so well, nobody surely knows, that we got 3 venues here in Munich, which are situated pretty close to each other on one areal, just minutes away from each other, two of the even in the same building. And that makes things easy, whey you've got to see both for 2 reviews.
der Stirne heiß, rinnen muss der Schweiß. Soll das Werk den Meister loben, Doch der Segen kommt von oben äh bzw. von unten in unserem Fall.
I could tell you now the song of the bell - a poem by a very well known german  poet named Friedrich Schiller. As there are some similarities to all the action here. But my lyrical sense ain't that far stretched out that I'd use the full poem here for this review. Actually I doubt it, that this would even be possible. But well, my intention ain't really to win the nobel price of literature here. 
So I rather move once again into the twilightzone between yellow press and serious journalism for this here, to tell you what has happened here tonight. And there we are, and think first of all how useful it is having both entrances ot those two shows tonight just a few inch away from each other, as I said before. 

Though the walls keep the sounds inside, and nobody outside or at the other venue gets one piece of cake of the other one. 
(by the way there is actually a third venue here just opposite, the biggest one of all, where there is also a concert tonight. But the only thing I get to see from that, are a few hundred teenies outside the door, waiting to get in.)
But let's get back to our two events, where at the Backstage Hall the menu card shows ProgRock meets Blues Rock'n'Roll and the Backstage Club is offering LA Street Hardrock. If you take two as a journalist, there is one handycap, as you can't dig all supportacts. And it is impossible to see all of one headliner show, but still enough to make my mind up for a review. 
So let's start from the beginning. And chapter one is named:
Vargas – Appice – Shortino...

And there we are with the question: what are 3 great musicians do with their little spare free time, as they are usually involved in many different musical things, and who have reached almost everything you can possibly reach as a musician. Well you get together and make music all over again. And to make this really worth while, they are producing quickly a new record, which includes coverversions only of many well known smashhits. Because every cake tastes better with a little icing, ain't it? Well, and everything could be so nice. 
Unfortunately it's not.

The problem, or better the problems are quickly explained. First of all, all 3 Musicians come out from a different kind of musical style. Spanish guy Javier Vargas is an ace in Bluesmusic, Carmine Appice is well known in fuson and classic Rock and fabulous drummer. And Paul Shortino is rather coming out of the Glamrock Corner. And all three pull somehow a different fan circle. And this fan circles ain't that big as they used to be. Only the elderly between us remember well, that Meistro Appice once went to fame with Vanilla Fudge, who is still playing with the one or the other nostalgica show. Apart from that he and still is with Cactus and King Kobra, and played in the past with Ozzy, Blue Murder and Ted Nugent. 
Paul Shortino got known with Rough Cutt in the Eighties, was with Quiet Riot inbetween and is now also part of King Kobra. Orignally on this tour, there should have also been Vanilly Fudge Bassist Tim Bogart, but that one has officially retired from road action. So the argentinian 4 string wizard Luis Mayol, who is also part of the Vargas Blues Band jumps in

And there is a secon  Problem which is named Fates Warning playing ahead from Vargas/Appice/Shortino also a full headliner show. 

Two worlds are colliding here. Because these Americans are going for a complicated Prog Rock like Dream Theater strategy and work themselves dead serious throughout 20 to 30 minutes highly complicated  soli. The band is going now since 1983, but from the original line up is only guitarist Jim Matheos left. Well at least singer Ray Alder joined only 4 years later in 1987. Bassist Joey Vera, who we all know from Armored Saint is with the band since 1996. In addition to that there is guitarist Frank Aresti since 2007 and the newly recruited drummer Bobby Jarzombek. And there is still no new album around. According to the band there is one to come later this year though. And they should do so, because the latest release 'FWX'  is eight years old by now. And as you all know, nowadays you've gotta be on the run nonstop, otherwise the risk is too big to drown in the musicbiz jungle. And to stay up to date is only possible by extensive touring and releasing records, whereby currently touring is more money than making records. And I guess, these guys know that
So well - off we go and let's wake up from sleeping beauty's dreams, storming the front, though that means a cooperation with a completely different band.
And there we are with out second problem....

At Fates Warning our Backstage Hall is pretty well filled and the band is trying hard to show the audiance that they still can provide quality live performance. So they do receive a solid echo from the fans, even their show ain't a 100 percent clear.. Here we got perfectionists on a high musical level. But there is a slight insecurity to feel up there on stage. However the fans do like what they get, and the setlist doesn't leave any wishes open.

And as well as Fates Warning also many guests here are heading to the exit.

The result is, that the venue seems rather empty with only about 200 music lovers  left 

Whatever follows next is a time travel - Oldies but goldies, performed by a highly concentrated Javier Vargas, a smashing Carmin Appice and an electrified wishmob named Paul Shortino. Whereby I have to give him that much, the 59 year old has still got an incredibale voice. We get to hear all those sing along smashsongs of Rock'n'Roll history - from Cream to AC/DC, from King Kobra 'till Rough Cutt. (see setlist below, whereby this one has been changed a bit in itselves, just to mix fast and slow songs better) 

And of course we do get a great guitar solo and an extensive drum salto mortale just as we expceted. In fact, Mr.Appice shows us his skills not only behind the drumkit but also front stage with only two sticks, showing us how to get the rhythm right. Well and Paul is trying hard to turn  the average mood into an explosive one. But that again is a rather hard thing to do. 

Problem Number 3 is, just to repeat myself, that one is a specialised guitar player, the other one a sophisticated drummer and third one a - how shall I name it? - a partyanimal would be probably the best description. Let's put it that way, if we saw the Vargas Bluesband live at the right atmosphere, it'll be a highly delcate experience. Or when Carmine soon comes over with his brother Vinnie  for the Drum War attack over Europe, this will be great I assume. And if Paul Shortino turns up with a straight Rock'n'Roll Party for having fun, than it right as well... but...
somehow it doesn't really fit. How shall I describe it one hand we get all these great rock classics offered, but it's competing with a somehow diverse performance. And so in some respects, the one special sparkling is missing. Really don't know whether you know, what I mean....

And so this almost 2 hours are ending with somehow mixed feelings.However those few who have stayed till the end do like what they get from this Gentlemen, who are just about to celebrate their 3rd spring. Well luckily the audiance here belongs to the just about same generation... so that's why they certainly do like what they get 

Okay, I have to confess, I didn't catch the end of the show above, but moved over after a little more than one hour to the Club , where LA Guns shoot off after 5 supportbands had opened for them. 

Mind me, this here is the LA Guns - Tracii Guns version. And there is stills some confusion around, whether this here other the other's lead by Phil Lewis are the true one's. Jesus wept, why do people have to have arguments and fights in life? Whereby Tracii nowadays might regreat, that he didn't save the name for himself already back in the Eighties. Another problem tonight is, that right now, the other LA Guns are also touring Europe currently. And if men and women are no particular die hard fans, then there could be some confusion evolving. I leave the answer open tonight, and I only go for the facts happening here right now on stage. And this is very explosive indeed. Also I come to another conclusion once over again, and that's the fact, that Tracii is indeed a hell of a rock guitarist. And though he's also slowly heading towards his 5th decade, nothing seems slow or calmed down. He is accompanied by a yet another almost new band, most of all what's up to the lead vocals, who have changed about 3 times within one year. 

So not too long ago, it's been Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate handling the vocal mic. then a female voice came named Dilana Smith. According to Tracii, she is a big talent and very good on stage but apparently not offstage. So this didn't work out either. The current singer listens to the name Scott Foster Harris is still a very young boy and could probably easily be drummer Doni Grays grandson, yeah well almost :-))) But our junior looks very good, he can sing and has a good condition onstage for a smashy rockshow. And that's what it is with a lot Sex Action. The fans obviously luv what they get, despite the fact, that they do get tired slowly after already checking out 5 supportacts. Only the generell sound conditions are a little weak as usual. But that's not the band's fault. -
However this here is a powerful Rock'n'Roll Party with no single second boredom... And thats how it should be at any time

What else is left to say after such a long evening full of varieties....?!
  I guess not much more. We did receive our orgasm in the end, and how much more do you want?!!

                          PS: before I forget.... Backstage Snapshots can be found at the