Well, the bisynthesis of Epinephirn is coming from the amino acid L-Tyrosin or L-Pheylalanin. Those get hyrdroxed to L-Dopa . After a Decarboxyliation to a biological active Dopamin, it results into an enantioslective Hydroxlylation for Noradrenaline., which again gets set free inside the kidneys and works as a transmitter in sympathic neurons. The N_Methylation of noradrenalin  is finally becomeing - adrenaline.

Don't worry,our biosynthesis ain't that complicated to devide into pieces. But this  takes care for a similar physio-analytic reaction as well: such as an increasing of the heart frequences, high blood pressure and a shoot off of stress hormons, - in a positive sense of course. But compared with the adrenaline in our bodies, this musical - same named subject builds up a rather longlasting effect. At least so far it did already with the betablocker named 'Omerta' 
So today, we want to convince ourselves about the  living substance with a direct touch down, whether our chemical reaction to that one is caused by stress or happy hormons, which we gonna spread out. One thing's for sure, the name of our pep pill doesn't really fit to them as that one rather means as much as the garbage of the substance. But whatever we get offered here tonight ain't far from rubbish, but rather finest neurotransmitter with ingrediances, which can't be any better and smoothier than these here. You know, what I'm talking about ?!  I'll get back to this a bit further down this review.... 
Unfortunately not too many music lovers seem to appreciate this phyiscal dance on a volcano. And so only a few insiders take the deal to receive an injection for a very special acoustic adrenalin push up to increase their blood pressure, including myself. 

The engine here is started by german rockers Downspirit.... 

Stop, hold on, didn't we have them here in Munich before, supporting Grave Digger last year? Yes of course, and I can wagely remember, that they are not that bad, thanks to a solid Rock'n'Roll show, mixed with some special kind of humor and a certain aura, and  not including any viagra. And despite the fact, that your body cells have devided themselves a few times again since last time, not much has changed  exept maybe a little slag removement what's up to the singer's body index, but not what's up to the new baby 'Bulletproof', which already got christened, but ain't born yet. Release date is set for July 27.
Well the decision to cut down the pregnancy short before birth is a rather lucky coincident, which just can't be missed out. And so our boys swing themselves highly pregnant into their saddles to ride the rockhorse beforehead. Although they have to do the work out underneath very low light and even lower sound conditions. And so tonight's swan lake dance degrades down to a rather unspectacular living room stepdance, if you know, what I mean by that. Shame as for those circumstances you can't blame even Santa Claus. At least we get a little teaser from the newbe in form of quadruplets (see setlist)

Not much more to say, exept that the current Calvin Klein shirt is gone down a few sizes and the Hugo Boss tye suits perfectly in it's deep red shade. Well, maybe it's not that much Haute Couture, but the tenor sounds right and the individual aura is still there. And this is more important, than any  visual aspect. 

I for my part look forward to the fall and Downspirit's next invation. And withhin this future cooperation with the collegues of Freedom Call they might find back to their witty, cheek selfconfidence, which I thought, was pretty amusing last time. For further activities of Downspirit go to:  https://www.facebook.com/downspiritofficial zu finden.

Do you actually know, how to destroy a real good mood with seconds, dropping down from the Mount Everest? Very simple, you just head over within the break next door to get a little teaser of an artist, who was pretty big back in the early eighties, within the so called New German Wave. His name is Hubert Kah, and he had a huge hit with 'Sternenhimmel' which means as much as star sky. 

Well what is said usually? You can't get back the past, also not in music. You can only play a little with nostalgica. But with this guy I've got the impression, he's trying hard to put  his songs into a new costume without success, only causing a lot of folds. Aprox. 50 freaks  witness this almost paradox de ja vu, which is created by himself, one guitarist and one percussionist. And because Hubert Kah ain't that young anymore, he's got the lyrics of his songs written on the inside of his hands, catching a glimpse now and then for reminder. But however, there seem to be a very few fans from back then, who still show exitment. 

After about 15 minutes my exitment has dropped down to a dead end. And the fact, that I still have a photo job open next door including the hope for another blood level rising let me leave here rather quickly. 
Well, experiences are there for to be made, and  this musical sex has not even got close to an highpoint, but rather got me into panic, that I might be frigid, -  so off we go to get rid of my scarenss soon again... - hopefully.....

Sex is the art to wake up expections, which didn't sleep. And what could suit better now to this fever push, in the truest sense of the word. 

And everybody is wrong, who believes, that we now get served a highly complicated kamasutra. But the pillow of our living endorphines up there on stage is not a circled water bed to rest on, but rather a jumping board for the personal satisfaction of some more or less exotic positions. At this point, it's not clear yet, whether this melting of all senses after a foreplay leads to a multiple orgasm. Whereby you should put your focus on your ears what's up to the five senses, and maybe also the touching... yeah well let's name it individuall vibrations. Whereby again, our ears get caressed with an almost sado masochistic torture, what's up to the whipping decibels. But some people seem to enjoy this very much. However, Adrenaline Mob's musical fetisch is moisturing  our souls.
The visual aspect is presenting us Inspector Clouseau (what's up to the hat only of coures:-))) a.k.a. Russell Allen - and his individuell search for self realization owing some kind of sex appeal. 
Not to forget Captain Bluebeard - Mike Portnoy, who in slighty higher position, swings his magic sticks and defines the rhythm. And that one ain't slow motion, but rather high energy and power waisting. And our little drummer boy is very tireless on his murder instrument, whereby the installing of that one, probably takes ages before using it. Though I can't define what actually feels better - sensitive slowlyness or a powerful parkour within the individual Portnoy rhythm. And mind me, it's last but not least him, who is responsible for the exiting excess. 

In addition to that, we get a lot of electricity of Mike Orlando's six strings, which is pushed so high that the satifaction after downloading all energy is mirrored in his face, leading into a happy go luck mood. And he as well enjoys  some reputations of this nutcracker suite ala' Adrenaline Mob. Hold on, there is one more missing within our musical swinger club, who listens to the name John Moyer and is the newbe in this Gentlemen League, formerly by the way consisting of five individuals. But after bassist Paul DiLeo and guitarist Rich Ward had quit, it's been decided, that the four strings get replaced, but from now on, Mr. Orlando defines the coloratur tenor of the six strings as the one and only prima donna. 

And so our energetic foursome are complete, feat. some interesting, individual talents, who do mobilize our sixth sense with much cleverness and sophistication. And yes, it works, despite of a hearing loss risk. So in the end, we actually do celebrate a nice intimate Tete'a'Tete at the Theaterfabrik here in Munich. And at this one we experience not only some highpoints, but also  returning moments of happiness with the sound waves of 'Omerta' the debut toy of Adrenaline Mob. This title means as much as coat of silences - yeah well something like it. But our Zobel fur here ain't that quiet, is it?! - which is good. 
No in fact, it does offer itselves as a stimulating amphetamin to our central nerv system and takes care, that our adrenalin level is shooting up to our phyiscal stratosphere again. And up there on the sacrifying plate the self eraused doping takes care for sparkling drops of sweat, pearling down slowly on naked skin, such as ........

Well forget this....... as the refreshing shower coming out of at least ten mineral water bottles are received by the audiance with much pleasure. And somehow the parole 'Come Undone' looses it's credibility :-))) This, by the way is one of those three unfaithful pearls , borrowed by Duran Duran, of course very officially.The same is for 'The Mob Rules' and 'War Pigs' from Black Sabbath. Apart from that these four boys are more holy than the pope, and spoil us with pleasure, a huge variety of different musical positions, sensually with Omerta pure, and no inbetweenies, inmidst this steaming atmosphere of our Hamam here.

unfortunately the sound in here has been rather low and I stood at  the wrong spot...
yeah well in some way it was the right spot :-))))  
so best is - click 
here and use the sound from that one.....

The RockíníRoll Orgasm does finally last aprox. 80 minutes. And I'm pretty sure, everybody of the 150 guests here has experienced at least one highpoint because of our stimulating temptations up there, who have wasted  so much of themselves, that pressumingly they  don't need no more physical satisfaction as well tonight, or am I wrong? 
Hold on, maybe not for everybody, as some females have, despite the just received pleasuredome, - waited for another 2 hours within the, meanwhile empty place, to thank our Rock'n'Roll Chippendales personally for this great evening. Yeah well, some fans ain't just happy with musical satisfaction of their Zirbel gland. On the other hand a little selfconfidence for all this love is well deserved. And there we are at the good old slogan:
SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCKíNíROLL..... - God bless Ian Dury....
And so we close down a stormy and somehow also sensual Kamasutra here, which has definately satisfied us a 100 percent in every way, including a small compliment besides everything else, that.... well, that really doesn't belong here anymore.....

PS: please excuse my english as it is not my mother tongue...:-)

For the rather interesting small talk with 
Mr. Russell Allen - please click on the picture below
(Streaming Audiofile via WMP)

Well let's hope, this modest wish has been fullfilled at the all the other shows....