There is only one thing  I do not understand concerning this band. And that's the fact, that the audiance of this act is always going for this exclusive fashionshow  what's up to Adams Family. Because if you look at the single individuals of the band, then you can see, that those Fifties trousers, this folky shirts and Jeans are ruling the scenery. Maybe exept this smart gentleman  on piano/keys who gets pretty close to this dress code with his handsome sado maso outfit. Of course I've made this notice about the crowd before everything is starting, a crowd, who's average aged moves between 20 and 35. And of those, there are about 700 here within this temple to take a ride with the band. .

But the ride has just started off with denish group Malrun..

And those again are wandering throughout the european music landscape for the past 5 years. Within this time 2 EPs and 2 albums arrived. And they can say, that they have supported Staind and Alter Bridge in the past. Their second longplayer came out last march and is entitled 'The Empty Frame'. And this one wants to get supported on this tour, even only as a support. 
Let's put it that way, these denish guys are still not that well known over here, though their country is only a neighbour of Germany. But that's one thing impressing me always again and again. We here in Europe are situated so close to each other, but musically we are world's apart and don't know even 50 percent from each other. Malrun belong to this acts, we don't really know yet. Singer Jacob reminds us on a distant copy of german schlagersinger Sascha. And he knows exactly how to put himself into the right spotlight. 

Stylistically they stretch out from alternative to hard or just rock music. Which means: nothing really new and heard about 100 times before, but it goes well down, I mean really well down.

The next  Jockeys are listening to the name Kontrust and come from Vienna, from beautiful Austria. 

Those have also just put out their second album 'Second Hand Wonderland'-Simply explained, their music is kind of a cross over with two singers expressing their individual kind of style. But if one of the voices is female, the focus sure goes on that. Agata is the name of the blonde little tornado and she goes for the slogan: be carefull... I'm coming!! drawing all attention onto her. Unfortunately the sound ain't the best at that point and is drowning within this soundmix. this is a mix made of crossover and some eastern european folk tunes, pretty interesting indeed. shame about the sound conditions, because those austrians are very interesting with their exotic mixture, which is defined by second very impressing percussion.  

But they are definately rather go for a young fan circle, which is drawn exactly to this style. But on the other hand, the older audiance is the mere of it. Though the don't leave an unattractive impression, even once again - it's nothing new, but well done... Let's  see what comes next.....

Well now it gets serious, when our spanish riding... schooll start on it's pakour... And the first impression of these Apokalyptischen Reiter is  immidiately fixed with the result, that actually nothing has changed 
since last time

This tour is a best of... trip,where the band presents us a well mixed retrospective of 17 years of existence. No clue, whether this is due because they don't have a new CD to introduce or because this band ends an chapter to start a new one. 
As mentioned before nothing really had changed. The introverted main boss jockey is living up motivating the crowd to ride along the rock horse. Whereby the setlist ain't easy to transfer into a harmonic unit. It stretches out from folkrock with russion and finnish 'till arabian flavor to this new german heavyness including this growling thrashmetal vocals. And it takes some fine tuning to mix all that to a perfect combination. But don't worry  we get that. And this is shown withing the enthusiasm of the audiance...

One beat of Dr.Pest situated above left handside behind his keys to compete with Sir G's drum beat. And the usual hair grow ad is provided by guitarist Volkmann on bass and Ady Vogel on guitar, defining the apocalyptic ride. 
Frontman Fuchs keeps to his habits, encourages the stage divers and gets the usual boat ride going off above the heads of the fans. And well, the wall of death mustn'd be missing, whereby fans squash each other's heads...

Fuchs  does exchange his visuality for almost each song and this several times. Whereby the flag is hissed at the track 'Revolution' or when the boss is bounded in chains at the wonderful hymn 'Die Schönheit der Sklaverei'. It's no boring at all. But as I said no second becomes boring. Not much differnet as last times. the only slight bad touch is the slight impression of a right tune, so this is definately not their intention. But well, let's forget about this. One thing is for sure... this band goes down very well on their fans and collect as many points as possible, which are definately important for the future of the band. That's why I say, well ready to rock off to the next ride on this apocalyptic Rock'n'Roll trip.

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Volkmar „Volk-Man“ Weber (Guitarist ) of the
Apokalyptischen Reiter in a small talk
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