Sometimes they still come out crawling out of the holes, those old english punk relicts, who once upon a time revolted against politics and soiety. Although it didn't help much, they were so beloved at the end Seventies youth, becouse they wanted to be different to the conservative adults. And that again, only to become the same  some years later...
Those icons back then were named Sex Pistols, the Clash, Toydolls, Exploited, Sham 69, The Dead Kennedys, just to name a few and the one's we've got here tonight, named Peter & The Testtube Babies. They never reached a popularity status such as the Sex Pistols or the Clash, but they certainly belonged to the punk scene with songs like 'Banned From The Pubs' and 'Elvis Is Dead'. The group around Peter Bywaters has released 13 albums since 1978 and 3 EP's  and 3 compilations. And although the Testtube Babies have never split inbetween, they had large breaks inbetween most of all between 1998 and 2005.
And for six years Peter, meanwhile a father of four, is still touring happily through the world always including some dates in Germany around christmas time.  And so Santa Claus from Brighton, England  pops around just before christmas, to our Backstage Halle here in Munich to beat the hell outta us with their punk. 

But before Peter  gets the place boiling, - opener Armstrong starts to get the oven heated.....

This punkband from the north of Germany is half a generation younger then their idols the Sex Pistols, but they follow the same path, though the rebellion happens only on stage nowadays. In Armstrong's case it's only the music, because visually they rather remind me on a bank clerk meets truck driver. My doubts about them are vanishing during their show, because they are truly doing pretty well. And some songs are staying in our memory after beeing heard. Unfortunately most guest here won't come front stage and leave a huge space between stage and them, maybe because suffering a complex of not daring to move forwards.

And so only four of us hold the flag high in the first row, me myself more or less to get some decent pictures, and I'm pleased about that much freedom to move around. For the band it looks a little different from up there and it probably feels pretty odd. 
Well, at least they got my blessings and I'm happy to know that Germany still has got some artists who are going for the Punk.

And then the first slogan is 'Disco Inferno' out of the amps (originally by the Trammps) - and Peter & The Testtube Babies are dancing on stage in the truest sense of the word, stylish and with the right wig hairstyle. Very well done... this  english band really thought about a funny aspect. 

Halleluja!!! No eye stays dry. And for my camera this is reall good food. Well done the driving 70s disco drive pops over into the reall guitar cords by the band up there on stage. And they explode, as if the Maya calender is ending tonight. Quickly the behaved disco soul beat has turned into a beautiful bad punk, which couldn't be better. There is only Peter himself and guitarist Del Strangefish left from the original line up, but Santa Claus doesn't care.Because whatever these Oldies smash out there on stage gets the whole place bursting. 

Moving across the place becomes impossible without risking your life, so we better stay in one or the other corner and I use my 200 lense to get at least some impressions of the punk battle provided by those electifying hippie hairstyle bobs. So the band soon gets rid of those to get more physical freedome for their acoustic performance. 

This is punk as it should be, but unfortunately is not getting practiced that much anymore on the stages around the world. And don't give a damn about tea and water. Up there on Stage you find a whole string of beer bottles waiting to get emptied. Don't worry, there will be nothing left in the end of the gig. the prove for the love for this liquid is Peter's slim shape, which has developed from an aspagerus Tarzan to a nowadays early fifties model figure. 

They do not follow exactly on that what's written on the setlist. But of course both hymns - 'Banned From The Pubs' and 'Elvis Id Dead' is included. Because those are for the Testtube Babies, what  ‚Anarchy In The UK’ and ‚God Save The Queen’ is for the Sex Pistols. 

'Elvis Is Dead'

Punksongs are usally very short and the concerts are even shorter. Whereby in our case it lasts 75 minutes, so we can't complain. And same as the battle has started, it's ending as well - from the hard rockin' punk back to the funky Disco sound out of the boxes. Peter & Co jump down from stage and have another little dance with the audiance until he can't.... oh sorry, the last Weissbier is finished. So cheers and Santa Claus can come along and Peter is going home for another year teaching english inbetween, only to be hopefully back next winter.. And don't worry, the beer will never rund out here in Munich - never! So again - cheers and Happy New Year.... and see you soon again....

old friendship doesn't get rusty.....

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