And yet again some readers here are asking the question - who?! - But in this case this question is okay, as this group is only known to a certain insider circle so far. And this is the one, who already knew the Hellacopters. As we know, the era of this swedisch formation had ended quite a while ago. But frontman and boss Nicke Andersson is a restless workaholic and he just can't live without music. And what ever started as a solo project ended once again in a band. And the result is named Imperial State Electric. It all started in 2010 with Nicke himself, Dolph DeBorst of the Datsuns, Tobias Egge and Thomas Eriksson. Meanwhile those four look back on one mini and two full albums, whereby 'pop War' just came out. And this here is the second time Nicke and Co are over here to tour and pick up some attention. Well of course, they have to start in smaller venues again, compared to the Hellacopters who enjoyed pretty much popularity. Why those have quit ain't not clearly known. But Nicke has a simple answer for this: "this was it" - Every other word is too much.The biggest difference from back then to the present are the different individuells exept himself,  playing music. 
Well, however, tonight, Imperial State Electric are here in Munich at the 59:1 Club in Munich. And they get supported by a yet not sooo known group from Norway named 'Smoke Mohawk'.

Within those there are also well known roots included. The band features singer Thomas Feldberg, drummer Danny Young and guitarist Rolf Yngve Uggen (botth Ex-Gluecifer) and Bassist Raymond Jensen (Ex-MyMidnight Creeps) And they have given birth to one baby yet entitled 'The Dogs Are Turning Red', which they are introducing us here as the opening act. And they do this pretty impressive, not only what's up to the music, but also what's up to the exzessive face and body expression of Mr.Feldberg, who almost competes with likes such as Jim Morrison (god bless him)
the music of Smoke Mohawk is not as straight as Gluecifer's, but on the other hand not too excentric either....Let's name it a decent mixture of some well cosen spices. 

And they are throwing their songs onto the plate here without a single second of a break. I must admit, I do like it very much. And these guys have proved, that it is alway worth it to check out supportacts in Rock'n'Roll. Because now and then you truly enjoy a real surprise, such as here tonight - Smoke Mohawk. So you better remember this name for the future.

 Well, usually we all think, that headline acts usually have the much better sound and light conditions. But tonight we are getting the prove, that unfortunately it also works the other way round sometimes. 

There is no setlist available, and you can guess those guys more up there than to see them. In the beginning there has been still hope, that at some point we do get more light in here, but unfortunately the situation doesn't change for the next 90 minutes. And there is the sound, which almost hurts, and if you stand front stage, you can't almost figure out the singer's voice.  
After some desperate trying to get at least a few visual impressions, I start changing the spot within this place frequently, hoping of a somehow better acoustic. But this helps only a little bit. I'm so sorry in a way, because this here is a truly great band with great music, which is a mixture of straight Garage Rock'n'Roll with a certain Sixties touch, recognizable in songs like 'Dejavu' or the brilliant tune ''Don't Let You Down'.- 

No we can't complain about the song material, and this show here would be absolutely smashing, if there wasn't these 2 spoiling facts - the disturbing sound cloud and a vision, as if there was only a tea light candle up there on stage. 
Compared to this, the supportband was spoiled with lime lights. 
As I said, I feel sorry to say that all, as I think, Nicke Andersson is great performer and his songs are great - just to repeat myself. Although I will come again, when Imperial State Electric  is back to Munich one day, playing hopefully in another and hopefully bigger venue with much better conditions..... 

For the little small talk with Nicke Andersson concerning his 
current musical ambitions just click on his picture below....
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