looking better than ever
and performing better than ever 
and having the best memory someone could
possibly have... - Er weiß sogar noch, was wir 1991
in London im Pub gespeist haben...- kein Schmarrn !

Munich, 14.05. 2007
Gr. Elserhalle

Live Review

sold out and absolutely stunning

Robert Henrit
beeing with Russ since the early Sixties, musically and as
a dear friend.
We have met before as well, but that's a long time ago.
Please ask Russ, he'll tell you where and when exactly.....

Hannah & Rusty
das 1. gemeinsame Pic..... - Wer sagt's denn......

Chris, Michael & Chris
The first Chris is the bassplayer and borrowed from Thunder, the other Chris is the keyboard/guitar player, & the Teddybear in the middle is our big boss from ASS

our Tourmanager

nice to see ya' again

unser Ober-Autogrammjäger in München
almost an institution for hunting autographs

Wlad, Tina & Torsten
true Russ Ballard music lovers - having a great time,
 and  Tina enjoys her new freedom?!

Bob, Chris & Steve
keep smiling

with Russ & his daughter Karis
last time I've met her, she was a 12 year old kid. Now she's a beautiful grown up woman.
Taking her dad  by surprise by bumping in that day from England. The very first time in her life on a plane - wegen Flugangst... Aber jetzt ist sie ganz begeistert davon. Ich denke, sie hat's geschafft.....
Thank you again for your friendship over this long time

& my favorite song is still the one from this album

but my all time favorite album is that one here: