You are as young as you feel like - No other musician would fit so good to this saying as Beth Hart. She just has celebrated a round birthday. And she does look quite a bit younger than she is. But on the other hand she is a late bird what's up to international success. But that again has nothing to do with her age, but rather her recent cooperation with Bluesrock guitarist Joe Bonamassa on the Coveralbum 'Don't Explain' which gave her popularity a big push upwards. Bonamassa himself is pretty wellknown already, and he presently fills easily venues with about 1.000 to 5.000 visitors (even with ticket prices of 80 Euros and more). 
But let's get back to Beth Hart, who is in the biz also quite some years and released another six studioalbums. But her popularity still kept inside those certain insider circles - until now. It's definately changed now. And in the past, where she counted just about 100 fans or so at her shows over here in Germany, she's got more than 600 friends of advanced Bluesrock here tonight, who have found their way into the Backstage Werk, to see this girl live on stage, - the woman, who has made this brilliant record together with Joe Bonamassa reworking those great classic tunes.
Funnily, Joe Bonamassa also plays Munich tonight, but in a different club on the other side of town. Still reason enough to organize an impressing final of this evening, though only enjoyable for the Little Joe audiance. 

But first we are here at the Backstage Werk, where strike 8 p.m.  a highly energetic Beth Hart takes the hearts of her audiance by storm. 

She starts her show rather calm, half hidden behind her piano. Bad for us photographers though, as we are only allowed to shoot pics within the first 3 songs. and our hopes, she'd get up and do maybe one song by standing up , do not become true. So sorry for pictures of Beth behind the keys only. If I'd known before, I'd asked for some changes of the rules.  But mind me - better these pics than nothing at all.
Although Beth knows exactly how to put herself in the right limelight. She's communicating with her charming aura with the audiance, and her great voice does the rest. Most of the programm she sings seated, not only on piano, but also on guitar or just by singing. But when she does get up inbetween, it's like a little volcano, spreading tons of sparkles. Beth does live her music, that's for sure. The focus is put on 'Don't Explain', with songs such as 'Chocolate Jesus' originally penned by Tom Waits, or like in the encore with  'I Can't Explain' , originally by Etta James and last but not least with 'Ain't No Way' by Aretha Franklin. But also her own songs go down well, and her huge talent is pretty obvious.

Apart from that The whole show seems to be a big single dedictatio to her loving husband  Scott, who is with her all the time as her roadmanager and - as we say so in german: girl for everything! She' dedicates the Song 'My California' to him, and she tells the audiance about her luck to know himand renewing the knot after eleven years of marriage soon down in Mexico. . 
However, her show lasts almost 2 hours, not neclecting her band by the way. And that is 21 year young Josh Cooch on lead guitar, guitarist Jon Nichols, Bassist Tom Lilly and Drummer Todd Wolf. 

This team plays very well together.Only the engineer on the sounddesk in the back seems to have got up with the wrong foot tonight at some points. But fortunately, Beth's brilliant voice  and her appearance makes good for it. 

She says good bye with a 3 songs encore and leaves only satisfied fans back. At this point a car is already waiting at the back door to take her straight to her buddy Joe and his show to the Muffathalle to finish this evening in a great way.
One thing is for sure, I don't think, it will take too long, until we get her back again. She has truly has deserved this success, everything else just wouldn't be fair...

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from Backstage Werk  at 10 p.m. >>>>

<<<<<to the  Muffathalle for 10.15 p.m.

joining Joe Bonamassa for 2 songs in his encore...
What a great final of this night in Munich!!!
Beth you definately got some more fans here since tonight....

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