Funnily when hearing this name, I think automatically on an old Cowboy or an even older black Bluesman from the Mississippi Delta. Dun' know why.. But in fact, Stoney is a just about 40 years young musician from Los Angeles, who has got 3 albums out with it's latest release ' Cosmic Connection' released in 2010.  And he's chosen Europe as his main focus what's up to tour activities. It's not only me wondering, why american musicians think so often, that Europe is the non plus ultra in Bluesrock. I mean, Blues comes from America, or better defined from the southern States of the US, where it slowly had developed within the deep gospel philosophy, which again comes orginally out of Africa. Okay, I won't tell you  extensive historic studies about the heritage of Blues here. But one thing is for sure. the blues ain't born in Europe. 
Let's put it rather that way. Over here we got a maybe better clubszene for this music and a small but exlusive fancircle who do appreciate the talents and the art of such artists. And of course everything here is much closer situated to each other then in North-America. Last but not least their records might sell a little better here most of all at the extensive concert tours.And all that is a reason for Stoney to fly across the globe to visit us aprox. once a year, showing us his skills. Although he has to put up with rather very small venues exspecially in the south of Germany. Well we faithful guests of the Village Club don't mind it, because nowhere else you can enjoy an evening and the musical performance more than in the intimate atmosphere of this Club with the most of about 100 guests, who most of the know each other and share their musical interests.
As often mentioned before, such an event is not only a pure concert, but also a gathering of people who are having one or the other glass of wine or beer, enjoying good music and discuss the result afterwards and communicate with the artists. And that's how it goes also tonight, where Stoney Curtis is here for the second time to play his music for us. 

He is a spontanious artist. There is no setliste and the length of his shows are depending on the average mood.
Not to forget to mention, that he is using german musicians, while over here, mainly because of financial reasons. And he is pretty lucky to have Bassist Uwe Boetcher and drummer Tilo in his band. 

No clue why the magic is starting pretty late at about 9.30 p.m. Maybe the threesome had been waiting, because of hoping that some more people would arrive here. But first of all, the outside temperature shows - 19 C and second reasons is the fact, that tomorrow is a normal weekday where most people have to get up early for work. So we accept these circumstances of about 70 to 80 guests, waiting for Stoney who is starting off with short sleeves and sunglasses within these a little to chilly walls. The focus lies of course on Cosmic Connection and his two other releases. And soon we find out, that Stoney is indeed a very good guitarist. Only due to the fact, that the music is tuned a little too loud, the voice tends to drown a little. As the show is split into two halfs, I can notice, that  within the second chapter it's much better-.

One Song which I like very much, is  ‚Soulflower’ from the current Longplayer, a powerful piece of Rock’n’Roll, which gets stuck within our ears.  

But also the track  The Devil Knows You’re Dead’ would deserve to get played at the radio. But thanks to the ignorance of the Media it doesn't really. And Stoney plays and plays and plays and would probably perform the whole night, if we hadn't reminded him that the night will be short for us anyway because of working next day. Though we definately luv, what he's doing... I'd suggest, next time he should better choose a friday or satureday for his show, and we promise to stay 'till the next morning if he wants us to. So in the end he had played 105 minutes at the first set, and another 55 minutes - a second set. 
However it's been a good night out anyway with lots of good music and a solid performance. It's just, - the good mood could be even a little bit better by heating up the place , so that we are not freezing in here and a few more guests. So not much more to say here - Stoney can come back no question about that, he's got our blessings. And we for our part will be here again as well.

Whatever Stoney Curtis tells us about himself and
his music can be listened to, by clicking the pic below.
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