Frank Zappa had his first official appearance aged 11 in the year 1951 as a drummer in a schoolband in Sand Diego. He taught himself playing the guitar 4 years later.

Frank Vincent Zappa's biggest idol was the classical composer "Francesco Zappa", who lived in the 18th century in milan. He was known for his brilliant Trisonatas.

Zappa's first band was named "The Blackouts", who renamed themselves a little later to "The Omens". His one and only schooltime friend Don van Vliet took part within this project.He became known later on as "Captain Beefheart".

Don van Vliet 2002. 
He lived until his death in 
the Mojave Desert and dedicates his live
to painting. His former band - "the Magic Band"
has reformed and is presently touring around the globe.

Frank had to go to to prison for 10 days, aged 18. And also was judged not to get close to a woman aged under 21 without an adult. And that's, why police found a tape at his place, where you could hear intercourse noises. 

His first successful band  "The Mothers" were so bizare, that even the Rolling Stones seemed like Quireboys compared to them. For the release of their first record "Freak Out", they were forced to exchange their name because  the label thought, no radiostation ever is gonna play a song fo a band with this name. So the "Mothers" became the "Mothers Of Invention".

the mothers of invention #1 1966
Jimmy Carl Black (drums)  -  2nd from the right
  Roy Estrada (Bass)
Elliot Ingber (git.)
Frank Zappa (Git)

Jimmy Black 2002
lived 'till his death  close to Munich
and played last with Farrel & Black and 
The Grandmothers Of Invention

In 1966, Frank Zappa was the first musician, who released a Double-Album.

No other rockband suffered more line up changes than the band of Frank Zappa. The reason was, Zappa had never been 100% happy with his musicians and his music. There were presumingly  more than 100 musicians, who played with Zappa throughout the years. 

Terry Bozzio 2002
..was just one of many drummers playing 
with Zappa. Nowadays he's an average successful
musician, but still belongs to the best ones on the planet

Zappa did many gueststints with other artists. One of them were "The Monkees", who were known, that in the beginning, they even couldn't play an instrument.

In 1985 Frank Zapps even went to president Ronald Reagan to protest against the strict US-law about song lyrics. His own words became even more heavy, vulgere and sex orientated over the years. 

In 1986 Frank took part in the TV series "Miami Vice". He played a drugdealer, who fell from a speed racing boot at the showdown end. A typical final for Zappa.

With his second wife Gail, an english woman and passinate tea drinker, who he got married in 1969, he had 2 sons. Dweezil (named after his little toe) and Ahmed Redan, and also two daughters, Moon Unit and Diva. All four of them became musicians with the name Zappa, but.... were only averagely successful. 

Ahmed & Dweezil Zappa 1991
 in London for the release of Dweezils first record

With his daughter Moon, Frank recorded a song "Valley Girl" in 1982. The song was parody about the californian way of Live. It became Zappa's one and only commercial successful hit in the US.

Valley Girl 1982

Moon 2004
Presently she's playing in various US-TV-Series
and is taking part n Dweezils records

The astronom L.Brozek discovered the astroid Nr. 3834 on may 11th 1980. He took his rights to give this star a name and christened him "Zapparfrank". A real star.

In 1992 tschech. president Vaclac Havel named Zappa as his cultural minister. After that, Frank seriously considered to go for the US president elections, but pulled out because of his wick health conditions.

Frank Zappa had never touched drugs throughout his life. Only once he tried to smoke marihuana. He said afterwards: I felt tired and had a aching throat.  That was all. And if I ever catch one of my musicians taking drugs on stage, he's off  immidiately. 

With more then 60 albums and lots of videos etc, many of them not even released so far, the artist Zappa has the biggest song catalogue in rock history. His widow Gail is taking care of it in a so called family trust 'till the very day. 

Gail Zappa 2002

Frank Zappa died 2 weeks before his 53rd birthday in Laurel/california at a too late discovered prostata cancer. If the tumor would have been discovered half a year earlier, he now had become 68 on the 21st. Dec. 2008.

Frank 1993
just before the premiere of his musical 
masterpiece "Yellow Shark" 

Fans of Frank Zappa have contributed the very first Zappa statue in the litauen capital Vilnius.It's place on a 4meter high socket.

At the smalltown Bad Doberach in Germany, each year there is a big festival held called "Zappanale"

The Grandmothers of Invention 2003
continued Frank Zappas heritage 
Don Preston (Klavier, Synthesizer), Roy Estrada (Bass), Bunk Gardner (Saxophon)
und Napoleon Murphy Brock (Gesang, Saxophon) sowie Ken Rosser (Gitarre) und Chris Garcia (Schlagzeug)

Live Review zu Zappa Plays Zappa am 30.09. 2007 in München