Kiss are offering the most variety of merchandise articles a rockband ever had produced. There are about 100 different products.  

The fanclub “Kiss Army” has more than 1 million members.  

In 1981 Kiss recorded their only concept album called “The Elder”.  

Gene Simmons tongue is supposed to have a length of about 15 inches, around the length supposively his penis has got. Ain´t that a case for the Guinessbook of Records?!


The Top Ten Seller “Beth” started a series of 6 platin albums with turnover sales of millions of dollar.  

On their european tour in 1980 each show contained at least 150 detonations.  

Concerts of Kiss always reach a volume of at least 140 dezebel.  

Although the single “Rock´n´Roll All Night” went first down the drain in may 1976, it started the sensational success of Kiss. The album “Alive” stayed in the Billboard Charts for 110 weeks.  

Gene Simmons has not spoken one word to his dad for the last 43 years.  

Gene Simmons, who´s real name is Cham Witz, 51, and born in Israel is an orthodox jew. During his youth he visited a school for rabbiner to become a rabbi later on. (jewish priest)  

Within their first few years of existence, Kiss earned about 60 million dollar worldwide.  

In the beginning Kiss were entiteled as unable musicians who hide their disabillities behind a bombastic show and their masks.  

The album “Dynasty was the last one, Kiss recorded in the original Line up in 1979.  

During the USA/Europe tour in 1976 Paul Stanley wasted a mere of 205 guitars due to his smashing show contributions.  

Gene Simmons apparently has had more than 4000 women in his life. On tour he wants two girls each day, but none of them a second time. He has had affairs with Cher, Diana Ross and Shannon Tweed a pornstar, thinks nothing about marrages and has produced three kids in his life yet.  

When Ace Frehley left the band in 1982, many guitarists auditioned for his replacement, also Richie Sambora and Eddy Van Halen.


In 1977 Kiss was the first band since the beatles who reached the goal to have 4 albums at the same time within the Billboard Top 100. “Alive”, “Destroyer”, “Rock And Roll Over” and “The Originals”.  

Apparently Paul Stanley who´s always be seen as every girls darling, is drawn to his own sex as well.

In 1983 Gene Simmons had been offered the male mainpart in the movie Flasdance beside Jennifer Beals. He refuced because he was scared, that his image would be hurt.  

In 1970 Ace Frehley earned his money by working as a drumroadie for Mitch Mitchel of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.  

Before Simmons, Stanley and Criss made their carriere with the band, they sang vocals on TV advertisment spots, for example for  AMC trucks.  

“I Love It Loud” is the only Kiss single which didn´t make it immidiately in the Top 100. It only jumped on 102.  

Gene Simmons mother is a second world war concentration camp survivor.  

Paul Stanley has been offered several times to get undressed for Playgirl magazine. Apparently he did not have the courage so far.  

Gene Simmons learned how to swallow fire from a magician called “Amaze-O”  

According to Gene Simmons, the very first Kiss show took place on 30th of january 1973 at a club called “Popcorn” in Queens NY.  

In the Seventies Peter Criss did also car racing besides Kiss.


In the early Eighties Gene Simmons had plastic surgery to embellish his nose.  

Paul Stanley is almost deaf on his right ear. But he can hear by pressing the ear tightly to a high powered loudspeaker box.  

Gene Simmons was once arrested after a performance in the states, because he dropped his pants backstage and thought nobody is going to notice.