Who? Exactly, there we are again at our sad subject: brilliant musicians, who the world hasn't discovered yet. Although this irish guitarist has enough behind him  including a too lon hiatus. And that's probably the reason, why he's literatually got to start from the beginning again.

Well, Eamonn learned playing the guitar aged only eight years young and first got influenced by artists such as Slade, Cat Stevens, Neil Young and most of it Rory Gallagher. Last mentioned one has been his biggest mentor. When he was 17 McCormack moved to the United States and toured extensively. Back in Europe he started another chapter under the pseudonym Samuel Eddy. And he received a lot of attention with countless shows in clubs and on festivals. Though after a legendary appearance at the Legendary Parkpop Festival in Amsterdam he went on a hiatus, originally planned for six months. But in the end it turned out into seven years. Mind me, he's not been lazy and still working in the business with the indie rock label 'True Talent Records.

In 2009 Eamonn started another go, but not anymore with his artist name Samuel Eddy, but with under his real name 'Eamonn McCormack. In summer 2011 he inked a deal with a german label. And his brand new CD named 'Heal My Faith' has just come out. And therefore we got this tour here, which led him into Munich's Garage Club tonight. 
Though the choice of this date has not been very lucky, because a very big football game takes part - same time, and so there are only a few guests here including myself. But however, we gotta put up with this fact....

Eamonn takes it with some kind of humour and does ask the audiance during his performance what the current score is at the soccer match. I for my part can only say, that I really have respect in front of such musicians who are playing with all their heart, no matter if there are 50 or 500 people in the audiance. That's what I call real musicial passion. 

But unfortunately might soccer is a serious argument to leave everything else behind here in Germany. And it doesn't help, that the show is pushed to 30 minutes later.
Eamonn puts his focus on the new record 'Heal My Faith', where the title seems like a call for attention. However, friends of decent cross over blues certainly do like this CD. Because the disc includes a wide range of Bluesrock, Funkblues, Rock
n'Roll and even Hardrock. And over all it's very individual sounding fresh and straight forward. 

McCormack is accompanied by german musicans Marc Inti on Bass and Josef Krischgan on drums. and their duties ain't only requested for Germany, but these guys will join the boss also in Ireland...

The Progamm contains mainly own Material. But there is a tribute paid to Rory Gallageher Tribut and in the end also to 
 the one and only Chuck Berry.
Fazit are 2 hours great entertainment  with true Blues (Rock) performed by some great musicians including a artist, the world still doesn't really know yet.  

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at the Show in Munich
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