Declared dead one's live even longer, as we say so in german. What's up to Mitch Ryder, this is almost true. He actually does regret those 10 wasted years of excess in his live, as he's telling me pre show. Now he is 67 years of age and trys to live day for day and not only thinking too much ahead in the future.
Whether it was the Detroit Wheels, solo action or with his german band Engerling, who he's got since 1994, ti has alway been his effort to stay on the scene. Whereby in the Sixties and Seventies his focus  always were the US. Later on he transfered this on to Europe. And with this just mentioned Band Engerling he now keeps returning to Europe every year again and again, mostly in spring time just to remind us about songs such as  ‚Ain’t Nobody White’ or ‚Devil In A Blue Dress’ and many more. 
It's been quite a few years now, that I've seen this artist last time live on Stage. And my feelings tells me, it's about time to repeat this, and if it's only for drawing comparisons. 
Also the current tour leads Mitch Ryder through half of Europe including this stop over here in Munich at the Garage. 
But to be honest the timing ain't no good one. Because tonight there is also the champions ligue soccer match FC Bayern vs FC Basel from Switzerland here in Munich. 
Bad luck as we say so, but you can't just move a show date around like a pinball. Let's put it that way, I actually feared, that there would be even less people here at this concert. but in fact about 100 fans found the time and their way to show up, some of them surely for the third or even fifth time. 

And right in the beginning he is announcing, that this is gonna be a very long show, but not a fast one... Let's put it that way, he probably couldn't do it the fast way anyway. Mitch excuses this with his tow artifical hips. 
Well the voice is still great, no doubt about that, and Ryders songs still sound pretty up to date. In addition to that he's got his excellent backing band, so what more do you want....?!!


But what makes me thinking is the fact, that this great voice and the powerfull songs don't really fit to his stage show, if you know what I mean. And that one  you've got to get used to. And the straight eye contact is missing, as Mitch never takes off his sunglasses, out of whatever for reasons. . However, my own attention is split into 2 halfs anyway. One ear is listening to the show here, and the other ear listen to the soccer match via headphones which slowly develops into a real disaster for the swiss team.. 

 But back to Mitch Ryder here, who works himself decently through a 2 hours program, presenting us most of his pearls, exept....‚Devil In A Blue Dress’, his probably biggest hitsingle within the last 40 years. Though this one ain't an original but written by Shorty Long and Motown producer Mickey Stevenson. Long recorded the track in 1964, but in a much slower version, as the one Mitch Ryder did 2 years later. He again, recorded this as a medley combined with Good Golly Miss Molly. But unfortunately we don't get to thear this tonight. And I presume this is due to a present mood. On the other hand, this ain't no desaster as Mitch got tons of other smashsongs. And musically everybody should be satisfied with tonight's program. 

A big thank you goes to Engerling and their great performance. I guess seeing them solo without Mitch is worthwile as well. 
And my advise: go out and see Mitch Ryder playing live, as you will catch some music history, but don't get irritated in some ways such as the physical aspect. The music is still great!

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