Well, you've gotta give her one thing...For her - meanwhile 47 years of age, our Metal Queen Doro Pesch has kept herself pretty good in shape. And this is not only due to her slim shape, though believe it or not, she ain't free of weight problems, as she says so. However, it is a fact, that Doro still is a goodie to look at, most of all for the male fans. And if you add her nice charming character and her still incredibly strong voice, then you've got everything what a Metal Queen is all about. She enjoys the reputation to be oldest institution in female metal, but still seems like she's just has risen up like phenix in the ashes. Only her healthy selfconfidence talks another language. 
But although Doro has struggled with all her strength through the past 27 years of Heavy Metal, she has never made it into the top league of superstars, such as Ozzy or Metallica. Well, that again is up to trends and a lot of luck. On the other hand, she can't complain, because none other female hardrock act has gone that far as she did and still does. 
There is no new album since 'Fear No Evil' from the year 2009, only the DVD  ‚25 Years of Rock – and Still Going Strong’ last year. But nowadays it's not like it used to be, when artists only toured with a new product in their backs. Because thanks to the sick music business. presently musicians and bands earn more money with touring and merchandise sales then with record sales. So what?! 
Off we go to yet another happy go lucky hair weaving a la Doro inside our Backstage Werk here in Munich, which is pretty much crowded and as mentioned before with more male than female fans, who have declared Doro as their personal sex symbol in Heavy Metal. 

First of all, Eat The Gu open up...

This band was founded in 2002 by Hendrik Ücüncü (Voc7Git), Phil Hüls (Bass) und Gereon Homann (drums). They actually started out as a foursome, but then reduced to a threesome, who have released 3 albums and 1 EP and played more than 300 concerts so far in Europe. 
This group does have a new product named simply 'Runner', which they introduce on this tour. Eat The Gun often are described as a mixture of Backyard Babies and Danko Jones. But I don't really agree with that, as the structure of their music is a little different. Some songs really get stuck in my forehead and invite you to rock along. Others you do hear and forget the next minute and all that within a very foggy dark shade, absolutely unacceptable for us photographers. 

For this band the Supportslot here is truly another Chance to establish themselves even more. However, they do get their polite applause, but not much more, because everybody is waiting for Doro anyway. 

Doro herself said before the show, that today is one of the very few days, where she feels really heathly on this tour.

The tour in it's entirely doesn't stand under a good star, as we say so, what's up to Doro's physical fitness. One cold exchanges with another, and Doro is fighting this constantly, just to do a good job each night. And somehow it does work, probably with the help of aspirin and other pills. But tonight here in Munich, she is really well and fit in a very good mood. Starting with 'Burn It Up' she storms the front and conquers the front at once. Mind me, she always knows how to deal with the situation and to heat her fans up. And so she throws out one joker after the other, whether it's 'Burning The Witches' or 'Night Of The Warlock', just to name a few... (please check the rest in the setlist below). 

‚Für Immer’ must not be missins as well as 'All We Are', which is the official end of the colourful bunch of musical flowers. Doro twists and bangs all over the stage, as if there's no tomorrow and she ain't even sweating. Only the recently recorded Christmas Song together with Tom Angelripper we don't get to hear, probably because A) it's a bit too early for Santa Claus, and B) because Tom is missing. And this tune is indeed a duett of two very delicate metal voices. 
Anyway back to the action here at Munich's Backstage Werk, where Doro and her band are just about to win the hearts of all metalfans (most of all the male hearts) once again. The band by the way is: Luca Princiotta Bass Maas, Nick Douglas and Johnny Dee.

But prinipally it doesn't play a role anyway. Because everything here is concentratin a 100% on Doro herself. the encore is a medley made of 15 tracks, and you find well known tunes such as Judas Priest's 'Breakin' The Law'. And there is a mystic mood, when Doro sings 'Fortune Teller' staring into a crystall ball. Also to be found within this medley is
 ‚Herzblut’ and ‚Love Me In Black’.

No, you can't complain. Doro has once again taken a huge effort to deliver a good and decent metal show going under the slogan - life is full of surprices. And that's what fans love her for. The magic is lasting for 2 hours, and is still a little shorter then normally due to the early curfew. Though I'm pretty sure, our Metal Queen has satisfied everybody in here with her music, her philosophy and her aura and of course her sex appeal. 
Let's put it that way... it was very nice again and another prove, that it's not only the male freaks beeing able to do an extensive headbanging. And though this music style is still paddling on the edge of the soupboal, I'm pretty sure, Doro will celebrate her 30th anniversary. The question is not that she does, it's rather how she does it.... -Long Live Rock'n'Roll....


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Doro - ca. 5 Minuten vor der Show -unten
(für den kleinen Kaffeeklatsch noch etwas früher am Abend - bitte aufs Foto unten klicken)
(Streaming Audiofile via WMP beginnt mit kurzem Intro)