’Bury My Heart On Wounded Knee’ - no other book has described the end of the northamerican natives in the year 1890 in South Dakota better than the one by by Dee Brown. South Dakota is at the edge of nowadays Southern States of the US situated. But today, 122 years later after this very last massacre, only a memorial site and some heritated stories by the old people are left. Some years before Wounded Knee, slavery was officially banned, President Lincoln was murdered and the sezession wars between Yankees and Rednecks had finished.  Next to this, the Voodoo cult went still ahead, the Kucklux Clan and the Blues and Gospel from New Orleans 'till the Everglades was still present. Out of all this somehow in the 20th century between Atlanta Georgia and Jacksonville Florida, the so-called Southern Rock developed. And it's number one even after 40 years is still Lynyrd Skynyrd. This band call themselves - the last of a dying breed, and seem to be nailed under a Voodoo spell. Just remember the plane crash back in 1977 where half of the band was killed. But on the other hand, this terrible accident helped this band to reach cult status. The album 'Street Survivors' just been recorded before this all happened came out shortly after, but the cover had been changed. 'Free Bird' a song, which only had been an album track so far, was put in a rerecorded version as a bonus track on this album and became the No. 1 Southern Rock anthem. And it still is. - 

Da 3 der Bandmitglieder kurz vor VÖ dieser
Scheibe ums Leben gekommen waren, änderte man 
das Cover und ließ die Flammen weg. 

Although after all that, Lynyrd Skynyrd were put on ice for almost exactly 10 years, until the day, when guitarist Gary Rossington and Johnny VanZant, the youngest brother of the original Ronnie VanZant, who had also died within the plane crash, decided to give the flagship of Southern Rock new life, and all this without any Voodoo magic.
Since this reunion another nine albums came out, the 10th one is just about to be born upcoming July, and four more band members have passed away. And so in the end it's only guitarist Gary Rossington, who as the only surviving original member of this band still holds up the Southern States flag.... accompanied by, as I said before, - Johnny VanZant, who almost looks like his brother, then there is Rickey Medlocke, who was in this band before between 1971 and 1973 as a drummer, and is back again since 1996, but this time on guitar. And it's him to take care live on stage about the Rockstar image in the truest sense of the word. Michael Cartellone sits on drums since 2001. We all know him from the Damn Yankees. there is also guitarist Mark Matejka (since 2006), on bass since 2009 is Robert Kearns and on keyboard, also since 2009 is Peter Keys. And not to forget the two blonde beauties on backing vocals - Dale Kranz-Rossington (wife of Gary and in the band since the reunion in 1987) and Carol Chase. So Lynyrd Skynyrd has got nine members, and a tour with this group is almost like a big family business. And it's getting even more difficult, when the tour journey leads them overseas. So those journeys don't happen too often, also thanks to the fact, that they are still very busy back home in the states and never seem to run out of dates. Yeah well, and it's all up to financial matters and coordination. Let's put it that way, there actually was a time back in the Nineties, when Lynyrd Skynyrd were more present over here in Europe than back home in America, thanks to the still huge echo they received over here.. Meanwhile this has changed a little again. and some kind of nostalgic wave has swapped over the US. The Rednecks holding up the flag again and sing a stong chorus to 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Free Bird'. And also other bands like Allmann Brothers, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker und Charlie Daniels, Black Oak Arkansas, The Outlaws or Blackfoot are on the run again, more than ever....
Though within this genre Lynyrd Skynyrd have always been, what's Sitting Bull were for the indian natives reigning the battlefield defining the direction.  Only inbetween Manitou has called his Sioux Chief back because of a bad carma. But, as well as the indians believe in fate, also Lynyrd Skynyrd boss Rossington must have thought, that it was about time to wake up the spirit again. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd  2012

Since their reunion, the Southern Rock legend is trying to feed the peace pipe also with european tabacco from time to time. Last time they were here 2 years ago, they have played some single dates in Germany but not in Munich, where they were here for the last time eight years ago. So it's about time to return, ain't it? - and this with the line up, I mentioned above. Unfortunately Billy Powell, Leon Wilkinson and Ean Evans, who actually came in for Wilkinson have passed away since last in Munich. And so the heart of the band is presently Gary Rossington, Johnny Van Zant and Rickey Medlocke. And it is indeed Rickey Medlocke who is promising us today:.....

The average middle aged german music lover is holding tight on the traditions and also on his idols of the youth - todays Oldies but Goldies. And so Germany should rather be a good ground for Lynyrd Skynyrd in Good Old Germany. At least that's what we think... whereby our Zenith venue tonight on june 5 counts aprox. 2.500 friends of the Southern Rock culture. And also Rossington and Co. hold on tight on their traditions and also on their management, which is the same, since - I can think off. Photo contracts are here for to get signed. But they are useless here in Germany, when they are not translated, the photographer doesn't get a copy  and it's not signed by the management as well. So what?! 
(little hint to the management:-) Apart from that  american natives never liked it to be photographed, as they thought they loose their soul when getting pictured. That again, is not what we photographers want tonight in the year 2012, but rather take our pics for work following the german press rights. 
But before the Southern States flag gets risen, british bluesrocker The Brew are trying to heat up the fire...

The threesome from Grimsby northeast England are since quite a while around and brighten the Bluse Rock sky, most of all because of their 23 year young guitarist jason Barwick, who slowly develops from a sparkling star into a supernova. It is indeed his young attitude and huge talent, providing the great reputation the Brew have reached so far in Europe. Since the year 2005, the band has released 4 albums and tour their buts off. And though the usual 45 minutes are miles not enough to show their full repertoir, and the lights are too low, so you can still feel, that this band is something special. 
The Brew is: Tim Smith on bass, his son Kurt Smith on drums and the new messiah on guitar and vocals - Jason Barwick. 

What we get offered here, is a rather Best of... more than the current release 'The third Floor'- And over all the spirit of Jimi Hendrix is sailing across our heads, who had been dead already for 17 years, when Jason was born. But whatever Manitou is for the red indians, Jimi Hendrix is for Jase. And though Jase is getting already close to his idol (no kiddin') it still will be a hard and stoney way up in the present modern times to reach a similar reputation, though he certainly would already deserve this.
In any case it is good to know, that these boys will be soon back again on a solo club tour and a new livealbum. And within the much more intimate club atmosphere, the show of this band will seem even more unbelievable, as it is already anyway. That's why I can only advise you all out there, whoever has not experienced a show by the Brew yet, - please take the chance in the fall and check them out. I guarantee you, you won't regret. All infos and new tour dates you find at:

Soon after, finally  the Southern State flag gets risen and the swelling heat in here is waiting for the start to a nostalgic rocking flashback of a musical milestone provided by back then and still legend. 

Whereby the heat has nothing to do with the Southern States Swamp atmoshpere, but rather with the rather poor airconditions in here. And so you've gotta say almost thank god, there are only 2.500 in here and not 6.000, which actually fit in here. But this last mentioned figure is pretty much utopical anyway for a band who shows up only now and then, even they've got a legend status.. On the other hand 2.500 are pretty good. And those welcome the band obviously very much, when those start off. the phyiscall movement of most of them is rather limited, exept our Blackfoot chief Medlocke, who, even beyond sixty, takes care for the neccessary show effect with his flying hair and guitar and the open shirt 'till his belly button.  

Apart from that, the others are more or less laid back. what's up to the physical condition, mind me that has never been the big strength of a Johnny VanZant and Gary Rossington. Well we all don't get any younger, do we?! 
Although we do get presented the whole list of Skynyrd's smash songs. And I've gotta give 'em that much, - apart from the newbe's in the band, the other's visually haven't changed a wink within the last 10 years. 
In July we are getting a new album with the suitable title 'the Last Of A Dying Breed'. - Well you can think of that what you want. But the question rather is: whether Southern Rock is really dying or not. I assume, we get the answer in a few years, when the oldies have smoked their peace pipe and have moved over to Manitou's eternal hunting grounds.
But for now, I've got the feeling, that these species is still feeling pretty well on this earth. 

And as at every show Lynyrd Skynyrd end also the Munich show with their two biggest hits - 'Sweet Home Alabama' and how could it be any other way - 'Free Bird'. Whereby you can watch the audiance singing along to the first song, but only tolerating the second one... - hmm - that's Europe, I guess....


Well in Europe the clocks are going a little different way.Last conclusion: Lynyrd Skynyrd have shown, that they are still alive, and they are not dying yet, but still going for a rather comfi mid tempo with only a few real highlights. Let's put it that way: okay, it has been really nice to see you guys again, but including all nostalgic aspects, it hasn't thrown me out of my Doc Martins boots ... Howgh, - I have spoken....

Pre - & Aftershow Snapshots and the Interview can be found at the Diary