Actually I didn't want to go and see this band again, after the last show about 2 years ago, didn't leave a good memory in my mind. Whereby this was definately due to the singer most of all. But thanks god he's past tense, and the new man on vocals is none other than Robert Hart himself. And this guy should seem familiar to all you Melodic Rock fans out there. Now it only has to be checked out, whether he can cope with the Earthband song material.  And that again is probaby as difficult as climbing up the Kilimandscharo barfooted, as over all those classic tunes the spirit of Chris Thompson is sailing across. I presume I don't have to explain to you who that is. But as often in life - beating up and beeing happy again... he and Manfred Mann have no problem anymore with each other, but it didn't get them back together either, out of whatever for reasons. Because let's face it, if up there Chris Thompson would handle the lead vocals, the Earth Band would need double the size of the current venues they are appearing right now.. On the other hand, Manfred Mann has to be pleased, that he still pulls that many people, as he does, though it's mainly Germany. Somewhere else things look a bit differently.. But Germany always did like their oldies but goldies and still do so. and so they are coming along to listen for the 150th time or even more to tunes such as Mighty Quinn’ und ‚Blinded By The Light’ and ‚Davy's Is On The Road Again’.  Only Doo waah Diddy... he won't perfom anymore, Because for this Sixties song, Manfred is still ashamed of.
But it is indeed all those just mentioned tracks, why there is no need to make another record for the Earth Band. Because the fans don't wanna hear new stuff anyway, but only the hits.

Well and there we are again at our Muffathalle in Munich, which is almost sold out. And that again means about 1.500 Oldie fans, who have once again gathered here to celebrate the Mighty Quinn essence. Whereby many still don't know, that this classics is actually penned by Bob Dylan. But even less they know, that track 4 on the setlist entitled 'Dancing In The Dark' is not covered Bruce Springsteen song, but we actually do hear the original here written by Manfred Mann. And it's the Boss, who had covered this and had a huge hitsingle. And the other way round goes with Mighty Quinn. You can turn and twist it round however you want, but it's always the popularity and succes and never where it comes from....

'Dancing In The Dark'

Robert Hart does actually a good job up there and can cope with the songs, yeah well, with some little weak spots inbetween. That's why he gets a little rest now and then inbetween, and that is filled with instrumentals or guitarist Mick Rogers with a solo stint. And there we go, because Mick does a short intro to Doo Waah Didi... well why not!

However, voice-wise Robert Hart does fit in into the concept of the Earth Band, though he will always fight the comparison with Chris Thompson. And the problem is: noone ever tops Thompson. But it's a fact, that good ol' Chris is past tense and presently it's Robert Hart, who is still miles better than the singer before him - Peter Cox.

'For You''

'Don't Kill It Carol'

At Manfred Mann himself we had some doubts, whether he'd go through this tour, as he has lost his wife past September and was pretty depressed about this. But there is nothing to realize up there on stage. No, in fact, instead of hiding behind his over dimensional instrument he steps front stage at least four times during the show with mobile keyboard and show us a south african rain dance while playing - in the truest sense of the word.... respect!!!!

'Blinded By The Light'

'Davy's Is On The Road Again'

Not much more to say here... It's been yet another Oldie dejavu in every way, thanks god with a reasonable frontman again and a Manfred Mann in a very good mood tonight. The rest of the gang is the same anyway... And the encore - how could be anyhow else... of course.......'
Come all without, come all within. You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn......

'Mighty Quinn'

The only Problem here is the shade of Chris Thompson -  Earth Band will probably never get rid of within this life.. (PS: and this guy you can check out soon in January live on Stage on the Rock Meets Classic Tour )

Snapshots at the  Diary