With this artist we continue our series about hidden easter eggs, whoch have to discovered yet. And the seek and hide game is even more difficult, as the world of Blues Rock still suffers an existence on the edge of the soup bowl. And friends of good music, I'm talking here mainly about the younger generation who still haven't got a clue what's all about. Let's put it that way... in german we got a saying that goes: what the farmer doesn't know, he won't eat - sad but true. Just recently I featured one of those brilliant blues artists in my radioshow, an artist who's name ain't known as well. And after my show I received almost a dozen email asking me, who the hell that was, as the song sounded so great. Of course none of them has ever heard the name before. - Well and I presume it's fairly the same with Paul Camilleri here. Although hes has just put out his sixth CD named 'One Step Closer'. And that one includes many straight rocking tunes, just like his other longplayer do. 

Camilleri is a born Brits Man with a maltese name and libanon roots. When he was eight years old, he came to Switzerland, where he still lives. First in the year 2004 he established himself  as a serious player, supporting other stars such as Status Quo, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Popa Chubby and Eric Burdon & The Animals Though he still has to play at the smaller Spares in our german club landscape, when he's going on a solotour. He then is accompanied by long term friend and drummer Tom Beck and Bassist Roland Sumi. 

Camilleri wouldn't describe himself as a perfectionist of fuzzy frickling guitarplayer. He shakes the blues out of his imaginary sleeves and this with an energetic rocking edge. Unfortunately not many friends of the sophisticated Bluesrock appreciate the fact, that he's appearing live tonight here at the Village Club in Habach. 
And it's only those Village house guests, who are here anyway all the time who rescue the situation. The result is: that tonight's event  is a small party, enjoying one or the other glass of wine and beer and ourselves are looking forward to see Mr. Camilleri live on Stage. 
Let's put it that way, the small audiance here hasn't got a problem to stay alone with themselves and the band, which counts the figure around 25+. For Paul himself it might not be that amusing playing in front of so few people. On the other side I do have a hell of a respect, when they still play with all their heart and soul and sweat their last shirt throughly despite the lack of crowds. 
However, maybe it just needs that one little special kick to break the ice for the Swiss guy with the british passport to jump a few steps higher on the ladder of success. Maybe he should consider again one of the other supportslot for someone famous to catch up some more reputation. Of course solo club touring is nicer and you are you're own boss
But it got also it's disadvantages. 

(ZZ-Top Cover)

'One Step Closer' 

Paul Camilleri does offer us an excellent mixture taken from his six albums tonight. Whereby the focus is put on the latest release 'One Step Closer'. By the way, the title track is a real smasher. The mastro leaves his two collegues enough space to show, that they are great musicians as well. And as I did mention in the beginning of this report, they are in the truest sense of the word - pearls, which have to be fetched out of the closed oyster.
Any well, maybe this review helps at least a little bit to open the shell with furthest edge of a knife, if you know what I mean by that. But this would be at least sort of a start to climb the ladder further up, though he certainly an old rabbit in the biz. And that again is very obvious indeed. 


Paul Camilleri
Multiculti full blood musicians
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