Here we go again.... as it's not that long ago, that this threesome has delighted us before with their delicate sound desert. And it's been delicious.. Whereby I've gotta say, that the music, these musicians play is more suitable for the advanced listener and not so much for the - just for fun dancefloor average guy. 
Jean-Paul Bourelly, Rolling Stones tourbassist Darryl Joes and Living Colour Drummer Will Calhoun are situated in the fusion corner. However, 2 things have changed, since they were here last summer. For once they have changed their band name from Black Stone Riders to simple Stone Riders. And as they asured me pre show, it's only for reasons making things more simple. And it's got nothing to do with name-rights trouble. Well whatsoever, I think the band name ain't that popular yet that it plays a main role. But this can change very quickly. The other new thing is their debut album under the name 'Truth To Power', which is out now. 

But one thing has stayed the same since the first round, and that's the fact, that most concerts of the tour are announced and promoted as the band of Darryl Jones - tourbassist of the Rolling Stones. Well yeah, the name Rolling Stones is big, but unfortunately not so suitable in our case here. Because the Stone Raiders and the Stones have as much in common as the Slayer with Frank Sinatra. And some fans of Mick Jagger and Co. who hopefully have attended a show of our group here in the past, can not really put up with it, if you know what I mean by that.  And they don't really know what to think about it. But with the ongoing touring the wheat seperates from the chaff, and this time it is indeed mainly friends of those extraordinary sound structures and perfect harmonies, who appreciate the excentric and high standard musical entertainment. And they enjoy the Power To Spirit (which is also the title of the first song on the new record) 

About 120 guests have found their way to the Village club again, many of them coming here on a regular base. 

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Just for info this very comfi typically bavarian club is not only a concert venue but also a place to meet, a bar - to drink some cool beers and chat with other's. And it's got many regular visitors from nearby. It's not hell of a journey from Munich either, but unfortunately not many of the city Ot voule has discovered the place for themselves yet, probably because there is too much going on in town anyway, and some people are just to lazy to get their butts off to drive those 30 minutes to Habach. Well, enough of that. We are here tonight and will enjoy Bourelly's excellent guitar playing, Calhoun's drum magic and Darryl Jones 4 string  salto mortale. 

The music is mainly what's shown on the new album, just presented live in a extended version. We got everything from Rock to Funk and Blues with many breaks and extravaganza. A Performance of the Stone Raiders is difficult to describe, best is, you see and hear it yourself to make your mind up and appreciate the high standard. 


One Highlight is surely Calhoun's Prima Ballerina step dance on drums, which is underlined by  a selfproduced synthie
cascade of sounds. 

The high art of this is, that despite a length of aprox. 10 minutes it doesn't get boring a single second. And I think, you know what I'm talking often in the past we do get frightened at concerts, when a drummer starts to one of those endless solos. But this here is is just excellent.

Darryl Jones keeps a little back, though he wouldn't need to, as he is known for his huge talents as well. And well.... even the Stones appreciate this :-)))
However, there is nothing to criticice at this show, despite the fact, that this lot belongs to a much bigger venue with a bigger audiance - hopefully very soon... Shame that not everybody knows how to appreciate this high standard  kinda music.
But there is still hope, that the Stone Raiders will establish themselves, and this without the confusing help of other big names. 
They'd deserve it  honestly....

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