Joakim „Jocke“ Berg (voc)
posing in the shower - hey I'm getting used to these kinda pics.
Sowas hatten wir doch erst vor Kurzem....
Nice Tattoos - and yes it hurt !!!!

Our little conversation can  be checked out on the Interviews Site or just 

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Munich, Oct. 28  2009
59 : 1

& if you see this band 10 more times, - they are
still great

Live Review  -  deutsch  -  english


bei so viel Auswahl passt der Merch nicht mehr in den Club
Have such a huge choice of merch, so it doesn't fit inside the club....

it says: Signing session aftershow

Magnus „Adde“ Andreasson (Drums)
what's up?

Sanjay Larsson
Tourmanagers don't have an easy job
do they?

Martin Sandvick (Bass)
holding up the chlichee`

New Sunnyboy  Vic Zino (Git)  & Jocke far right showing a rare smile
got an autograph straight onto his face

Jonas Jarlsby (Git)
selbst ist der Mann beim Flyer-verteilen...
Selfmade man

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Johannes Eckerström (Voc)
Die neue Single gibts für 2,--, natürlich handsigniert
und von oben
Purchase the new single for 2 Euros, signed of course
from above