a remastered version of their album 'Masters Of Disguise' originally released in 1989 and also a brandnew record entitled 'Appointment With Death'. And this album is still the latest release. 
The current club tour shall show, whether this works out the same way, as the festival season did. Guess the biggest risk is the fact, that all those young Hardrock fans around  don't really know the name Lizzy Borden. And our generation who remember this group from back then in the Eighties have to pull ourselves together to come along for a concert now and then. 
Some of you have seen the band already at the Bang Your Head Festival in 2008 or at Wacken. Now it's time for some solo shows. And the one tonight is taking part at Munich's Garage Rockclub in a very intimate atmosphere. Usually Lizzy Borden stand for a very colourful big show, just as the one of Alice Coopper etc. But this ain't possible really on this small stage here. So they've gotta leave some bits and pieces out on that, and it's only Lizzy himself posing in various make ups and fancy costumes, of course with the axe and some theatre blood.  

Before they are on, the Nasty Nuns from Kempten,Allgäu South Germany have yet got another chance to promote themselves....

These boys, where the oldest one is just about 24 years of age, have one EP named 'Too Much Is Never Enough' out. They call their strategy: Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll. Whereby you shouldn't take these things to seriously, exspecially what's up to the drugs. Let's put it that way, thanks to their youth, I touch 'em still with velvent cloves, as we say so. They are trying hard, as you can see so, trying also to fullfill the clichee and put a hell of enthusiasm into their stage show. 
And though not every tune is in place yet and sounds a little groggy, so I'd say: practicing makes the thing perfect. And as a young new rockband in the Sleaze and Glam style, it is indeed a rather hard life to survive. The Nasty Nuns are:
Julez Gun (Voc),  Mr.Evil (Git), Nikki Nine (Git), Vic Nasty (Bass) und Fight (Drums).Visually they are going for a Mötley Crüe look a like. Well, whatever is still in kids shows, could maybe slip into stilettos one day, you never know. So keep on collecting experience and play your butts off until the electrifying wishmob catches fire on your heads - or not!

Meanwhile our Club here is well visited, and there are aprox. 150 guests here to check out Lizzy Borden. Not to neclect the fact, that next door, same building Opeth and Pain Of Salvation are playing a sold out show in front of 1.500 fans at the same time. Well their fans would never go to a Lizzy Borden show and the other way round. 
Who cares anyway, we are here and look forward to a happy go lucky horror show of Lizzy Borden. 

As a photographer of course you like all thise masquerade and changes on stage, what's up to the Big Boss. The rest of the Gang has put on a lower gear. For info I want to include the fact, that next to the mainman himself it's only drummer Joey Scott Harges left from the original line up. No surprise though, as Joey is Lizzy's very own brother in daily life, though the visual similarity ain't that big. Joey rather reminds me on the glory punk days - God bless 'em. The rest of the partyband consists of: Marten Andersson on Bass since 1992. Guitarist Dario Lorina is playing the 6 strings since 2009 and AC Alexander is in since 2010. 
To take it straight: Lizzy Borden are through and through american Heavy Rock Band. They seem very selfconfident, explosive and are posing better, than Kiss at their best times. Guitarist Dario catches the eye of quite a few rocker brides thanks to his shape, showing no gram of fat, while AC is trying his best to do the same. But last and not least it's Lizzy himself who wins the most attention, thanks to his appearance and aura. 

The photographic lense is very happy about this view, and the button is pressed at least twice as often as in another concert. 

Lizzy Bordens Program is a Best Of... incl. a new Song, which is planned to be on the new album, scheduled for 2012. And yes of course the axe is included in the live show here, which has become a brand for the band in early days, thanks to the band name relation to this same named lady who apparently killed her parents with an axe back in 1892. We also get some artifical theatre blood from Lizzy, just as much as we want to have smeared into our faces......

Lizzy Borden 2011,  this is indeed a  funny shortwhile 90 Minutes US Heavy Metal comedy, in a smaller frame then usually but with a high entertainment level.  

And that's why there is some hope, that this group will find their way to Munich again from now on. At least they have promised it to us in the end. So let's wait and see - and time will tell....
Off we go back home to catch some sleep, as tomorrow is monday, which means getting up early for work again.  But just before leaving the areal, we do get a little taste of Opeth in the very end (see Diary)

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