The Farewell Interview

1. Your Farewell tour seems to be the longest farewell tour ever, and it last for 3 years. How come?
„Well you know when we first started, we were gotta do 60 dates, and then we would play a place and then they would oversell. And then we played Madison Square Garden six different times and went back and played six different times and then we played in Chicago six times and then we played in Miami five times, you know. It’s not like I am printing the tickets and buying them myself. So we ended up playing over 200 shows and they could have done more, but I said I can’t do it, I need a break. And plus we wanted to go to Europe last year and then we invaded Iraque and we thought it’s not a good time to go. I’m not sure that our timing is any better now, but now we’re going. Also, it’s the last one, so for the last 200 and more shows, it’s the last I’m ever doing.“ 

2. Never say never, and you might be going on tour again...
„No, absolutely not. I mean, you don’t know me: this is it.“  

3. What's so special about your show?
„It’s really good you know. It’s really good. I mean if somebody else was in it, it would be fine, but the people in the show are really talented, it’s really funny, it’s really silly, it’s more like a Circus kind of a thing than a show. You know, it’s more… it’s just so whimsikle, and so not reality, and I think that’s maybe one thing, that people loved about it now. You know, there’s such big doses of reality going around, and this is so fun and a lot of people loved coming back and back, like Rocky Horror Show. You know, they would come in costumes and things like that. After I have been in some places like four times, I’d be embarrased and say “How many people have seen the show before?” and everybody would applause and I would say “Well, you will see the same show again!” It really became more of like a Rocky Horror Show: when you come to town, people would have allready seen it. And then it was on TV once and I thought, OK, now nobody will want to see it now, cause they’ve all seen it. But the ticket just started to sell twice as fast as before! And instead of three shows in one place we played five shows in an area.“ 

4. What can fans, who know you from your concerts before, expect on this tour?
„If you’ve seen my shows before, you know what kind of a show I do. It’s kind of a show I like to do. And this one, I think, is just the best version of all of them. I think it’s just the best one we’ve ever done. It’s the kind of show I like doing, it’s the kind of show… The director would write it, we make it up, we sit around and we go “That’ll be good, and how about this”… and so... I mean it’s very unscientific, it’s just a couple of girls having dreams about what would be fun to do. But his one, we just thought of all these millions of things to do, we thought “Oh, it would be fun to come out of the cealing, forty feet from the cealing.” And then, when I got there, I thought. “Amn’t I afraid of hights?“ You know, we didn’t plan anything and the first time I got up in it, I just thought: “ooooohkay, here we goooo!” So we just pushed everything to the wall, in our minds, to our capability.“

5. In these concerts you let your life take a reprospective. How do you feel then? are there some sentimental moments on stage?
„The sentimental moments really came, when we were making it. When we were thinking it up and looking at it and putting it together, the pieces. Now, when I do it, I really do it, I’m all in the performance really, I’m all in having a great time. What I am trying to do is, have people have sentimental moments, have fun and think “Oh, I remember, where it was, or I wasn’t born when she did that...” Cause it’s a very strange age group that come to see me.“

6. Is there a part of the show, you do like exspecially?
„No…, I mean if you see the show, each section is so different. Some nights are like some parts…, well, there’s a couple of new things we’re doing for Europe, and I’m pretty excited about those, maybe it’s because they’re brand new. It’s like a Broadway-Show, you know, when we move that many people every night, and it’s just now, I mean I’ve done it 200 times, it’s just staying in the moment and beeing excited and connecting with the people. I know it sounds very corny, but I think I can connect with everybody in the place. I don’t know how you do it, but I know I do it. It doesn’t really make sense to be able to do it, but I know I do it.“

7. Is it possibel to transfer this show to Europe? In America they know you for 40 years so far.
„Yes, everybody, I mean there are things I am able to do here, that I can’t do over there, because everybody has known me since I was 18 and they have seen shows and movies and know me a lot more…, know my sense of humor. There’s things that I can say here, that a really funny to Americans and that wouldn’t translate. So I’m putting in extra songs, that are very… you know, I have a very strange sense of humor, but people understand it here and they wouldn’t like it somewhere else. You know, I was doing this interview with an english paper and they said “You say horrible things about Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera” and I said “Yaeh, I do, but I talk about drag queens, I just go off, you know, my mind really goes off and I just talk about whatever, and in America, people went really hysterical and this won’t translate over in Europe, but still, the rest of the show will.“

8. What are the reasons for this farewell tour. Do you feel too old, or don't you just want anymore?
„Well I have this theory, it’s kind of the Michael Jordan theory (lacht). At a certain point, when you think you’re doing really well, like in this concert I thought this is the best I could ever do, and if I would tour again, it would be three years down the line, and I don’t want…, I wanna go with something really great, I don’t wanna come back with something, when people said it’s good, it’s great, but it’s not as good as the last one. So, it’s really important. It’s not like I’m gonna live in a cave. There are still things I want to do.“  

9. This tour is the most successful one, what a female artist ever has done. Does this mean something special to you?
„I don’t think about that much. I don’t really ever think about it. As a statistik, it sounds cool, and than you just forget.“  

10. Is success somehow a drug for you?
„Well I’m not so sure it’s a drug. But it’s a great… when everything going right, when everything is happening right, it’s really like a huge party. And you are one of the like party-goers. When it’s really working right, it’s less about the work, it becomes not about the work, the work kind of just flows out of you and it’s like the audience and you, or it’s like tennis: they give, you give back and they give and you give back, and it just get’s bigger and bigger. So, yeah, it’s fun! In my life, I haven’t been this kind of a crazy person, who tours constantly. I mean I have done it but it’s hard work, you have to be really tough to do this. I have not toured as much in my life as other people have. Not, that I haven’t done my share of it, but it’s not something I go into lightly, because it’s hard. Sure, the show is most fun, but going night after night, in some strange place, not getting enough sleep… That‘s the difficult part.“ 

11. You've got so many fans behind you. How come? Are you better than others?
„Absolutely not. I have no…, I haven’t got a clue. People ask me all the time what’s the secret of my success. It’s luck, you know, it’s just luck! I guess, too, I do a lot of different things. When I fail in one thing, instead of stopping, I go and do something else. I try everything, I don’t care. It’s all art to me.“  

12. Many fans of you are homosexual. Is there an explanation for that?
„You know I’ve always had, there’s always been an affinity with us. I have a million gay friends, but that has no baring on it. I think, especially gay men: they either like you, or love you or have no use for you whatsoever! I think, because gay men are very flambouyand and really looking to enjoy their life in a big way and it seems that there are certain women, that they gravity to and I am really happy to be one of them, because they are very loyal fans. When a lot of people desert you and think that you are over, they stick.“  

13. Within your show there in one or the other peak, like: „Try to top this“ or “Follow this you bitches“. Is this kinda message to all Britneys and Jennifer Lopez in this world?
„Well you know it started with me saying it… When I was putting together this show I was really nervous. Because I am the oldest one touring I think right now. So I was really nervous and I wanted to make it really great and this is going to be my last show! So when I said that, the audience was going “Waaay” or “Buuh” or whatever, and I said, come on, there’s all these girls coming up, you know, Britney, JLo, and everybody said “Buuuh” so it became a fun thing we were doing all together. And then I said, OK, you know, that’s not right, this is really beneath you and blablablabla, but then I go, OK, I don’t like them either. So just rediculous things, and then at the end of the show I say: “Welcome to the CHERest show on earth, and I really got one thing to say…” and I turn to the audience and I say “Follow this you bitches!” and then I walk off! But this is so funny for people in America, the whole thing, I mean I talk about drag queens, peniodis, I talk about all kinds of stuff. Because my mind goes in really wired places, but I can talk on stage and say anything and people will give me a chance and know, that I’m so tongue and cheek. Even if there’s a grain of truth in it, it may be something, everybody would like to say, but noone’s going near it, because it’s not politically correct.“  

14. Have you received reactions from the other side as well so far?
„No, I’m not even sure they know I’m doing it. Well, somebody must have guessed by now, but it’s not that they call me up or say “Oh CHER is such a bitch”, but... I wouldn’t care.“  

15. What you think about music from Britney or J.Lo?
„Well I think that certainly, to become famous, you have to have some talent, wether it’s just the talent to be current and to be fashionable or to be ahead of the curve. I think, that’s what Madonna does great! Madonna is five steps ahead of everybody when it comes to what the newest style is, she’s got unbelieveable style. Well, they are all creative in their own way. But they make easy targets, because they’re so young, so I can get away with that.“   

16. And what do you think about J.Lo’s movies?
JLo is doing really good, what she does, she does well! Her movies are big! Britney I don’t think has done movies, oh, no, I think she’s done one movie, but I don’t think much happened with it.


17. What you think about Pink. Is she different than the others?
P!NK has style, and her music is very interesting, it’s not formulaic. P!NK is on a formula, P!NK doesn’t look like she was made up in a dance studio, with stylists every where around her, polishing off her edges and I think that, when I started, that was the way it was, too, you had some sort of an idea and your own style. But you rug it and you’re rough. We weren’t diamonds, we didn’t start off as diamonds. I think that might be a problem for some of the entertainers today. Cause there is this gigantic group of people, that come around them and give them everything, so they’re right there, a package, completely perfect. And that’s one thing I like about P!NK, that she’s her own thing, not completely perfect, very rough edges.  

18. Sometime there will be your real last show coming up. Will you be upset at this point?
You know what: I’ll sure be sad, but I never think about the last show. Because that will happen when it happens and I will figure out how it feels at the moment. I can’t look into the future ever, I only see how it feels at the moment. I don’t ever plan my career, even this tour wasn’t planned. It was 59 shows that turned into 202 shows!  

19. You'll be coming to Europe now. What happens afterwards?
Well, then I come back here and work my way back across America, to Australia. And after that, I think, that’s about it!  

20. Are you concentrate on filming more?
Yeah, you know, while I did this tour, I also did a movie with the Fairly brothers and Matt Damon called “Stuck on you”. So, yes, I would like to do more movies, I’d like to do Broadway, there’s lot’s of things I would like to do! I would like to go to Africa, and there’s a lot of Charity things, that I am really connected to that I want to do. I would like to have some fun as well. Like just being frivolis and go to France … just be a bum.  

21. Are you planning a new album?
I am supposed to record, and that is one thing I’m spite. Contractually I am supposed to do a record, and that should be fun, because I will do something completely different, so that’ll be interesting.  

22. You wanna do musically something different. Can you lift the secret?
Oh, that’s not a secret. I just go back and do more of what I used to do, more Rock’n’Roll, you know? Like “Turn back time” kind of stuff.

23. You are not only a singer, you are also an actress. What do you prefer?
They’re just really different. Acting is kind of introspectiv, more low key in a way, it’s not about big moves, it’s about small moves, it’s about small face, you know. It’s about small actions. Music and concerts are exactly the opposite! It couldn’t be more different. It’s about BIG faces, BIG wardrobe, it’s about BIG movements. So I like both of those things. I can’t express myself just through one thing, it just doesn’t work. I like to do lots of different things.  

24. You received Grammys and Oscars. What is more worth for you?
The Oscar! Because I think for someone, who’s been a singer to go and win an Oscar…! For someone who’s a singer and win a Grammy, well, that’s fabulous, but it’s their work! For someone who’s a singer to win an Oscar is a bit harder.


25. You have had an incredible successful carriere. Which goals are left to reach?
You know what, I never really have goals. I don’t set out to do THIS, like “Climb mountain Kilimanjaro!” I just set out to DO stuff. And this is how I always get myself in trouble. I always start by going: “Oh that sounds like it could be fun!” and then I take the thing and then I get totally nervous and then I’m thrust into it. And every time I am about to do something, right before I’m about to do it, I wanna quit. I totally panic. It always starts with “Oh that sounds like it’s going to be fun!” Like going to Europe – oh that sounds like it’s going to be fun! Starting the tour – Oh, that sounds like it’s going to be fun. Making the movie in the middle of the tour – oh that’ll be hard but it sounds like it’s going to be fun. I just should never say those words!  

26. You are opening a show always with U2's song„I still haven’t found what I’m looking for“. Is there a deeper meaning to it?
And I always start with that song. It’s just that I am very supersticious about it. That’s true, I am it. It’s just that, that song is more meaningfull to me like any song. Because, it’s not my song, but it means it is still in my mind, is to what my life is.  

27. What is the shade of your carriere. which price did you have to pay?
There are lots of prices, you don’t get privacy; when you make mistakes, it’s in front of everybody; people say things about you that are ridiculous, you have to defend yourself, you have to defend your boyfriend or your husband, and people just say mean, irritating things for no particular reason except that you’re too high, so you need to come down. People build you up for no parent reason and then they tear you down for no parent reason either. But, look, I wanted to do this work! When I was young I had no idea what the life would be, I just wanted to do the work! So, there’s penalties, things that are good and bad about every job. There’s great things: I met people and I made fabulous things. But every once in a while, the lack of privacy is very agrovating. You know, to have people crawling into your backyard to get pictures of you in your bedroom or going through all your garbage or jumping out of the bushes to terrify you just to get a picture. But that’s that, that’s one of the prices…

28. Is it difficult for someone like you to find the right partner?
It takes a really special person, it takes someone, who’s not afraid to be Mr. CHER. And most men are not, you know, it’s just few men, that have egos that don’t get frightened by not necessarily me as the person, but what I bring with me, as the lifestyle. I had a boyfriend who I loved dearly and he was the sweetest person in the world, and the press, for some reason, just decided to rip him apart! He wasn’t famous, he worked in a Bagel-Factory! He and I had a fabulous relationship, but it was really hard for us to maintain this relationship with all the outside terrible influences, of people that didn’t even know him. He just made a good copy.  

29. Does it make you sad?
Well, it makes it much more difficult, to have a relationship when it’s constantly screwtenized, and then people are tiered of you but it’s screwtenized in a way like you go to everyone every day and say OK, this is what I did today, and then they go: we’re just tiered of them. It’s a real Catch 22. I mean I have had great relationships, and I have had fabulous times. It just narrows the field of men, that have the courage to do it.

30. Do you think, men are scared in front of selfconfident women like you?
„Well I guess if they don’t have any of their own confidence... I mean, I can stand in front of a famous man and not fall to pieces! But a lot more women are willing and wanting to be Mrs. Somebody. It’s an easier role for women to become Mrs. Somebody. I don’t think men really deal well, that some women are really self-sufficient. But I think it’s really positive, because, in the time of my mother, women were really bullshitting all of you guys so much. Stroking your egos was dishonest. I think it’s so much better to know, if a person wants to be with you, it’s not because they need you to take care of them or anything. I don’t need anything from men at all. It’s the realtionship I want, there’s nobody who can do anything for me,  I have what I have.“

31. You've got 2 kids. One son, one daughter. Do you think, you are a better artist, or a better mother?
„Oh I’m a better artist . I mean, I’m not a bad mother, I think I’m a good mother, but it’s very difficult to be an artist and to be a fulltime mother. But also, I’m not so sure anymore, that if I worked in a bank all day long, and I came home to be with my children… I mean, almost every parent is working all day long in our country. Both parents work, or if it’s just one parent, they work. So, I think that I actually had a lot of time to spend with my children and still, we’re together a lot. So in one way, it balanced out, but it wasn’t a normal childhood, that’s for sure.“  

32. In the year 2006 you become 60. Is it different, as beeing 50?
„You know what I am allready so sold, it doesn’t make any difference. I passed my sell-by date so long ago. I don’t like it, but that’s all there is. I mean, I’m allready so old, that sixty is not gonna mean much.“  

33. If you could choose. What age would you like to be again?
„I liked forty. Forty was a great time. If I went back, I’d go to forty, because it was fabulous. It was a fabulous year. It was the best time. It was my best year ever.“  

34. Why was 40 the best age?
„Oh my children were still living at home, I had this unbelievable boyfriend, I made three movies that year, I made an album, I did a tour, I won the Academy Awards, it was a really good time.“  

35. You're still known as a sexsymbol, even now for the older generations of us. Are you proud about that?
„Well I mean it doesn’t suck. I mean, how bad can it be? (lacht) It’s better then “Oh she’s such an old, poor dear, she’s so craped. Who would want to have sex with her for a fistfull of hundreds…?” (lacht) So, you got the answer to your own question.“   

36. Wenn du auf Tour bist, hast du dann ein spezielles Fitnessprogramm um dich fitt zu halten?
„No, I try to work out on tour as well, just to keep strong. Because the show is hard, but it’s also the lifestyle, it’s having odd hours and that kind of turns your clock upside down. When I am at home, I have my workout stuff I do, I really like it, I have been doing it for such a long time, it kind of starts my day.“  

37. Are you careful about your diet?
„Yeah, I actually happen to like good food. I mean, I don’t like crap, I don’t like meat that much, I like chicken OK, I like fish OK, but I don’t care about bread, the only thing I really like is sweets, I don’t stay away from them completely, I fact I hardly stay away from them at all, but that’s my only virus. I don‘t drink, I don‘t smoke so…“ 

38. In the past you have changed your look several time. Why?
„I get, I just get bored. Cause it’s just, one thing I like about doing movies, is that you are a different person, a different charakter, and then, when you have done it, it’s over. You don’t have to do it again. But if you gotta do albums, or if you gotta do concerts, I need to make myself interested in me, you know? And if I just look the same, it’s boring. I am so uninterested.“

39. Are you a Fashion-Junkie?
„Actually, to tell you the truth, I go around mostly in sweat-pants, old boots and old T-Shirts. I mean, it works great for my work, but I don’t care about it so much. Every once in a while, yes, but for most of the time I couldn’t care less.“ 

40. You now come to Germany. Have you got any memories about Germany from the past?
„I have lots of interesting memories, First on is from 1966: Sonny and I where stying in Hamburg, in this fabulous hotel, at the seaside. But there were to many fans and they made us go. So they sent us to this place called the “Schlosshotel”, and it was in the country, and it was so beautifull and so much more fun than we could have ever had imagined. And then, doing “Wetten, dass…?“, I did it a million times… Just you know, silly things, kind of fun things… I remember once, when I was doing “Wetten, dass…?”, they almost drove a Volkswagen Beetle of off stage and we were standing backstage just laughing hysterically. You know, just stupid things, that happen, that you remember.“  

41. You also come to Austria. Any memories about Austria as well?
„The only thing that I can remember about Austria was, that me, my sister and my manager ended up in a wedding party of people they had no idea, who they were. So we were in that wedding party, people didn’t know who we were, and we were holding thos things, you know, those things that the bride and groom run through, and we were laughing so hard. And nobody knew, which side we belong, on the bride or the groom. And then we just walked away hysterical.“

A normal Woman with 58 years young  backin 2004