There weren't here for a long time - too long.... And there were some reasons for that, such as Band boss Jon Schaffer has reached a point, where he asked himself, whether it still makes sense to continue sailing the flagship. The storms of time, changes and the musicbusiness itselves, have taken care, that the high waves almost swalloed the boat. Only thanks to the believe in himself and the believe in music, the Captain has turned round the gear. And it's been worth while. So the Iced Earth tankship still sails across the Rock'n'Roll ocean after more than 27 years. And with the new frontman Stu Block the high waves have dissappeared and there is only a fresh new wind blowing.

Only very few Metalbands have gonne through so many line up changes, as Iced Earth have done. Whereby you've gotta mention, that this band is first of all Jon Schaffer, and he's the band. 
The new and eleventh album 'Dystopia' has come out earlier this year and marks kind of a turning point. Not that the typical powermetal style of the group has changed drastically. But with the departure of on and off singer Matthew Barlow, who gave the music a certain feeling with his voice, and now the new boy Stu Block it feels like a new era, And this has been proved already on some festival appearances last summer. 
But well, let's wait and see, what Iced Earth 2011 presents us tonight here at the Backstage Werk in Munich, which is not quite sold out. No clue whether this is due the only average popularity of the band over here, or is this depending on the fan's mood of tonight. 
First of all it's Fury UK, who are playing live in Germany on this tour for their very first time. 

These are brothers Chris and Luke Appleton, as well as Martin McNee, who are coming out of Manchester. This outfit is going since 2002, but mainly in the local clubscene over there. They put out 3 albums and 1 EP so far. So it's time that those birds get outta their nest and start flattering across the globe. 
Well the tenor this threesome has got is something you have to get used to. I'd call it a mixture of Power Hardrock with an alternative touch. The main focus which is also the most positive aspect of the band is their frontman singer-guitarist Chris Appleton, who seems to be a small magician on his instrument despite his youth. And we do know how hard it is, to sing and also play the lead at the same time. And that's why Fury UK go well down on Munich's audiance - respect!  So let's wait and see, whether we do hear more of those next generation rockers  in the future.

Iced Earth are starting their thunderstorm with a lot of fog in the truest sense of the word. That's why the images here are not the yellow of the egg, as we say so. Sorry 'bout that, but no photographer has got an influence on the local situation, and this within a time frame of the first 3 prayers only.  

It is a fact indeed, that the newbe Stu Block has already fit in into the band very well. And soon we discover, that he is easily able to perform Barlow songs as well as the tracks from the Tim'Ripper'Owens era. He truly seems to be a multi talent to cope with every key and note in music. He also fits in visually pretty well into the power metal group. though this is not the main focus. But as you all know, the eye always eats as well. 
There is a very slight insecurity which can hardy be recognized. But the normal fan don't realize. We journalists do in a way as we things at concerts another way and we are not here for rockin' along but report about it. 
But anyway, this tiny insecurity vanishes pretty quickly as the evening passes by and towards the end Stu is totally fit in everything. He is accompanied by  Freddie Vidales on Bass (seit 2008),  Troy Steele (Git) (seit 2007), Brent Smedley (Drums)(since 1996) and of course the boss and guitarist Jon Schaffer, who is holding the ship above water since 1984. Whereby to be correct, it was in fact 1988, when the first demo under the name Iced Earth came out. 

However - 'Dystopia' is the topic tonight and with what it actually gets started. And despite to the past festivals in summer, the setlist now doesn't show the usual Best of.... but also some new tracks and some, which  didn't get played very often in the past. 

It was Jon's intention to included this rare tracks on the current tour, to give the whole things a little different taste. The atmosphere in here is great, it's like it should be at a Power Metal concert of the old school . And though the place ain't sold out, there are still enough kiddies who keep the wind blowing.

The Amen in the chapel are the well known tunes to the track 'Iced Earth' and this little imaginary ship cruise throughout the fields of the Backstage areal is successfully over. 
Well let's wait and see, in how far the blankets of the Iced Earth boat are changing again until next time, or whether they finally stay in place where they are now. I mean, at one point there must be a final destination - or not?! On the other hand, changes are the spice in life so wait and drink tea... well maybe rather a cold beer, and let's see, where the journey goes next....

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