Who? - Yep all over again we are asking the infamous question? As the wider public doesn't know this gentleman. But we insiders and friends of sophisticated Rock'n'Roll Music we of course do know, who that is. Because Andy Timmons.... - yes of course, once was the guitarist in the american Glamrock Band Danger Danger between 1989 and 1993. Apart from that, he has played with every wellknown guitar god in the past you can possibly think of including G3. And he can look back onto seven solo releases. The latest release has been the cover recording of the Beatles longplayer 'Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band'. And with that one in his luggage, he is on tour now across Europe. Well, thanks to his not too big popularity he has to cook smaller cups of tea, as we say so, what's up to venues. On the other hand, he is happy that he actually could make this trip happen. As such a thing ain't that easy for an US artist, who doesn't claim a super star status yet. 

Our house club of raging Rock'n'Roll is the place to be tonight, to check out Andy Timmons, who is starting his set at 8.30 p.m. without any support bands. Next to Mr. Timmons, there is also Bassist Mike Daane and drummer Mitch Marine. Funnily this threesome could be easiyl guessed as scandinavians from the pure visual aspect of view. But they are not. Never mind, as we now receive a bonfire of instrumental guitar art underlined with a great rhythm section. Whereby some of us are a little sceptical in the beginning, when the hear the word instrumental. Because many of such concerts are, despite of a high art of playing often a little boring.Not so, what's up to Andy Timmons, who's lead guitar is also handling the vocals. Such a thing we do know from Mastro Steve Vai, who invented this technique. And so it is indeed no surprise, that that our guitarero here has found his labe home in Favored Nations, - Steve Vais record company. Well, in some ways, everyone is related somewho to everybody and looks onto the other's doing. Wich ain't bad, as the foundation the individual talent has to be provided anyway first of all, before learning anything from anybody else...  

Andy is presenting us a well done mixture of solo tracks and also one or the other Beatles cover, of course coming off the Sgt.Pepper record. He himself does not describe himself a real fan of the fab four, but it had been this album, faszinating him from the very beginning. And that's why he had taken the challenge to re record it in his own way, where even the vocals are adopted by the guitar. And no, it's no complicated twisted guitar frickling, but it's a nice and entertaining piece of art, Andy is showing us with tons of feeling and enthusiasm. And it's almost beyond believe, but our Garage club is more than well filled with guests and even some fans, who do remember the old Danger Danger times. 

Andy Timmons does come across very nice, laid back but still encouraged within his performance. He also leaves his band mates enough room to move and he does not seem like the guitar god trying to make the world be a better place or something like it. When one fan in die audiance shouts the request about 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' by the Beatles, Andy does him the favour and even sings the song - in german. And this gets down very well on the audiance here. The result is a great evening consisting of 2 hours of finest entertainment in a small, intimate atmosphere, but therefore with this special little something. We will see, whether this is enough to survive within the hard music business.. But Andy has actually mentioned a brand new longplayer, possibly coming along next year. We will see and time will tell. We definately wish him a longlasting great carriere forever... yeah well almost.. ;-)

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