evrything's alright
For our small talk just before dinner

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Munich, June 1  2011
Backstage Werk

every year again and again and all over again

Doug (Git)
such a cellphone is the perfect toy on tour
thanks for everything - you made this evening what
it finally had become....

Paul  &  Doug
After Dinner conversation

watching the newest Saxon Videoclips

cheessee... getting stimulated for a Rock im Park....
photo marathon...

Willem Vanderbuyst
Irgendwie erinnern sie einen live on Stage an Airbourne

Dale von Crimes Of Passion
Und diese Band erinnert mich an die early 90s in London
This lot reminds me on the early 90s in London.... -
though they are from Sheffield

The second half of Vanderbuyst

...und nochmal, hier mit unseren Martin....

Nibbs (Bass)
getting loose

Dougs Pass - leihweise sozusagen....

Live Review  -
deutsch  -  english

Nigel (drums)
time is the answer....

ich hab noch keinen Foto it Biff zusammen... also here we go....
last but not least und good Night
at 2 in the morning....