Okay, there we are again after a little break with lots of energy and new ideas. Whereby the ideas are not that new either, because the album 'Dope To Infinity' is already 16 years old. The new thing about it, is only the idea to play the whole record within a concert on this tour. I have to confess, I'm a little sceptical with things like these, because  it's only about one album and not a Best of - of a band's smashhits, but rather tunes from the shelf as we say so. But that's not the only exchange within a Monster Magnet show on this tour. There have been also changes within the line up, as guitarist Ed Mundel has left the band after 18 Years, but still says, there is a chance for a return. He is replaced by Garret Sweeny, who also plays in Riotgod. The rest of the group is still bassist Jim Baglino, Drummer bob Pantella, guitarist Phil Caivano and of course Dave Wyndorf himself. And let's face it: it is him at last, who is Monster Magnet and nobody else. Only Phil has got a certain influence on the band, the music and Wyndorf personally, who stands very close to him. When Dave Wyndorf was very sick a few years ago, it was only Phil having contact to him over the worst time and beyond. Thanks god, Wyndorf has failed to reach the heaven's door and is still alive and well again. It's only his body shape having suffered a little. And it's pretty hard at the age of 52, where the human metabolism has slowed down, to reach back the former shape. This effort can be compared with a hike onto the Mount Everest in ballet shoes. 
On the other side, health is, what's most important so don't give a damn about visuall aspects. Though he still doesn't seem a 100 percent fit yet, but therefore in a good mood. 

But before he and his diciples open the Rock'n'Roll bible here at the Backstage Werk, it's the Black Spiders, who will be doing the first prayer.

And this is: Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby (Voc/Git), Ozzy ‘Owl’ Lister (Git) Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas (Git) Tiger Si (Drums) und Adam ‘the Fox’ Irwin (Bass), who have already supported Ozzy Osbourne on an England tour. The band has put out the debut album 'Sons Of The North'  and received a lot of attention for that one. And that's what they get here. Our beloved living room here, hears the angel singing , when the Black Spiders are crawling on stage and beat the hell outta this place. Yes!!! That's how Rock'n'Roll should be - hard, noncompromising and heart exploding.

That doesn't mean, that this band is now the non plus ultra, and their music ain't the latest trend.

But they spread out so much energy and let the sparkle reign onto the audiance, and that one is more infecting, than the sting of a mosquito. It is definately a fact, that the Black Spiders belong to those young bands, who could give Rock'n'Roll a future. 

While the support still played under decent leight conditions, the stage aura now has changed into a rather dark - foggy atmosphere, the one, which is so much feared from us photographers. 

And then Monster Magnet put on a musical ego trip, which can't be more excentric, than it is. It's starting with Dave Wyndorf, standing with his back to the audiance for ages, handling a laptop next to the drumkit, developing extraordinary tunes, those, - 'Dopes To Infinity' is known for. When he finally comes front, he fires on the crowd with a big smile on his face, to follow the rhythm. The kids show a lot of enthusiasm about this strange bunch of flowers, which was back then described by Wyndorf as a personal mind extending.
You have to see it that way: Amon Düül meets Hawkwind and mixes itselves to a psychodelic journey of spheric soundclouds, which are multiplicating itselves. Hmmm.... pretty hard to imagine. I guess, you've got see and hear it by yourself to get an idea about it. 
Because in difference to the studio record, - at live performances the band works out weird improvisations. And so the result is sound hypnotic painting of the very special kind. You definately win the impression, that the music of 'Dopes To Infinity' is a personal resumee' of Wyndorf with his spirituell alter ego.

It's hot in here in the sold out place (1.200) and Wyndorf has got sweat pearls on his forehead. But he doesn't even think about to take it off. No infact it seems, as he rather wants to hide something underneath. But that's not really possible. And as selfconfident the little American presents himself, he still seems to suffer under certain complexes, and also beeing sleepless at night. This probably influences his creativity, I presume. The spheric soundclouds are getting more intense throughout the set and make the performance to a personal count down with his own past. He has fullfilled himself an individual dream, maybe to close a chapter with this past and from now on concentrate only on the present and future... 

I have to say, that I always did and still do like Monster Magnet and have checked them out live on stage several times in the past. Though I can't really become friends with this Dopes To Infinity concept. But the fans here obviously do like this and hail our good old Dave, as if there is no tomorrow. And therefore the success of this evening is secured.

The encore consists of the only real hit from the Dopes... Album,named  Negasonic Teenage Warhead, followed by the only none - Dopes tracks, - but therefore greatest hits of the band - ‚Power Trippin’ and ‚Spacelord’ to close the set down for good. Well, this here (by the way, one of only 5 shows in Germany) has been an interesting experience. But to be honest, I personally prefer the usual shows of Monster Magnet. And I hope, it doesn't take too long, until we get one of those again over here.....

Because Dave Wyndorf generally does no press on Tour - his bandmate and
 best friend guitarist Phil Caivano is fine to chat the time away 
(Streaming Audiofile via WMP - starting with a short-Intro)(length aprx. 18 Min.)
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