This lady here is truly brave - or not?! Well, it depends on her attitude. But I assume, it is a pretty healthy strategy, not to expect to much at first, after more than 20 years hiatus. Though she says, it's all for fun and she trys to take things easy. And if there hadn't been a Robin Beck, who has encouraged her to give it another try with her musicial carriere, then Fiona would probably not be here tonight. Within the break her only musicial input had been performing at school events of her kids or some Birthday parties. But now other musicians, who are struggling themselves to survive in the musicbusiness have taken her by the hand to pull her up and out of her native New Jersey. 
So let me get back in time a bit to tell you a little about this artist. Maybe some of your remember Fiona from back in 1985, whenn she had released her first selftitled album including her only real hitsingle. And that was 'Talk To Me'. Although she had released 3 more albums until. 1992, she could never repeat this success. The debutalbum made it up to pos. 71 in the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts and the single went to 64 in the hitlists. 

'Talk To Me'  1985 

But because of that one song her name became familiar in the Melodic Rock Scene. After that debut the album 'Beyond The Pale' followed in 1986. One year later she acted in the movie 'Hearts Of Fire' next to Bob Dylan. She played the role of Molly McGuire and contributed the song 'Hearts Of Fire'  and four more yet unreleased songs for the movie soundtrack. 
In 1990 another album named 'Heart Like A Gun' came out and went on 150 in the Billboard 200 Charts. The song 'Everything You Do' (You’re Sexin’ me), a Duett with Kip Winger went on 52 in the Billboard Hot 100. Same year she sund on Warrant's album 'Cherry Pie'. And in 1992 Fiona released the longplayer 'Squeeze'. 
Prev. Fiona was married to producer Beau Hill (Winger/ZZ-top). Presently she live with her second husband, a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son still in New Jersey. In May 2011 she finally returned to music busines and announced, that with the help of James Christian (husband of Robin Beck and singer of House Of Lords) she would record a new album. 
And this record is out now and is entitled 'Unbroken'. The songs developed within a cooperation with swedish guitar player/composer Tommy Denander and the result is a rather good one. The question now is, whether she can manage to shoot of with this or not. This  is not depending on the quality but rather on the current situation of the industry and the right promotion. The trouble is, that not many people remember Fiona Flanagan from back then exept insiders and Die Hard fans.
In addition to that, as Fiona tells me after show within our talk at Munich's Hard Rock Cafe, she has never been to Europe yet to perform live on Stage. So this showcase tonight is her very first gig ever with her songs on our old continent.
And there we are back to the beginning of this report here. This Lady here either has tons of courage or her inner attitude tells her: take it easy, there is nothing to loose. I presume it's the courage, as she is pretty nervous before her showcase here. Not much can go wrong anyway, as the audiance here at the Hard Rock Cafe hasn't come in first place because of her, but rather for dinner. And there are only a handful of real fans here. But those carry tons of LP covers with them for signing, many of them for Tommy Denander, as meanwhile we ask ourselves: on which record did this good man not play. 

But all good things a re three, as we say so. And so got another Gentleman here named Vic Heart, who's just about 21 years young and obviously intends to carry the heritage of AOR across to another generation.  And of course he as well got Mr. Denander on his side for his first debutalbum, which will be out soon.
And so the plan is, that Vic Heart and Tommy Denander are performing 5 songs here starting with Vic's first single 'Hot Summer Night'

Vic and Tommy's music is best described as fluent, unexiting Mainstream melodies, taking care for the right entertainment for those beyond 30. The point is only, that this straight musical mainstream risks to drown within the ocian of our current music landscape due to ignorance. On the other side, Vic's and also Fiona's music is paradoxly exactly what you call radio friendly. The question is only in how far this ignorance of broadcasters goes or not. In each case, Vic Heart has deserved some attention. And mind me, he doesn't look bad either, does he. And as we all know, the eyes is  also eating from the cake not only the ears :-)

Unfortunately it's only five Songs as I mentioned before, what we get here. But well - better this than nothing....

...And Fiona comes on 15 minutes later to continue, what Vic had started off.....

My first thought is, how good she's still looking after all these years. She certainly doesn't look her age and comes across very nice, trying to communicate with the Hard Rock Cafe guest here, which ain't that easy. Because those have to get first a little familiar, whith what they are suddenly getting here. However it get's quiet soon, when Fiona starts off with the help of Tommy Denander and als Vic Heart to introduce us with her new album and with her music in generell. And that's what she does with 
 ‚Loved Along The Way’, ‚Broken’ und ‚I’ve Released You’. This is followed by ‚It’s All Over/’Hearts On Fire’ and of course last but not least her hitsingle from back then ‚Talk To Me'.

Well let's put it that way, this woman has got a great voice, that's for sure. On the other hand, because of not beeing active for such a long time, this voice is surely a bit out of practice and needs some oil in the engine, if you know what I mean by that.
And of course there is this nervousity in the beginning, as I mentioned before. But I'm pretty sure, when Fiona goes out now, doing lots more of shows and singing, she will be the same like back then. 

Only one thing I wanna criticice here, and that's the fact, that there is no new album of her available tonight. Some people actually do ask for it after show. Shame, as she could have sold quite a few tonight here in Munich. 
However, it was worthwile an experience. And hopefully with her new start and the new album 'Unbroken' she will experience, what we call a second spring, and if it's only a nice dejavu of 'Talk To Me'

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