Well and here we haven't arrived at 3 months pre iceage, back then when those huge animals called Mastodon were around , but we are rather here at the Backstage in the year 2012, where our present Mastodon do not show any similarity to those ancient animals, who vanished from this earth about 10.000 years ago.  Whereby this beard of singer, bassist Troy Sanders somehow reminds me a little at this stoneage, back then when the Neanderthaler and the homo erectus lived on our globe. But even between those and the Mastodonton are some thousend years inbetween. 
And if those would have heard, what our Mastodon here are doing, Fred Flintstone and Co would probably have dropped off the edge of the earth plate. Because back then it was believed the world is a round plate and not a ball. 
Okidko, back to the present, as we are here tonight at our Backstage Halle, where 500 lucky fans have the possibillita to check out this extraordinary band out or out again.They've even got a photopit, which is pretty unusuall for this place but it makes life easier for us photographers, that's for sure .

As a rather interested fact, I heard some people saying pre show, that they are very curious about the Supportband 
Red Fang. 

And those again have taken their name from another prehistoric animal, so sort of dog.... And so supportact and Headliner have at least something in common. Those stoneage dogs were founded in 2009 and have put out since then 2 albums. The band is feat. Bryan Giles (Voc/Git),  Aaron Beam (Bass/Voc), David Sullivan (Git) und John Sherman (Drums) is going for the same musicial style as the headliner, which is named Stonerock or Desertrock. This musical 
style developed in the middle of the Nineties, after the big Grunge wave had settled down a little again. As well as in Grunge, Stonerrock groups are leaning on the big Seventies Rockbands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc. But differently as otheres, Stonerrocks sounds moe groovy and psychodelic. A typical thing are also the long instrumental parts, though they ain't that long in Red Fangs sets...

Past year, when they played a tiny club in Munich,  this group didn't get the respect, they do get now. Now they are reaching for a bigger goal, and the best thing to do, is, ti support a bigger more popular band on their tour. And indeed
Red Fang do get miles more resonance at those 500 guests. And at the song 'prehistoric dog' the whole Flintstone Family is dancing along in here. I assume it is only a queston of time, 'till Red Fang will do another headliner club tour. 

Mastodon are starting their Flintstone dance in a rather dark aura, where you almost need candle light to make out the individual musicians of yourse to the great pleasure for us photographers...:-((

UAnd our modern ice age Mastodons break off with Dry Bone Valley’, followed by ‚Black Tongue’ the first song from the new longplayer 'The Hunter'. Actually they are playing a lot of this new piece anyway, mixed up with older material from past years. The band who is very popular in their home country USA has meanwhile also got a pretty big status here in Europe. Another extraordinary thing at this band is the often difficult guitar work, heading for a lot of improvisations. The vocals are shared by Troy Sanders and guitarist Brend Hints,whereby the focus lies at Sanders, maybe because of the concentration about the guitar playing. 
However, it is obvious, that the new album 'The Hunter' is doing very well  and shooting a goal at Fred, Wilma,Betty, Barney, Dino and everybody else here. And this ecourages the band again to give their best and tighten their status. 

And they can manage very well indeed, as the fans are going almost nuts. It's like a ping pong game, as the band infects the audiance, and that reflects back onto stage. This is very nice, as Mastodon do have a better reflection on small stages than on big open aire festivals. But of course the big events are needed for the much wider audiance. 
And this feeling does a lot here and ends the magic with the tracks 'Blood & Thunder' and 'The Creature', where Mastodon are joined by their supportband Red Fang for a great final. 
Over all this evening is once again a success, for the bands as well as for the audiance. But let's face it - did we expect anything else?! So last but not least we go for a high enerby Yabba Dabba Doooo!!!! 

Troy Sanders
about Band, the Musik & and other modern stone age philosophy
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