Orginally Byron comes from the USA, more defined it is Milwaukee within the state of Wisconsin. The name of this city is actually pronounced Miliwaukiiieee, whereby the pronouncastion is put on the ie. It' a red indian name and stands for Good Land. That's what Alice Cooper is talking about within the Wayne's World cult Movie as well. 

And that's where this artist is from. Dun' know whatever he made him decide to move over here to Europe, as he used to be quite a successful musician back in the States as well. He toured with the band Snopek for the 10 years, made seven albums and supported artists such as Bo Diddley and the Dire Straits. 
In 1985 Byron came to Germany to beautiful Bavaria to live and work here as a studiomusicians for people like Harold Faltermayer and Curt Cress and many more. But in the end it's the live work, he's enjoying most.
'Till this very day Byron is playing the local clubscene and has yet released 4 CDs as a solo artist. He focuses on the music of the Seventies. And his live set includes next to orginals als many classic tunes out of this era. And it is this mixture putting a personal note onto him. Byron plays his show as a threesome - drums, bass and he himself on vocals and guitar. 

Tonight Byron plays the Village Club in Habach near Garmisch and the austrian border in the south. It's a weekend  - time to go out, because no early getting up - next morning, and so there is quite an audiance here, who just wanna have a good night out, including a nice music show. 
You can see, that Byron lives for his music, partly highly concentrated and mostly with closed eyes, but on the other side everything seems so light as easy flowing. And mind me, he is indeed a great guitarist. His passion belongs to the Beatles and The Who. And so you find tunes on his setlist such a 'Pinball Wizard' and also,the hard to perform live - 'I'm A Walrus'. By the way, the setlist you find below, you must not take for exactly what it is. Because there is improvisation inbetween, or an exchangement of songs, just what the mood tells Byron....

The band plays in two sets with a short break inbetween, so all smokers in here get the chance to satisfy their addiction.
And please give the drummer Jens and the bassist  21 year old Anika some attention,  who's instrument is almost larger then herself. 

Over all we get a colourful mixture of new and old, but freshly served, handmade Rock'n'Roll with a great nostalgic aspect. But what counts most, is the fact, that everything is played with a lot of heart. And that the point in the end.

The little Small Talk with Byron can be heard
by clicking on the pic below
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