"We are a democtratic Dictatorship" - with this one sentence, singer Joakim Broden has described his band at our interview pre show in Munich. I assume, he said everything with that, what possibly can be said about the band structure...
And this one again does have changed within the last few months. Four bandmembers have been exchanged out of internal reasons. Only Joakim and Pär Sundström were left. And these two again haven't done very hard to find replacement, have they?! so the newbes are guitarist Chris Rörland, guitarrist Throbbe Englund and Drummer Robban Bäck. - Well just to mention, on the new release 'Carolus Rex' you can hear still the old line up. 
However, Sabaton are currently celebrating a real victory in hardrocking circles, also tonight in Munich at our Backstage temple. Squashed oil sardinas are still swimming across the ocean compared with those 1.200 flat seashells in here.

Support comes from  Wisdom and Eluveitie, ....

whereby I have to confess, that the opener did play without me, because of my little smalltalk with Sabaton's front figaro. And so I can't tell you much more about this hungarian Power Metal Combo, who have released 2 albums and 2 EP's so far, exept to get more infos at http://www.wisdom.hu/  

(click on pic  for the chat pre show with Joacim )
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The golden centerpoint is played by Swiss folk metalheads Eluveitie, who have reached a certain reputation so far. they are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary and the release of their new and fifth album 'Helvetios'

Just before this tour had started, guitarist Simeon 'Sime' Koch has left the band. He is replaced by Rafael Salzmann. And though Eluveities musical style ain't exactly the same as Sabaton's o-tunes, they are still accepted very well be the audiance here. The Focus is put on singer 'Christian 'Chrigel' Glanzmann, who gets the most attention with his impressing dreadlocks. The hat is probably only therefore, to draw away attention from the usual male aging problems :-) The Scorpions orignally invented the idea only in a bit different style. 
Thanks god, this is not the point  for this performance itselves, and Eluveitie are showing clearly, that they have reached a certain quality level. Surely this musical genre is a matter of taste. But with some will for compromising, this music has certainly got something to it. And mind me, the so called Pagan metal is currently pretty popular anyway. This lot is too long around, that you could call 'em only a flavour of the month. 
Also both beauties Anna Murphy and Meri Tadic get their solo stints and get a lot of attention, exspecially from the male audiance. 

It's a fact, that Eluveitie show all their aces, which they spill out of their sand sack. - Sand sack because, Boss Ghrigel reminds me slightly about sandman, - can't help, but that's what he does. So everything well shaken and stirred, and everyone gets his piece of enjoyment, despite the increasing heat in here. And unfortunately you can hear some disturbing noises in the air, provided by the local sound condition. But well we are not at an opera house listening to Beethoven's only opera 'Fidelio', but we are here at Wilhelm Tell's great grand grand children, who would have caused a heart attack at grandpa Willie, if he could still hear them. Thanks god we do live 700 years later and Willie looks down from Cloud Seven thinking: at my time on this planet earth, this would have not existed. 
But that's what it does now, with this mystery touch of the middle age, and we say good bye and grüazi god...

To be honest, the break inbetween our Swiss Pagan rock export and the uncrowned kings of Power Metal Sabaton is pretty long. No clue whether this happens because of a certain mood the headliner is in, or the intention of the promoter to increase the beer sales. But time goes by rather quickly and Sweden's most famous Rock hymn, not by Sabaton, but by Europe  - The Final Countdown starts the battle here. This one doesn't neccessarely suit to the music of our soldiers from Falun, though everybody in here, sings along to this - so well known fanfar. 

And Generell Joakim and his cavallery is storming the front reaching out for one huge victory. The cool mirrored sunglassen have become an individual brand, such as back then, when Generell Schwarzkopf, also named Stormin Norman went into Iraq. Only that the shades of our storming Gentleman here have to fight against stage limelights and not against rocket reflexions. And so operation Carolus Rec shoots of in here at the Backstage Werk. 
After Sabaton have just shot off 3 canon balls out of their tornister, the usual command from the audiance screams along by: "noch ein Bier, noch ein Bier, noch ein Bier"!!!!!!! Admiral Broden takes the request  and serves his admirers the wanted drink, who are drinking these presents in one single go. 

Clever arranged by the generell, as he himself doesn't touch a drop alcohol during a show or before. But if there is a day off, then he also gets his satisfaction in this way. Well, unfortunately that's not the case right now, though it's Octoberfest in Munich, but that again is life - you just can't have everything. Therefore he and his mates are winning yet another live battle here. 

Carolus Rex  is the parole and is dominating the scenery, shooting off one bird after the other leaving a dampy and satisfied field. Whereyby they also use jokers off the The Art Of War’, ‚Coat Of Arms’ and ‚Metalizer’.
And now another beer for all these kiddies, who are slowly getting nuts. 

The seventy cavallery who back then got destroyed by chief Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull is past tense,but our Metal Jedi knights are concquering Munich's cosmos easily. Joakim has once again fullfilled his daily work out and is still hoping to once enjoy the heritage of Austria's Arnie Schwarzenegger. Well he's on the best way to it. Whether he will ever be Mr. Universum is still open. 
The show is over and our swedish torreros leave the stage, but leaving pur sunshine around midnight. And I'm pretty sure, they will be back soon. So and now there is really time for a cool, delicious beer for our  innocent choirboy or maybe two, or three... well cheers and god bless ya'

Further images can be found at www.metalhammer.de