King Crimson 2002

The name King Crimson was adopted from a line of a romantic poesie of the author Peter Sinfield, who joined Robert Fripp in 1968. He was mainly responsible for the lightshow and did the roadmanagement. The name stood in the story  as a  synonym for the beezlebub.

The first record of  Robert Fripp, Michael and Peter Giles - "The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp" sold less than 500 times.

King Crimson was founded on the 13th of january 1969 at the London Fulham Palace Cafe.

The biggest concert King Crimson ever had played so far, took place on the 5th of July 1969 at the London Hydepark in front of 700.000 fans. It was a supportslot for the Rolling Stones and also the very first gig under the name King Crimson.

"Court Of The Crimson King, which is still the most successful album of the band, took 4 years to make. It reached no. 5 in the english charts and no. 28 in the US-top 40. Ironically the original line-up broke up the day, the album reached it's peak. Psychological strain split the group, and Robert Fripp was so shaken, that he offered to leave the band, so King Crimson could exist without him.

The Crimson line-up, which Robert Fripp recalled to life in 1972, consisted of ex-Yes-drummer Bill Bruford, ex-Family member John Wetton, violinist David Cross and Jamie Muir on percussions (recorded the pieces "Larks & Tongues In Aspic" and "Starless & Bible Black") was the first line-up, which existed longer than only one US-tour. It lasted (without Jamie Muir) at least for two years.

Percussionist Jamie Muir injured himself on stage at the London Marquee-club on february the 10th in 1973. He had to take off the following evening as well not knowing, that he won't ever stand on a stage together with Crimson. Apparently he later went to a tibetian monastery.

Robert Fripp took over Brian Eno's (who's also known in Roxy Music) special guitar technics, developed with echoes and special effects an overdubbed style and called it from now on "Frippatonics".

Robert Fripp's inbetween project "League Of Gentlemen" released in the beginning the record "Heptaparaparshinolek", which included an interesting B-side entitled "Marriagemusic". It lasts 11min. 45sec and is preferably played on 33 rpm.

King Crimson 2002

Fripp's other project "Discipline" debuted on 30th of april 1981 in a vegetarian restaurant and winebar named "Moles" in Bath/England. The group did a 45-dates worldtour and changed their name during the journey back to King Crimson and only gave the record the name "Discipline". The tour ended at the same vegetarian restaurant in Bath just before x-mas.

On the 16th of may 1986, his 40th birthday, Robert Fripp got married to former punkrocker "Toyah". They formed the band "Fripp Fripp" together with guitarist Trey Gunn and drummer Paul Beavis, named themselves "Sunday All Over The World" and released an album entitled "Kneeling At The Shrine".

The book "Robert Fripp - From King Crimson To Guitar Craft", which was written and published by author and guitarist Eric Tamm was criticised by Fripp as absolute rubbish. He even wanted to block the publishing. . Fripp only agreed with chapter 10, in which the author discribes his relationship to Fripp during the year 1986.

If you intend to buy the album "In The Court Of The Crimson King" you should take notice of the cover. Only when it says - "Distributed by Caroline Records" it is 100% perfect and technically absolutely brillant.

Adrian Belew cologne 2002

No matter, how often a Crimson song is released either on vinyl or CD, studio-, live or Bootleg, it will never sound exactly the same.

In the past, Robert Fripp has yet declared King Crimson at least 20 times for dead.

The new album of King Crimson is tentatively named "The Power To Believe". There has been no release date announced yet.

King Crimson  US-Tour 2003