Aerosmith      München 2001

Did you know, that originally Aersmith wanted to name themselves either Spike Jones or Jack Daniels.

All of you, who own the original artwork-cover of the album “Done With Mirrors” are very lucky. Every single unit is only shown in mirror-writing.

The album “Pump” was originally supposed to be named “Bobbing For Piranhas”.

The scene within the videoclip to “Cryin´ “, where Alicia Silverstone is jumping down from a bridge, did cost 10.000 Dollar and lasted only 5 seconds.

For the recordings of the song “I Don´t Want to Miss A Thing” there was a 52 men string orchestra used.

Within the song “Hearts Done Time” you can hear the two killerwales Hyak and Fina.


Joe Perry & Steven Tyler   London 1991

Aerosmith´s video clip “Cryin´” developed to one of the most expensive productions ever. It cost several Million Dollar.

The song “Back In The Saddle” tells a story about the groupie Sukie Jones who followed Aerosmith and other bands throughout the Seventies.

The song “Lightnin´ Strikes” is the only song, where Brad Whitford plays the leadguitar and not Joe Perry.

“Nine Lives” developed out of an inspiration during an AC/DC gig.

During the “Get A Grip” tour, Aerosmith used on the whole 96.450 guitar strings and 59 guitars. 

Donnington 1990

London 1990

 If you listen to the song “Sweet Emotion” backwards, you can hear something like “Fuck You Frank”.

Aerosmith took a whole ton of carottes with them in 1978. Whatever they were used for.

The fact is, Aerosmith sold to the very day more than 90 Million records. 50 Millions alone in the US.

Steven Tyler made 652 flip overs on the Pump-tour.

When Steven Tyler were thrown out of the Highschool he stole the bass of the school band. He´s still got it. And you can hear the instrument at the end of the song “Livin´On The Edge”.   



On the track “Home Tonight”, Steven tyler plays piano and is accompanied by a 101 men orchestra.

Aerosmith is the first band, who were allowed to sign in on the walk of fame.

The band uses a jet named “Cessna Citation 2”. They now call it “Airforce One”.

all pics by (c) ebl/musicmirror