The loudest, dirtiest and meanest Rock'n'Roll Band in the World

Yiippiieehh! Eventually we know what the incarnation of the Die-hard-Dirty-Rock'n'Roll Sexappeal looks like. It's standing on two sexy chickenlegs,net even five feet short, bold, and blueeyed, and it rediates an incredible intensive energy. Angry Anderson(what's actually his real name by the way?) is the living example, that you don't have to look like Brad Pitt, to have more charisma than every posing Glamrocker in califonia ever. Rose Tattoo is his Baby. Rose Tattoo is actually just him, and Rose Tattoo is the epitome of dirty, loud Rock'n'Roll, - and that's it.

The intensive shock wave, which is developed by Angry, si overwhelming the audiance with high power and a blasting result the smaller the venue is. And his own ego gives itself the ultimative kick within this Whiskey-smelling air. Okay, he's got to take care about this image to be the loudest, dirtiest and meanest Rock'n'Roll group in the world. The dirt are probably the countless tattoos, decorating most of the skin of each bandmember. Even Picasso would have become jealous by viewing this. Mean stands for at least 3 bottles jack Daniels, which are gonna be killed by Little Joe, eh sorry, Angry.  

And noisy are Rose Tattoo anway. Thanx to some hidden hearing aids, which are placed on one or the other of the boys, - no problem. In concern of the rather higher age of these tattooed Roses, you could call this contraception thanx to after care. For the precaution it's a bit late anyway. But those Rock'n'roll Outlaws still wanna be exepted in all their sparkleing colours. They can manage. It's steaming like  a high powered oven which is working on a  maximum level. It's a dance on a vulcano, spitting fire below Angry's feet. He winds himself p, he sweats, he squeezes all his energy out of himself like a lemon. The Rock'n'Roll Outlaw becomes an animal. Rose Tattoo are the living prove for a voluminous sound. They were and they are the brand of a rock generation, which are still  timeless, who have never taken on any chlichees. The message of "Rock'n'Roll Outlaw" is still without any wrinkles and rheumatism. "We have not become older and have not become wiser", Angry says, and gives his ego another push at the same time by physical capitulation. The australiens who once were the idols for AC/DC try hard not to lose their credibility. The only one who can really manage this aspect is our little loveable goblin. The others apart from exeptional guitarist Pete Wells are more or less nessacery  supplement. 

Pete Wells

Angry is overtuning them anway, and would shut down even Lusicano Pavarotti. He screams, he shouts and he does one step to many and rams his Kojak-Lollipop- head into the holy stage floor. His excuse after a few minutes of shock: "the fuckin' stage has moved". Oh, and by the way, the setlist of Rose Tattoo is usually the same with not many changes. But it doesn't matter really. Most important is the fact of beeing dirty, bad and very noisy with Angry Anderson as the best example for imagecare. The aura is his capital, the aura is overwhelming, and the aura is almost killing him. Sometimes he moves even a step further by thinking, today is a good day to die. He slings the wire of his mike around his neck - and pulls 'till the ultimate exodus. He drops, and drops even deeper to finally knock out the monitor box. The dance on the vulcano is finished. And if they hadn't placed  a few stagehands  on each side of the stage, who rescue bird of paradise  via reanimation from time to time, then the magic would have gonne already quite a while ago. 

Hey Angry, we want you a little bit longer here on this planet.The second chapter of Rose Tattoo has just been opened a few years ago. Thanx god we stand above these things like the suicide attempt. The band don't do any ads, neither musically nor verbally. It is what it is, and it falls like it stands. We are right in the middle of the second chapter, and hopefully it won't close for along time again. Praised is the cult, the sexappeal, the patriotism, the sudden death and the ultimate orgasm, how ever you experience that, alright Angry?! A little weakness is human and doesn't mean impotence. we can't always manage, can we?!!!