As we all specialists of good Bluesrock Music know, there have been quite a few new talents on the horizon within the last 10 years or so. Some of them quickly vanished again below the underground, some of them managed to swim free like Joe Bonamassa for instance, and some others are still playing around the clubscene, - mainly the european one. 
This phenomen I have explained already in my last live review of Stoney Curtis. But though those artists have still got a listenership of aprox. 100 - to 200 guests, they do have at least have a name in the genre.
Jimmy Bowskill is one of them, whereby there is something special about him, and that's the fact, that he is one of the youngest musicians in Bluesrock. At the early age of 10 he was discovered and one year later pushed by none other than Jeff Healey. With 12 years old he released his first studioalbum. And beeing 14 made him the youngest artist ever beeing nominated for the canadian  Juno Awards.
Since then the ball is rolling and shoots one goal after the other down.... or should I rather say upwards, as Jimmy has just released his fifth studioalbum namend 'Back Number' in January. And hey man, I mean - beeing only 21 and having 5 albums out!!! - not many have done that yet. And he doesn't come out of a high musical family. Daddy Steve (see pic below) can play the guitar a little for a livingroom use, as his son says....:-)))

But therefore he's Jimmy's manager, Roadie, minder and girl for everything as we say so, and of course still his dad.
No, in fact, Jimmy taught himself how to play the guitar and then got some lessions later on. Today his ideas and the skills how to play, develop from itselves, and it doesn't seem, he takes a huge effort for that. You could actually name him a so called shooting star, if there was a little more resonance and echo  about his talents and his CDs.  But that again is not up to him, but rather due to economical and promo technical circumstances. I guess, I don't tell you any news by that, do I?!! So little Jimmy has still got to play the smaller clubscene, as many of his collegues do so. And well, he is still soooo young and has tons of time to make his dreams come true. And everybody is starting from the bottom, so what?! So he is happy about every single guest at his concerts. He luv's Europe, as he said in the interview before the show, because everything is so close to each other. Over here you drive 3-4 hours from one to the next venue. At home in Canada it's very often 8 hourse and more. - So this is actually the third time, Jimmy is here in Europe on a headliner clubtour and with him his new band including bassist Wayne Deadder and drummer Richard Brown. And this trip has lead the threesome and daddy Steve once again also to the Garage Club in Munich. 

Unfortunately he's chosen a rather unlucky night here. Not that it is still so awfully cold outside and next morning everybody has to get up early for work. But there is also a very important soccer match on. And we all know that king Soccer is the biggest enemy for other events. On the other hand fortunately my personal fear, that there might be only about 10 people or so, doesn't become true, and there are at least eighty fans inside these four walls. Jimmy plays 2 sets with a short break and puts a focus on his new record 'Back Number', but also includes some older songs of course and a hommage to Peter Green. 

And though off stage he is a typical cheak boy, who likes to laugh and beeing silly, on stage he puts himself almost in sort of a trance condition with constantly closed eyes. And it's very hard to catch one picture of him with eyes open.Otherwise we only get sort of visual sandman impressions. But of course he's not and provides us energetic songs and they really rock, incl. an extensive drum solo and some bass impressions. 

What is also to mention, is Jimmy's voice, which is pretty strong, though it definately hasn't got the deep range of an older man's voice. Although it fits perfectly to his music. Well, no doubt about the fact, that Bowskill Junior is a huge talent, - a talent, who's simply not been given the chance to hit the real big stages on this globe.

And so yet another great musical evening comes to an end, where everybody is happy with. And then Daddy Bowskill collects his boys to travel to the next location.-
However, but you should really keep the name Jimmy Bowskill in your mind to take the chance and check him out next time,when he's around. And there is stll hope, that one day he will receive the honour and the reception what he deserves... But as I said before.... he is still sooooo young.... and time will work for itselves...

Jimmy Bowskill Band
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