Corey Glover
he has changed a bit over the years, what's up to the look
but not, what's up to his great voice.....
Die Maria Callas des Fusion Rocks

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this is certainly one of the best three shows I've seen
out of more than 70 gigs  this year , next to Eagles of Death Metal and Steely Dan

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Doug Wimbish
just met you before here in Munich a while ago... with Little Axe
he definately is one hell of a bassist....
Hiiilllffeee ist der Kerl gut an den 4 Saiten!

Vernon Reid
& Chris
again.... nicht als Chauffeur heute abend, so wie gestern, sondern
ganz privat.
by the way,
Vernon belongs to highest ligue of guitarists - no joke

Will Calhoun
he is simply phantastic behind his drumkit & a great guy with the sweetest smile ever.
Thank you for knowing you for so long and if you were made of chocolate, then I'd probably
would eat you for a desert. - 
and Happy Birthday today.....
Mei, ich neck' ihn halt immer wieder gern.....