You just have to like him, this somehow real funny entertainer. Because that's what he is in the truest sense of the word. Not only a pure musician, but also a very special individual with an even more special humor, who talks and says what he thinks and wants to say. For Boots a.k.a. Jesse Hughes Life is most of all Love, Sex, music, his son and maybe a little politics. Wherebe he seems can wait, that things are gonna change in the states. Well, and his love doesn't go only to females, but also to our country here - Germany, where the fans and the press are the best one's in the world in his opinion. No, it's not, because media hails him most of the time, it's also, that they ask better questions and are more concerned about things. He obviously feels very well here, and his german language skills are getting a little better, not much but slowly a little more, just as : Ich bin stinksauer and I mean that.... :-) 
With his band The Eagles Of Death Metal he's been here now several times on the old continent, and the band is pretty popular. Lately there has been a little break, as bassist Brian O'Conner is suffering health problems. But it's never been a discussion whether to tour without him or with a replacement. So Boots has used this time to finally complete his first solorecord, the album he always wanted to do. And it's named 'Honkey Kong'. To be very honest, there ain't no a huge difference musically to the band project. Well maybe there are a few more rocky tunes in the band. And solo it's more groovy and extroverted. And what is better, than going on a tour with your solo baby, together with a different backing band including this pretty mexican girl on bass, who is Jesse's new muse and inspiration. So whatelse what do you want...?

But before Boots goes on, Admiral Black from Berlin meets Ireland are serving the pre dish - in complete darkness....

Oh what an ode of joy from the photographic point of view :-(. But who cares, and we photographers have learned to handle such situations - somehow. Admiral Black are going for an indie rock note, just like Boots does. Only that his style is a little more extraodinary to get used to, if you know what I mean. This band is in first place Shaun Mulrooney, who has grown up in Ireland, went to the States to seek his luck and finally ended up in Berlin Germany. And there he still is.
The first album under the moniker Admiral Black entitled 'Phantasmagnoric' came out last fall. And now Shaun is trying to establish himself, first of all with this supportslot for Boots Electric. It's not that easy, as 99,9 percent of the audiance are Boots or EODM Fans. So half of the Crowd is still outside the building having their cigarettes, while the Admiral is playing. Shame, as you always should check out supportbands. They really do deserve it, whether they turn out to be good or bad. 
But maybe Shaun will be back sooner or later with a soloshow in a clubatmostphere, that he is able to prove to an individual audiance what he's all about.

Ehhh Man, that's the slogan of  Boots Electric, which he uses at least 150 times a day, no matter if off als or onstage.

His luvable Macho Image is underlining his aura with his sleek hair, the unavoidalbe mustache, which has become a brand meanwhile. And usually he's wearing those cool sunglasses. Today those have been exchanged with  Fiftiees designer reading glasses. Mind me, those don't stay for very long on his nose during this show. 

But as much as Jesse a.k.a. Boots Electric puts out the ego-macho image, the less he is in real life. However, that's what fans love him for including his exlusive stage show, where he gives his bass playing sweetheart a kiss after almost every song. ( Bussi we call that in german Jesse ) But he does all this in such a nice and funny way, that you just have to like him. 'Are You Ready To Rock'n'Roll' is the message and he walks across the stage like a crazy giggling cock, suffering a halfsided tiggling boogie. And that's the comic, giving him this special little something, which overshadows the rest of everything up there. 

Jesse has dedicated the Song ‚Love You All The Time’ to his new inspiration.  And the  Boots Theme comes across much more energetig live compared to the record. 
Yeah well, of course comparisons are automatically drawn to the Eagles...  and yes there is a difference - huge difference, and this is not the music itselves, but the musicianship. But don't worry, we do get some EODM Songs here as well, such as 'I Only Want You' from their debutalbum 'Peace Love Death Metal from 2004 or 'Cherry Cola' from 2006's 'Death By Sexy'-

We also get offered a Prima Ballerina session by Jesse acoustically only him,his voice and his guitar and  ‚Brown Sugar’ from the Rolling Stones. And all those  600 Fans love him and sacrify themselves. I don't think, I have to mention, that the place is absolutely crowded now, and you can't get close to front of stage without risking your life. I am glad and grateful for my part, that I can shoot my pics from up there on the balcony, where the visuall aspect is wider in one respect but one sided in the other. Never mind, as this here is party pure - with a once again absolutely smashing Jesse Hughes a.k.a. Boots Electric, who gives his best with his individual Honkey Kong.

 The only real point of criticism at the whole event is simply the fact, that the show is much too short with just about 65 minutes. On the other side you can' complain with a ticket price of only a little more than 20 Euros. And last but not least, at this  - full of sweat hard work, what Jesse delivers to us, 65 minutes waiste more energy than some other bands do in 3 hours. But for us fans, who luv Jesse so much, this has been only a glimpse of him here tongiht, and it could have lasted the whole night, and we would still request for more.
But let's face it, not even Jesse would survive this, nor do we :-)

PS: ... Jesse has promised to be back with the  Eagles.... for some festivals in summer. 
And a promise is a promise .....

Jesse Hughes a.k.a. Boots Electric
about himself, the Eagles..., Boots Attitude & much love 
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