And here we are again at the usual odd topic: brilliant musicians - the world doesn't know. Well at least the mere of all music lovers here in Germany don't know the name Robert Randolph. Whereby he's quite a while around now in the international music scene. And he got himself a name in certain circles. Here in Germany he pops round every 1 or 2 years. In Munich he was here last year playing the Tollwood Festival. And mind me, he supported Eric Clapton on his tour several years ago. 
Randolph is known for his wonderful slide guitar skills, which he owns so perfectly as none other. And that's why he is pretty busy working with so many other musicians. The list is long and starts with Buddy Guy, the just named Clapton, Los Lobos, Sawjer Brown and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. He himself has four albums out so far, including a live recording. And his biggest idol himself  is Stevie Ray Vaughn, he of course also shared the stage in the past.
His music is a cocktail made of Soul, Rhythm, Blues, Funk and a little Rock'n'Roll.
Currently Randolph is on a club tour in Europe, and he is absolutely aware, that he has to calculate with a smaller audiance. And Munich of course is special for this phenomenen. I really ask myself what the reason for that is. Is it, because we got too much going on here in concerts, or because people rather want to spend a sunny evening in the beer garden, or is it, because our Munich audiance is a bit too much ignorant for also checking out a less known artist once in a while. Well, we will never know for sure. But it's a fact, that there are about 50 souls who have found their path into this place here to convince themselves about the talent of Robert Randolph. And that one starts his show with the Family Band at 8.30 p.m.

And he is good, very good indeed. His fingers are flying across his slide like a supersonic airkraft with Mach 5 through up the ionisphere to the Jupiter. And he doesn't even seem highly concentrated, at least it seems so. No he rather seems pretty relaxed such as - don't worry, be happy. And he wants us to celebrate a party. 

The Program is a Best of... Robert Randolph, spiced with some tunes of his biggest idols - Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. 3 third of this show is instrumental, only now and then there are some vocals provided by him or his bass player. Whereby last one shows a huge vocal range. 

Inbetween the mastro can't hold himself on the chair anymore, as the rhythm carries him away, getting his own blood boiling and get dancing. His request to the audiance to do so as well is only partly appreciated. Although the generell mood in here is great and thos poor 50 fans feel like there are 100. The magic lasts about 90 minutes, during those we are getting asured, that Robert Randolph does indeed belong to those few brilliant musicians of present times, unfortunately one of those, who does not get enough reputation, as I mentioned in the beginning. 

Although his goals are set pretty high for his young age. And his final destination would be the intoduction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame sometime in the future. But as we all know, only artists get intoducted, who provide the world for more than 25 years with influential music. So there is still some time to go. On the other hand - whatever not is yet, can still be.... And Robert Randolph is on his best way - without question......

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