Michael Schenker
"der seltsame Fall des Benj.... äh Michael Schenker"
'the strange case of....  - getting younger and younger and younger....
For his thoughts about this please....

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Augsburg, 29.04. 2012

Der dritte Frühling hat grade erst begonnen

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Richie, Tom, Martin  &  ?
ich sags ja, man muss nur nach Augsburg fahren, um halb München zu treffen
(you've just gotta go to Augsburg to meet half of Munich....

Fury UK
Chris Appleton, Luke Appleton  &  Martin McNee
last time I saw them in Munich, supporting Iced Earth....

Doogie White
looking miles too serious

Francis Buchholz
... as years go by....

Herman (The German) Rarebell
watch out for his new biography....