Well, now we got one of those days, where you've got this chance to see two shows at one night in this city. Mind me. you could probably see 10 concerts every night, but not only in hardrock. - And as I have explained often before in the past, to visit 2 events is possible, if the venues are situated just next to each other with a walk of aprox. 30 seconds from one door to the other. The only risk left, is, that the showtimes are equal. Most of all, when you are a photograper just like me, who's only got the first 3 songs of each gig to shoot pics in the pit. But if both start at the same time this is rather difficult. Not mentioning all the supportacts, which can be watched only in not and then pieces. 
So however let's start with this evening and little small Talk  with Epica guitarrist Mark Janson, which we do outside the building because of the high noiselevel So we place ourselves on a parking slot in the sunshine in a peaceful atmosphere to get this done, and it works very well. (see below)

After that, I just get into the pit by time to shoot Epica's second supportact Xandria (I did miss out the opener Voice Of Destiny because of the chat with Mark) But as I said, you can't have all....

After this, I just get right into the photopit  for Epica's second supportband Xandria to take some pictures. (unfortunately the opener Voice Of Destiny had played without me because of above told reasons) 
For once it's a fact, that these 3 bands here are that kind of, which are pretty popular right now, as Heavy Metal meest femal opera singing, though it's not the Queen of the night thing as in Mozart's opera, if you know what I mean. And unfortunately you catch up immidiateyl  this idea of beeing a copy of nightwish. Althoug all those other groups, such as Within Temptations, Delain or our 3 groups here, deny  so. So we better leave that out, not to cause an unneccessary discussion. 
Xandria have given themselves already a blessing throughout the years though the band has exchanged their frontmodel singer several times in the past. The current symphonic metal catwalk beauty listens to the name Manuela Kraller and is in the boat for 2 years now. Or course she's following the usual dresscode of black meets even more black including laces and velvet silk, though seh doesn't own a Claudia Schiffer shape. . But this doesn't matter. It's her musicial presence and the atmosphere, which shall pull the 800 fans here. And it does in a way, where by I'm not quite sure, whether it is due to the sexappeal of Miss Kraller or the performance. 

One more thing I should mention, is the fact, that Nils Middelhauve is still handycaped from his injury on his finger, so on this tour he gets substituded by Serenity's Fabio D'Amore.
Unfortunately after shooting pics for the first 3 songs, I do not have much more time to check out more of Xandria's show, as I am forced to change venues. But the average impression is not bad at all, but also not overwhelming on me. But as I said, time is too short to make a wider review.


Time to change over from the Backstage Werk to the smaller halle with aprox. 300 guests tonight. There the bavarian rockband Cyring  is just finishing their opening show. And those few minutes I catch in the end ain't not bad at all...

The Receipie is okay a mix of musical talent, pleasure to play and motivation. And that's it, what the sparkle is all about. I hope for them,  that in a not too far away future, I get the chance to check them out again in yet another show to get a little deeper impression. Meanwhile I can only advise you to remember that name of this local rock act, and go and check them out next time... Infos at: http://www.cyring.com/ 

Kissin Dynamite from the beautiful little town of Reutlingen south west of Germany have risen up like phoenix from the ashes into the Rock'n'Roll sky. And they are no unknown anymore. They've been here before supporting others. Notw they are on their very own headliner tour. 

And they were only kids back then. Even today the oldest of these boys is just about 21 years young. And though the band can still name themselves old rabbits in the biz with 3 released albums. The latest release named 'Money, Sex & Power, has just come out. You could almost name Kissin Dynamite the recarnation of bands such as Mötley Crüe or other Glamrockers of the glory Eighties what's up to the visual aspect in first place followed by the music, which has existed already, when these boys weren't even born. So this here ain't no new innovation or something extraordinary. Though this fivesome has managed to free themselves out of the jungle of countless german young hardrock bands. NO clue whether this is managed because of a clever marketing strategy or their extraordinary presence or just with a little luck. In any case the name is program and already known in these hardrockin fan circles. Now they are on their way in their own mission to introduce themselves even better and more impressing and of course for promoting their new record.
And so Kissin Dynamite, who have adopted their name by an AC/Dc song are attacking the place here, that no nails stays inside the metal walls here. 
Also very impressing are the antique electrifying wishmob hairdo's, which have taken at least 10 tins of hairspray ultra strong to get this in such a stunning shape. The youthful power puts the icing onto the cake, and our front paradice bird Johannes doesn't leave any chlichee behind to put himself into the right limelight spot. His brother Andre on guitar is the only band member who's cut his long hair off, but it suits him actually pretty well. And he seems pretty professional when his selfconfidence plays a ping pong match.

Kissin Dynamite don't sound german at all, but more or less international. And maybe that's the secret, letting them climb on step upwards the ladder of success. Let's put it that way: they are still no superstars, just to get this right. But the band is on their best way to conquer the international scene. And since their school time is finished, this ain't no handycap anymore. The only question left, is in how far this Dejavu of 80s Glamrock times will hold on. But over all you just have to like these youngsters, because no other german group takes things with such a fresh and innocent attitude as them. And that's why I wish them all the best and a little luck and a lot of patience, so they won't belong to those rock'n'Roll Casualties , who gave in after only a short while because of economy reasons and the brutality of the business. 
In a few years we talk again....

Unfortunately I can't watch their entire show either, because I have to head back again to the Werk where Epica just shoot off 

10 years of existence, that's what this dutch band is celebrating this year... and as we say so: it's amazing how fast time goes by. These are 10 years, where 7 studioalbums , one live CD and eight singles and 2 DVDs  came out. So we actually got a pretty respectable discography within Epica's back cataloge. And also in this band a female figure defines the visual aspect. Whereby this is 27 year old Simone Simmons, who once in the past founded Epica together with her back then boyfriend  Mark Jansons. And it's not only her, but also guitarist Mark, meanwhile 34 years of age,  who is still the boat, beeing the musical head of this group. It's been him I was talking to before the show about the bands philosophy. 
And just as in Xandria, also here the female voice and appearance is dominating the scenerey. Whereby she is with her red long hair and this top model shape a real beauty and beloved by the male audiance. 
She's a great singer as well such as all the other's with this C-Dur voice. And so she twitters  here wide ranging spectrum what's up to Epica's songs. And she is underlined by Marks metal growl bass voice. .
The priority lies of course on the new born baby 'Requiem For The Indifferent', getting mainly promoted on this tour, although die hard band buy this piece of music anyway blind.

Epica present themselves close to the audiance. And so Mark asks the audiance to shout out loud hey hey hey on his side, while other guitarist  Isaac Delahaye animates the crowd on his side. And it really works and pushes the average mood up even more. 

Well let's put it that way. Epica do very well here and this is a solid show success. I for my part  can't really tell, whether it is Kissin Dynamite over there or Epica here, where the mood is more explosive. The difference between those two is only, that Kissin Dynamite go for solid good Rock'n'Roll which has always been here, while Epica are following a current trend, holding on for quite a few years now and you are never sure, how long it's gonna stay and be in fashion. So go for it , because you never know, what it looks like tomorrow.


I for my part leave the action just before the encore and head towards home beeing pretty tired from this concert marathon. 
All I can say in the end is: though I myself am not such a big fan of female opera voices paired with Heavy Metal, but as an objective critics I can only pull a positve feedback in the end, and that both events have been quite a success no doubt about that. And that my friends is the most important thing. or does anybod not agree with this.... ?

Mark Janson of Epica
pre  Show out in the sunshine telling much about the band
and his personal point of view.
(streaming Audiofile via WMP - starting with a brief music Intro)
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