Wörgl, (Tirol) Austria  Nov. 03. 2006

Geoff Thorpe (git) James Rivera (voc) Larry Howe (drums
Another new future for Vicious Rumors

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Live Review deutsch

Tim 'Ripper Owens'
Ist der Bua auf dem Bild da eigentlich schon volljährig?
Timmy showing the non - Heavy Metal Smile

Linda & Mama Sue, Roland & Sweetheart Claudia, DJ Mike & Susa
der fröhliche Headbanger Stammtisch

The  Rhythmus Section of Beyond Fear
  Eric Elkins  &  Dennis Hayes
auch wenn man mit Blue Öyster Cult assoziiert wird , gell Dennies- so jung
kommen ma' nimmer z'amm..... - don't worry be happy -

The Baby in Vicious Rumors

James & Denny
sometime in th e past these two buddies shared the stage in one and the
same band Now they just sharing a tour together

auweia, jetzt wirds kritisch
condition critical....

the two guitars in Vicious Rumors
Thaen Rasmussen  & Geoff

He does enjoy this, doesn't he?!
Larry: " this is the best evening on tour so far....." - I bet it is !!!!!

uppss - Eric
you've been warned.... This special Austrian beer is a rather strong one..... Cheerzzz

Larry teaching the fans how to twist a drumstick, and.........

Drum Lession for free

.......... how to clap the right beat
wenn man bereits ca. 5 Bier intus hat.... na servus !
Das Mobiliar hat den Test jedenfalls bestanden......

na Susa, das musste ja wohl noch sein, gelle.....?!!!

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