Long live Gene Krupa, though he's not alive anymore. But therefore we got Pete York, who's biggest idol seems to be Gene Krupa... Both names we do know, at least we elderly music fans, only the youth might have some problems with those names. Because Krupa celebrated his big times in the Thirties, Fourties and Fifties, and Pete York started in the Early Sixties with the Spencer Davis Group his carriere. This Oldieband who also included Steve Winwood as one of it's members back then, had their biggest hits with 'Keep On Running' in 1965 and one year later with 'Gimme All Your Lovin'-

For five years, Pete was member of this band, before he left in 1969. He then founded the duo Hardin & York. And he did, and still does work with countless other musicians since then, such as Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Dr.John, 
Charlie Watts, Eberhard Schöner and Jazz icon Klaus Doldinger, just to name a few. In 1977 he got married, became a dad of one daughter 2 years later and in 1984 he and his family moved to Germany to the Munich Area. Since then he still lives here and works from here. And each round birthday gets celebrated in a bigger way. In 1992 he celebrated his 50th birthday with a huge open air concert in Switzerland, where 80.000 people attended. In 2002 for his 60th birthday he also celebrated his silver wedding with wife Mecky. And in September of the same year he played with some dear collegues a sold out show in Starnberg near Munich.

But York still finds time to realize his own Jazz and Blues projects with variable line up's. To mention all of them, would be too much within this review. And this event here is for his 70th birthday, who he had actually already celebrated in August. But who cares. Tonight this is a big birthday bash at the Circus Krone here in Munich. And many friends have accepted his invitation and take part. There is long time collaborator Eddie Hardin, Spencer Davis collegue Colin Hodgkinson, Zoot Money, Herman Rarebell (Ex-Scorpions) or there is also blues specialist Miller Anderson, and Meggy Bell, both we know from Pete's Blues Project as well. Then there is young canadian jazz singer Nina Michelle, and german Sax player Claus Koch and Boogie piano player Christoph Steinbach, just to mention some... And not to forget Chris Thompson, who we all know from the Manfred Mann's Earth Band, who is not part of anymore for quite a few years. He doesn't need to anyway, as he's got his very own reputation and still is a top singer. 
One day before the big event, there has been a press conference at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. This one can be watched again at the Diary (see link on the bottom of this page) 
So back to the live action here... where the place looks pretty well filled due to the fact, that also the arena is seated, which again means aprox. 700 people have gathered here. The party is hosted by a well known TV/Radio host, who welcomes the audiance and also Pete York on stage. After a small interview about the why, what and once upon a time... Pete is starting up there, as if there is no tomorrow including his band and the Spencer Davis Smashhit 'Keep On Running'.-

Well okay, for all techniqs freaks just to mention... back at Spencer Davis Group times, Pete played a Rogers drumkit incl. a bassdrum, a hanging tom, stand tom, Snare, Hi-Hat and more next to a cow bell. Nowadays he literatually plays the same, only it's a Pearl drumkit now. 
Musically everything is included. From Blues to Boogie, Jazz and Swing, from Oldie Pop to Rock'n'Roll.... And over all lies the shade of a good, decent but rather relaxed show of advanced musicians, who still share all this fun to play. That's why the seated situation in the audiance is just right, as we can enjoy all this peacefully with no aching legs from too long standing around. But comfiness howsoever.... you can realize that there are first class musicians up there doing a great job with all their talents and experienced. I truly like Boogie pianist Christoph Steinbach who shows us a pretty impressive solo, but also Meggy Bell's voice is still up to dade and Zoot Money is an ace.

But in the end it is Chris Thompson, who brings some pepper into the whole show with 'Davy's On The Road Again' and later on with ‚Blinded By The Light’ and ‚Mighty Quinn’.................

............ though some of it sounds a little different, thanks to the high energy level, our professor causes standing ovations here. But noone cares, as those tunes are so familiar to everybody getting them sing and  dance along with it...

The small break inbetween is welcomed by the audiance, as they refresh themselves with a glas of prosecco or beer and think about the first half of the evening....

After another highlights in the second half there is the usual - all together now, and such as the magic has startd, it also end - with a Spencer Davis Smashhit - 'Gimme Some Lovin' -

Stopp, we're not going home without an encore, and that one carries the title 'The Voice'. That's it, and a nice evening find's it's end. Well, not for everybody, as there is a little meet and greet afterwards backstage...
And for Pete's 80th birthday I hope, we all see again healthy and youthful... 
Don't forget: you're always as young as you feel like... And we still do feel great, don't we?!!!!


Pre - and After Show Snapshots (incl. the press conference one day earlier can be found at the )